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Jimmy Suede

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Location: Washington, USA

Bio: A guy who likes movies of all kinds (well, except for the kind of movies I don't like), from all decades. Currently working my way through the '1001 Movies to See Before You Die' list.

Note, all my rankings of 0 (zero) are movies I have NOT seen, but am absolutely positive would fall in my lowest tier. The way Criticker assigns tiers I am forced to work the system in a losing effort to have decent movies be assigned to a decent tier. No reasonable person would watch as many bad movies as good ones.

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55 T3 Man on Wire (2008) - Oct 13, 2017
"Petit came across as part huge ego and part childish pride in his escapade. To me he was off-putting. And the film was capped with a scene of him proudly cheating on his girl. If you like artsy documentaries, though, you might like this one (as many do). His tightrope walk was an interesting accomplishment and was pulled off as a kind of heist. The movie was made possible in part due to fantastic footage and photography of them from the time (which were made possible by his ego)."
60 T3 Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) - Oct 10, 2017
"Generally cute movie, mildly humorous, with great stop-motion animation. The characters had a cool mix of anthropomorphism and animalistic behavior. But I wasn't sure if the end was an unusually deep statement of the sad result of Fox's behavior, a celebration of it, or a complete abandonment of the film's central theme. Also, the "celebrating our differences" speech resulted in absolutely nothing. And what's with the sewer with only two exits - in the middle of town and in a supermarket aisle?"
70 T5 Dirty Harry (1971) - Oct 08, 2017
"Finally sat down and watched this iconic and well-made movie. Clint plays the guy we all want to root for. It's not that he doesn't follow the rules, but that they take a back seat to getting the psycho off the streets. Great lines, cool tough-guy, but I could do without some of the other 70's guy-movie sensibilities. Above all, I now know what Sledge Hammer was spoofing."
75 T6 The Muppet Movie (1979) - Oct 06, 2017
"Unashamedly silly but rarely laugh-out-loud funny (though I did laugh when the Swedish Chef was shown running the movie projector), this is a fun movie about friendship and pursuing your dreams. More about the journey than the destination, it was fitting when Orson Welles as the studio executive simply and anticlimactically said, "give them the standard rich-and-famous contract". Lots of fun cameos."
70 T5 The Crowd (1928) - Oct 06, 2017
"While not a story I particularly enjoyed - since the story is simply about unexceptional people and normal life (my life has enough "normal" in it) - the film was insightful and beautiful enough to be worth it. I was impressed that - though flawed - they made humble choices at times for the sake of their relationship. I rarely see humility in Hollywood romance, especially in a relationship that takes work (as all do). On the other hand, in real life a pregnancy does not completely fix things."
60 T3 Kung Fu Killer (2014) - Oct 04, 2017
"Pretty good action, but Donnie Yen is slowing down a bit. The plot is not much but an excuse to string a bunch of fights together, and I don't appreciate "x-ray cam". Still, worth a watch if you like guys beating each other up. Also, kind of a tribute to old-time kung fu stars, with some cameos."
60 T3 The God of Cookery (1996) - Oct 03, 2017
70 T5 The Cocoanuts (1929) - Sep 30, 2017
60 T3 Showdown (1973) - Sep 30, 2017
"Not bad. I figured I'd have some fun watching Dean Martin and Rock Hudson and I was right, though it was pretty vanilla. Their characters' friendship from childhood and associated flashbacks could have been used more effectively."
82 T8 Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979) - Sep 28, 2017
"While I missed the black and white atmosphere of the original, this Nosferatu is very good, if not scary. The film is slow, and long shots of the environment and a lack of effects add to the mood. Kinski's Dracula is creepy yet somewhat sympathetic. Lucy's rejection of faith in both God and science is interesting but her dialogue is forced. Once she declares, "Salvation is from ourselves alone," and then repels Dracula with a cross. I wonder if the irony was intended."