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Jimmy Suede

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Location: Tabora, Tanzania

Bio: A guy who likes movies of all kinds (well, except for the kind of movies I don't like), from all decades. Still working my way through the '1001 Movies to See Before You Die' list, and probably will always be.

Note, all my rankings of 0 (zero) are movies I have NOT seen, but am absolutely positive would fall in my lowest tier. The way Criticker assigns tiers I am forced to work the system in a losing effort to have decent movies be assigned to a decent tier. No reasonable person would watch as many bad movies as good ones.

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40 T2 Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017) - Mar 17, 2018
"It should be rated lower than this, honestly, but the visuals and the world-building are a lot of fun. With such a promising backdrop, it's more disappointing that the rest is so awful. The plot is ridiculous, with meaningless side-plots and a cliched heavy-handed PC message. Even still, the movie could have been enjoyable if the two leads weren't insufferably arrogant, snotty teenagers pretending as ranking military agents. Crap, this is all the room I have?"
40 T2 Fantastic Four (2015) - Mar 17, 2018
"[Spoiler below] This is a film that's popular to hate on, and after the first 30 minutes I was looking forward to calling people out on it. The long build-up to the point they got their powers showed a lot of promise. But then it became a poorly-written mess. The dialogue was trite and lazy, and Dr. Doom - one of the coolest villains in the Marvel universe - is just ruined, then killed off in a 5-minute battle. Oh, and was Reg 'reverb voice' Cathey speaking through a fan?"
82 T8 King Kong (1933) - Mar 16, 2018
"Obviously it's dated and the acting is bad, but the film deserves praise for engaging and impressive effects 85 years later. Seriously, the effects are better than many that have been made in the last 40 years, and I'll still take the stop-motion over a lot of crappy CGI. Generally the story is good as well and Kong is sympathetic at the end, but what gets me is Denham's rampant irresponsibility and never being brought to account."
78 T7 Knockabout (1979) - Mar 14, 2018
"Hands down a good exhibition of Yuen Biao's talents. Contains far and away some decent kung-fu jump-roping. This is easily by far a recommended Sammo Hung movie."
55 T3 Insidious (2010) - Mar 12, 2018
"The unnatural "natural shots" early on of family life with unsteady cam made this feel pretty rehashed, and the rest of the movie didn't dispel the feeling. I liked how they brought in a platitude-muttering priest for 5 seconds just to show we are NOT *snicker* a church-going family."
65 T4 Dark Victory (1939) - Mar 12, 2018
"I don't think I can watch another classic film about a terminal diagnosis. Did everyone back then agree that lying to the diagnosee was the right thing to do, or was it just Hollywood? But she turned the lying tables at the end all right. Sigh, all that said, I still liked the movie. Performances were good, I was moved at the end, and Ronald Reagan was never sober."
75 T6 Babes on Broadway (1941) - Mar 12, 2018
"If you've seen one blackface banjo performance you've seen them all, you might think. But you would be wrong. Rooney left me simply slack-jawed. Oh yes, and the rest of the movie was good."
T1 Los Nuevos extraterrestres (1983) - Mar 12, 2018
"What, this was a Spanish movie? It was so bad I didn't realize it was dubbed. That kid had the dumbest voice I think I've ever heard. Other than that, the movie wasn't as good as Pumaman. Take that as you will."
15 T1 The Pumaman (1980) - Mar 12, 2018
"Pumaman! (Pyumaman?) With the puma-like powers of walking through walls, traveling in the ethereal plane, hopping like a kangaroo, and flying by a wedgie. I was expecting a bad werewolf knockoff and got a bad superhero knockoff. I'm happy, thanks MST3K. Waaait... is that the Death Star in that poster? Oh now I remember; that was the sweet alien ship that brought the puma powers."
70 T5 Justice League (2017) - Feb 24, 2018
"The epic struggle of the boxes works better in a comic than a blockbuster movie, and CGI-Steppenwolf (what's with the rock band name?) is CGI-meh. Clearly, the issues with production show through. But I enjoyed the JL itself. Disparate characters and stories were pulled together more successfully than, say, Avengers 2. They have chemistry and they kick butt. Best part, though, was when Superman was mopping the floor with the rest of the JL. I just love a badass Superman."