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T8 The Heroic Ones (1970) - Dec 11, 2013
"One of the best examples of the Shaw Brothers sense of scale, silliness, and carnage."
T2 Live Free or Die Hard (2007) - Jan 19, 2009
"McCain plays chicken in a 16-wheeler against a jet and still wins in the end - fuck this over-CGI'd mess of an action movie. "
T2 Before Sunrise (1995) - Mar 02, 2009
"This movie is a cliche - yes, I get that life can be a cliche but COME ON. Two people meet, they divulge their life story in a single day while developing strong feelings for each other? Sell it to the housewives, I'm not buying this."
T2 Boudu Saved from Drowning (1932) - Nov 11, 2009
"Early 30s sound fims are usually trying. Michel Simon in the most annoying role I've ever seen does not help matters, yet somehow, the cast of characters and script are still devoted to him to an absurd degree. This is not the Renoir I know of, I actually forgot it was him in all the banality. And this is a comedy? Sure fooled me."
T10 First Person (2000) - Jul 19, 2010
"Morris encountering dozens of fascinating personalities. Some of them you wish could have been a feature-length project, others you kind of want to wash yourself off from after, and a few that didn't do much for me. As a whole, extremely satisfying, and perhaps worth a higher score."
T3 The Hunting Party (1971) - Oct 24, 2012
"One of the few films that portray violence in an honestly disturbing light (the influence of Peckinpah is obvious). Unfortunately, the writing comes up incredibly short with these thinly developed characters and such a bizarre idea for a premise. The acting doesn't give much to hold your attention either. Not surprising that Candice Bergen can barely make a moment work, but even the enormous presence usually created by Gene Hackman & Oliver Reed seems tamed."
T10 10 Rillington Place (1971) - Jan 23, 2010
"Horribly true-to-life suspense. bleak bleak bleak"
T10 The Best Man (1964) - Feb 28, 2009
"Great piece of work that blends a satire feel with a true inspection of the political process. Very easy to ingest."
T10 Edvard Munch (1974) - Jul 20, 2010
"Absolutely jaw-dropping in its treatment of the man, his work, environment, and the technique in which the filmmaker conveys this all. I cannot get these uncomfortable, despondent stares out of my mind. The editing is especially phenomenal."
T8 The Eye of Vichy (1993) - Jun 01, 2010
"Works in accordance to your interest in this subject, as it presents the propaganda with as little interference as possible. Makes a great companion piece with The Sorrow and the Pity."