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T4 The Big Fix (1978) - Dec 11, 2012
"Richard Dreyfuss leading the pack as a 70s private dick is almost enough to sell this (and keep your eyes peeled for Mandy Patinkin in an early, dopey role). What little interest forms early on tapers off quickly, though, with that last act being entirely disposable."
T8 The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974) - Feb 25, 2012
"No other serious actor would read this script, willingly accept it, and treat every line as if his entire career depended on it being delivered to perfection. Peter Cushing is my hero."
T8 The Heroic Ones (1970) - Dec 11, 2013
"One of the best examples of the Shaw Brothers sense of scale, silliness, and carnage."
T6 John Carter (2012) - Apr 13, 2012
"Deservedly overlooked but I kind of wish it wasn't. Fits into the realm of 'dumb blockbusters' in a strangely ambitious and convoluted way that never gels quite right. It's not like Roland Emmerich films make any sense either though, so what gives?"
T8 Hunter in the Dark (1979) - May 12, 2011
"Some plot points (and especially death scenes) border on ridiculous, but for some reason I don't care much. The quality of cinematography, editing, & acting certainly help. Probably my fav Gosha flick."
T10 The New World (2005) - Dec 05, 2008
"Q'Orianka is mesmerizing, words become meaningless."
T2 Prometheus (2012) - Jun 10, 2012
"Such a shame that the best android of the series is wasted on this junk. I take issue with a lot here but first things first - the Alien formula (which this generally follows, esp. later on) was never really about the hard sci-fi that this so desperately attempts to attain. The mix is off-putting in an already problematic film doused with incoherent plot points and one of the worst examples of senseless, thinly written characters. Had ambitions not been so high, I might have been more forgiving."
T8 Sun Scarred (2006) - Sep 23, 2011
"I've never been so invested in a film of such questionable acting. I don't think I like anyone here, really. All praise to one of Miike's most stylistic accomplishments and an impressive script of both emotional complexity and gleeful absurdity (mainly in its societal outlook)."
T8 Pandora's Box (1992) - Mar 05, 2013
"Although it lacks the focused, in-depth reporting of his later work, and a more episodic form akin to television programming, the relationship between technological advancements and national economic pursuits is explored to a sufficient (and predictably disastrous) degree."
T10 The Day of the Locust (1975) - Nov 09, 2010
"Wow. Essential viewing for admirers of Barton Fink, Mulholland Dr, or anyone interested in a depraved, intoxicating look at early Hollywood. Fantastic actors, direction, & a whirlwind of an ending included."