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Age: 32

Bio: I need to wander.

I need to wonder.
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53% White Dog (1982) - Oct 16, 2010
"Fuller cinema reaching the peak of ridiculousness (or as much as The Naked Kiss will let it). But, as with most everything this man does, there's something oddly compelling in its perverse disregard of even a shred of subtlety."
30% The Passion of the Christ (2004) - Nov 26, 2008
"Mel Gibson probably beats off to this 10 times a week with a belt tied around his neck - I prefer my snuff films to be shorter, though."
16% Before Sunrise (1995) - Mar 02, 2009
"This movie is a cliche - yes, I get that life can be a cliche but COME ON. Two people meet, they divulge their life story in a single day while developing strong feelings for each other? Sell it to the housewives, I'm not buying this."
79% For Ellen (2012) - Jul 16, 2013
"Most films that come up empty just feel like wasted time - For Ellen is a different sort of emptiness. It's the kind where the sparse plot and character development, with the talent involved, create a story that I actually enjoy filling in the blanks (considering how it starts and ends, I don't see how this wasn't intentional). A step-down for So Yong, perhaps, but only marginally so."
99% Husbands (1970) - Sep 07, 2009
"Boundlessly charismatic / insightful / spontaneous / entertaining / influential / .etc."
95% La Jetée (1962) - Nov 10, 2008
"In its way, more entertaining and coherent than 12 Monkeys at 1/4 the time."
95% Faust (1926) - Apr 09, 2009
"I don't say this lightly, the bookends here are the best work of Murnau. Absolutely towering in their imagery and depth of emotion to create such a wonderful fusion of two forms of thought on a mythology. It's such a testament to the director's skill in all areas that even after Jannings tries his best to sink it with his over-the-top expressionism, this still delivers an incredible experience. [gets a considerable boost for both harp/alternative score featured on the MoC version]"
95% Only Angels Have Wings (1939) - Jun 15, 2009
"Early mix of adventure/drama/comedy that pulls it off exceedingly well with pitch-perfect casting and technique. A classic in the best sense of the word."
95% 10 Rillington Place (1971) - Jan 23, 2010
"Horribly true-to-life suspense. bleak bleak bleak"
95% Magnificent Obsession (1954) - Apr 24, 2009
"Upon a retrospective of Sirk's work, Rainer Werner Fassbinder spoke of a "direct tenderness" that he found unique and startling - I understand this now. I won't deny there's some hokum involved, but if you find yourself attached to these characters, everything is accepted. Wyman & Hudson are two of the finest actors that have ever lived."