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T1 The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (2009) - Nov 13, 2009
"I knew this wasn't gonna be good but h-o-l-y shit. After a while, you just can't help but laugh at the avalanche of incompetence that formed this crater of meatball cinema."
T10 Winter Light (1963) - May 04, 2008
"The core of this is more frightening and oppressive then anything I've ever encountered; the subtlety in which Bergman pulls this off is the real key. One of the more focused and fulfilling of his many masterpieces."
T10 Playtime (1967) - Apr 02, 2010
"A movie devoted to complete continuity, monstrous charm, & ingenuity in its ever-increasingly eccentric compendium of confusion in modern day life. That kind of wide-eyed view of modernity that you'd find in a Tex Avery short on the future, or perhaps more to the point, in Chaplin's Modern Times. It starts out slyly and simply but once you get to the restaurant, there's at least 10 different items/people to keep track of in every frame. To simply label this comedy seems to almost miss the point."
T2 Before Sunrise (1995) - Mar 02, 2009
"This movie is a cliche - yes, I get that life can be a cliche but COME ON. Two people meet, they divulge their life story in a single day while developing strong feelings for each other? Sell it to the housewives, I'm not buying this."
T4 Blue Blood (1973) - Apr 21, 2013
"Worth seeing for whatever the hell Oliver Reed is doing here."
T2 Boudu Saved from Drowning (1932) - Nov 11, 2009
"Early 30s sound fims are usually trying. Michel Simon in the most annoying role I've ever seen does not help matters, yet somehow, the cast of characters and script are still devoted to him to an absurd degree. This is not the Renoir I know of, I actually forgot it was him in all the banality. And this is a comedy? Sure fooled me."
T10 Il Bidone (1955) - Jul 23, 2010
"A man nearing fifty is confronted with his life and what he's made of it, and in doing so, tries to make things right. Fellini is most known for the fantastic and extravagance of his later work, but he is no less profound when he keeps it simple."
T8 Troll 2 (1990) - May 05, 2011
"Creates a new bottom for horrible films to aspire to. I'm of the opinion that's something to be praised for."
T4 Double Team (1997) - Nov 14, 2011
"The best kind of horrendous product placement takes place at the end. I don't want to spoil anything from this, such a valuable and essential film, but it is hilarious; actually everything from the finale is. To be fair, there's an endearing goofiness to a lot of what goes on throughout, but also an embarrassment if you're familiar with Hark Tsui's earlier work."
T6 The Boxer's Omen (1983) - Jan 08, 2011
"Gets a bump for the imaginative sfx & use of religious practices in some kind of timeless, mystical war. Several plot elements grate my nerves, but there's a lot to get into here."