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Movie Buff - 438 Film Ratings

Member Since: May 22, 2019

Bio: There are some shows that I've watched that I haven't added yet, I usually bulk add them. Most of my ratings for older stuff right now tends to fall in that category.
I also barely remember some, so I will probably have to rewatch them...
That and there's also the shows that aren't in the database, which I need to add.

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82 82% JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (2014) - May 05, 2020
" S1 : 78 S2 : 85 The pacing in S1 dragged at parts (e.g. The Sun). Some episodes were relatively weak as well. You can also see more experimentation in parts of S1. But, in S2, the pacing, the fights and the Stands are better."
81 81% Vinland Saga (2019) - Jun 14, 2020
"For what seems to be a prologue, it is good. Thorfinn is a tragic character, who is a bit single minded in this first season. Askeladd and the stories around him are more intriguing and interesting . Thors, depiste barely being on screen also stands out a lot. His presence and actions are felt throughout the series. Some episodes are slower than others though, especially the beginning. I'm interested in seeing more. (Finished June 24)"
91 95% JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable (2016) - May 11, 2020
"The first half is a bit MOTW and introduces characters. But, is more enjoyable than SC S1. A lot of the episodes in the first part also deal with character development,which makes it less stale than S1 of SC. That development truly pays dividends when we get to the 2nd half, which is intense or unrestrained in its bizarreness depending on the episode. These new Stands are so unique & interesting + it's also paced well. In short, its very enjoyable and you get to know Morioh and its weirdness."
82 82% JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind (2018) - May 28, 2020
"Part 5 is good.It just isn't as memorable as some other parts.All the ingredients are present, but it doesn't click as well.The Stands are the most creative til now, the cast is good, but Giorno is the most boring JoJo.In terms of execution it's the most similar to SC but adds some stuff from Part 4.In terms of quality,it's not DiU,but is more consistent than SC.It just doesn't achieve the heights that part did.Also, the villain isn't as interesting as Kira and the ending is weaker than others."
78 64% Dr. Stone (2019) - Jun 11, 2020
"The use of shonen tropes and mechanics for science purposes is interesting and the Tsukasa/Senku dynamic is good during the time both are on screen together. It is reminiscent of Magneto and Professor X from the X-Men. Hopefully, the dynamic continues in later seasons."