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Flick Fan - 35 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 12, 2007

Location: B.C., Canada

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55 21% Operation Crossbow (1965) - Sep 18, 2010
88 62% Iron Man (2008) - Sep 18, 2010
84 41% Iron Man 2 (2010) - Sep 18, 2010
"Not as strong as the first movie, but nonetheless an entertaining film. Robert Downey Jr. makes this film go, much like the first and it's his performance that kept me entertained and drawn into this movie. The plot was overstuffed, which is becoming typical of these types of movies and I thought the focus should have been more on the illness of Stark and where that lead him with his past, as opposed to the standard villain vs. hero storyline that ultimately played out like every other movie."
54 18% I Walk the Line (1970) - Sep 18, 2010
"The backdrop and music lift this run of the mill story, but only just so, to make this a semi-interesting watch. Ultimately, you can see what is to come a mile ahead and it makes it hard to believe the Sheriff (played by Peck) can't see the same. The performances are fine, the songs by Johnny Cash well placed, but the story ultimately didn't do much for me."
50 14% The Soloist (2009) - Sep 01, 2010
87 57% The Devil and Miss Jones (1941) - Sep 01, 2010
85 50% Taken (2008) - Aug 31, 2010
79 32% Two Rode Together (1961) - Aug 28, 2010
15 1% The Girlfriend Experience (2009) - Aug 28, 2010