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I need to wonder.
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95% Happy Together (1997) - May 02, 2010
"This is the moment in time when Wong left behind the adolescent fantasies and got real. My favorite of this director. He would nearly equal it in later attempts, but I just love the style this has."
30% Double Team (1997) - Nov 14, 2011
"The best kind of horrendous product placement takes place at the end. I don't want to spoil anything from this, such a valuable and essential film, but it is hilarious; actually everything from the finale is. To be fair, there's an endearing goofiness to a lot of what goes on throughout, but also an embarrassment if you're familiar with Hark Tsui's earlier work."
30% The Room (2003) - Aug 18, 2012
"Take out sex scenes, those spectacular Golden Gate Bridge shots, & guys throwing a football around and I think you have 40 minute movie. Entertainment value is mostly achieved through the extremes of narcissism that the plot steadily builds on until that hilarious finish."
99% My Neighbor Totoro (1988) - Aug 22, 2009
"The kind of anime that cuddles up next to you and makes you feel warm all over - a cup of cocoa would have been nice, but I can't ask much more from a movie. Completely engrossing."
95% When Father Was Away on Business (1985) - Mar 14, 2010
"Kusturica brings his special blend of tragicomedy to a smaller scale with his youngest protagonist. It's as immersive and satisfying as always, I didn't want it to end."
9% Panic Room (2002) - Nov 15, 2012
"Does not get enough hate. The digital camerawork is dated and unnecessary, and just about every plot point once the action starts is contrived to the point that surpasses camp value. It's the kind of absurdity that makes you embarrassed so much time and energy went into trying to convince people of this shlock. Jodie Foster does show lots of cleavage, though."
95% Kes (1969) - Sep 20, 2009
"One of the rare pleasures of a child performance [in lead, no less] being not only suitable, but the driving force of a movie. Loach has a way of capturing moments not usually dwelled upon - a subtle touch to the cinematography that equally impresses."
95% Still Life (2006) - May 17, 2010
"Seamlessly blends the mundane with significant themes and low-voiced, emotive force. Jia has most certainly developed his craft into something here."
99% Yi Yi (2000) - Aug 28, 2010
"It's all so simple. I've decided that's why I love it."
95% Import/Export (2007) - Feb 15, 2010
"The sparse text makes immersion difficult; I was mainly in a limbo of dispassionate interest and brief smatters of exuberance. A heightened sense of space and composition (reminiscent of Antonioni in its treatment of environments and people) in the cinematography is a constant. One of the few films I felt an immediate need to watch again right after."