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0 film ratings
Jimmy Suede

Cinema Addict - 1601 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 8, 2017

Location: Tabora, Tanzania

Bio: A guy who likes movies of all kinds (well, except for the kind of movies I don't like), from all decades. Still working my way through the '1001 Movies to See Before You Die' list, and probably will always be.

Note, all my rankings of 0 (zero) are movies I have NOT seen, but am absolutely positive would fall in my lowest tier. The way Criticker assigns tiers I am forced to work the system in a losing effort to have decent movies be assigned to a decent tier. No reasonable person would watch as many bad movies as good ones.
more Recent Ratings
82 77% Silence (2016) - Nov 16, 2019
"Gorgeously-shot and really rough film. Thought-provoking, especially if you take issues of faith seriously. Even if you don't agree with all the theology or what the conclusion seems to say, the priests' struggles with faith and purpose come across as very authentic. Peter Parker and Kylo Ren did a great job."
40 11% The Lady Eve (1941) - Nov 16, 2019
"You let me down, 1001 Movies book. Why this film is beloved, I can't understand. Stanwyck's character is awful and Fonda's is a ridiculous dupe. I was just tense throughout, and was rewarded with an ending that didn't make sense at all. At least the acting was decent."
50 17% Young at Heart (1954) - Nov 13, 2019
"Blech, these relationships, and the Burke guy is insufferable. I honestly have no idea why the film is called "Young at Heart." Doris Day is great to listen to, though, as usual, and in my opinion Sinatra's voice is its best here. Why did they make us wait until the very end to get a few verses of duet??"
82 77% Ivan the Terrible, Part One (1944) - Nov 13, 2019
"Absolutely appreciated is the time taken to craft a scene. The cinematography of light and shadow, the sets, the costumes, the smoldering facial expressions, all genius and captivating. I actually wish the film was longer, however, with more effort to show the passage of time and draw out the plot."
65 35% Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964) - Nov 13, 2019
"So um... Well, instead of critiquing anything I'll just say that having the Rat Pack together with Bing Crosby was good fun. Singing and dancing aside, though, for me Peter Falk stole the show."
75 57% Forbidden Planet (1956) - Oct 09, 2019
"I expected a camp-fest and got a surprisingly solid movie. I thoroughly enjoyed the effects as well."
50 17% Westworld (1973) - Oct 06, 2019
"I wanted to like this more, but it was pretty bland. A let-down considering its cool premise."
60 26% Alphaville (1965) - Oct 06, 2019
"Interesting portrayal of a non-futuristic future, featuring a b&w spy/gumshoe in a dystopian society. He's the worst, most conspicuous spy I've ever seen, but luckily the thought-police are even more inept. I liked the dystopian portrayal, but the artsy writing felt forced. The best "future" bit is at the end, where interplanetary travel, it seems, is accomplished by driving down a highway. I actually like that."
85 85% Solaris (1972) - Oct 06, 2019
"Too deep for me, but not too slow. At worst, certain scenes, like driving through the city, invoked a "why am I watching this?" but not in an unpleasant way. At best, an enchanting, enjoyable experience."
65 35% eXistenZ (1999) - Sep 05, 2019
"Pretty (but not pretty) interesting and trippy film, but too squishy and fleshy for my taste."