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T4 The Passion of the Christ (2004) - Nov 26, 2008
"Mel Gibson probably beats off to this 10 times a week with a belt tied around his neck - I prefer my snuff films to be shorter, though."
T6 Singin' in the Rain (1952) - Dec 26, 2012
"Well, that was an unexpected disappointment. I think the major fault would be too much plot, not enough character, & outside of the choreography it's really not that well made (I'll take Minnelli over Donen any day). The lavish, penultimate musical piece that Kelly adores so was also done much better in An American In Paris."
T8 Jail Bait (1973) - Aug 01, 2012
"Eva Mattes is absolutely magnetic."
T4 The Room (2003) - Aug 18, 2012
"Take out sex scenes, those spectacular Golden Gate Bridge shots, & guys throwing a football around and I think you have 40 minute movie. Entertainment value is mostly achieved through the extremes of narcissism that the plot steadily builds on until that hilarious finish."
T8 Pandora's Box (1992) - Mar 05, 2013
"Although it lacks the focused, in-depth reporting of his later work, and a more episodic form akin to television programming, the relationship between technological advancements and national economic pursuits is explored to a sufficient (and predictably disastrous) degree."
T8 Don't Bother to Knock (1952) - Oct 07, 2013
"Despair and loneliness. The final look Monroe gives us nearly broke me."
T8 The Anniversary (1968) - Oct 03, 2013
"*bows before Bette Davis*"
T2 Boudu Saved from Drowning (1932) - Nov 11, 2009
"Early 30s sound fims are usually trying. Michel Simon in the most annoying role I've ever seen does not help matters, yet somehow, the cast of characters and script are still devoted to him to an absurd degree. This is not the Renoir I know of, I actually forgot it was him in all the banality. And this is a comedy? Sure fooled me."
T8 For Ellen (2012) - Jul 16, 2013
"Most films that come up empty just feel like wasted time - For Ellen is a different sort of emptiness. It's the kind where the sparse plot and character development, with the talent involved, create a story that I actually enjoy filling in the blanks (considering how it starts and ends, I don't see how this wasn't intentional). A step-down for So Yong, perhaps, but only marginally so."
T2 Hishu monogatari (1977) - Nov 17, 2010
"Suzuki is probably my favorite director that just could not handle complete control of his films. This amounts to poorly handled nonsense with a shred of subext about fame (and the last bits of it...UGH). What a run he had from '63-'67, though."