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Jimmy Suede

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Location: Washington, USA

Bio: A guy who likes movies of all kinds (well, except for the kind of movies I don't like), from all decades. Currently working my way through the '1001 Movies to See Before You Die' list.

Note, all my rankings of 0 (zero) are movies I have NOT seen, but am absolutely positive would fall in my lowest tier. The way Criticker assigns tiers I am forced to work the system in a losing effort to have decent movies be assigned to a decent tier. No reasonable person would watch as many bad movies as good ones.

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65 T4 Silver Lode (1954) - Jun 26, 2017
"Tense western which had the makings for a great movie. Instead, our hero's outrageously bad luck and poor choices riddle it with cliches. In one scene he watches two people get murdered while a town full of helpful people is waiting on the other side of a barn door. Then, standing over their bodies holding two revolvers when the people (finally) barge in, he seems surprised they think he did it. All the while he's stoically holding helpful information to himself because he can't "prove it" yet."
65 T4 The Man from Snowy River (1982) - Jun 22, 2017
"I enjoyed Kirk Douglas playing twin brothers (one a rich rancher and one a grizzly miner), though I was surprised that they were supporting characters when he was top-billed. Tom Burlinson was good, but too clean-shaven all the time. A lot of good horse-back riding in this movie if you like that, and lots of shots of the beautiful Victorian mountains."
85 T9 Grand Illusion (1937) - Jun 22, 2017
85 T9 The Lavender Hill Mob (1951) - Jun 22, 2017
"Okay, I guess I can really enjoy a heist movie. The operators in this one weren't carried to success by the force of their utter coolness. Alec Guiness was a down-right nerd, and played it brilliantly. Very fun flick, and surprisingly tense for being so light-hearted."
82 T8 Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949) - Jun 22, 2017
"It's kind of disturbing how charming this movie about a serial murderer is. As everyone has noted, Alec Guinness and Dennis Price are great."
60 T3 Tomorrowland (2015) - Jun 22, 2017
"Pretttty preachy, and it's fantasy, not sci-fi, no matter how many words like "tachyons" you throw in. Still, I had fun. The robot henchman with the winning smile was awesome."
78 T7 Logan (2017) - Jun 20, 2017
"Certainly a super-hero movie for adults. I'm not convinced that excessive language, dismemberment and a brief flashing scene are needed for this movie to have the same impact. They are trying too hard to tell you it's not a kids movie. Still, a good story and tremendous acting make it a good movie overall. One final point: if I'm not sold on Scarlett Johansson flipping around large muscly men using body weight, then even less so with the little girl here. She was a good wolverine-let, though."
75 T6 The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) - Jun 10, 2017
"Good film, but the plot progression was pretty weak, culminating in Day happening upon the "who" and "where" of the assassination attempt by sheer coincidence (and how did Stewart then find her there?). Still, there are good scenes, including the masterful Royal Albert Hall bit. I laughed out loud at the finish, when Day's friends are still there drinking after all that time."
85 T9 Whisky Galore! (1949) - Jun 10, 2017
"This film hit the right spots for me, with a beautiful little village and a plot that revolves around Scotch whiskey and Scottish characters (in all senses of the word). Never outright hilarious (though I did laugh out loud at the reaction to the depletion of whiskey) but made more endearing because it's not trying to be."
70 T5 The Great Dictator (1940) - Jun 04, 2017
"Wish I could rate it higher, but in many ways it just didn't gel for me. Chaplin was good, but Goddard seemed rehashed from the Modern Times girl. Hynkel's first speech was priceless, but after that he seemed to be parodying Swedish more than German. And as much as I appreciated the delivery and sentiment of the final speech, it didn't fit. Like he was saying, "yeah yeah we all enjoyed the satire, but forget that and listen to what I really have to say.""