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I need to wonder.
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54% Ranpo jigoku (2005) - Jul 21, 2012
"An extremely bizarre and interesting work. I've never heard of any of these directors (two of which also had a hand in writing) but all four stories have at least some measure of talent to them, and the last two are really quite good. Be prepared for some fetishistic imagery/themes & a low budget feel that sometimes shows. Interesting to note that this is the first thing Kaneko, a manga artist, has ever done in film and it's the most impressive of the anthology."
95% Higanbana (1958) - May 04, 2008
"Absolutely jaw-dropping aesthetic from a director who had already tuned his craft to something basically perfect. Has there been anyone who's made the switch to color so effectively? "
80% Body Double (1984) - Mar 04, 2010
"Brian De Palma is on some crazy pills - a lot of crazy pills."
80% The Misfits (1961) - Jun 07, 2010
"Moments of brilliance that never quite get sustained."
99% The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) - Apr 27, 2008
"Strictly-silent is my preferred method of watching [Voices of Light is alright, quite impressive actually, I just prefer to think the images themselves are all that's needed]. I feel drained after watching this, never has composition mattered so much. Falconetti gives a performance in under 90 min. that eclipses most other actors entire body of work."
16% Twin Peaks (2017) - Jul 10, 2021
"Episode 1, 8, and some of the final episode are phenomenal. I am still shocked how poor the rest of this is. Justify this cringe cause I could just go on and on with how many moments through this interminable series felt this awkward - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7SfwTgQfHJQ&t=61s"
95% Bellissima (1951) - Aug 25, 2010
"Anna Magnani gives an absolutely staggering performance (as usual). The final scenes are sublime."
80% Mind Game (2004) - Sep 05, 2010
"That was an experience. The underlying message seems rather simple, but the form it takes on is the kind of unimaginable absurdity only the Japanese could think of. A kind of absurdity that is at times genius, disturbing, hilarious, and often a little too much (mainly at the midpoint sections)."
80% Zodiac (2007) - Mar 23, 2009
"Fincher is in full form with his return to the crime/mystery/thriller fold. Once you get past the beginning teases, the frustration and confusion of this entire thing is just constant; so much ground covered & I still wanted more. Absolutely rock-solid cast, production design, and a narrative steeped in procedure & investigation [much akin to JFK]. "
30% Phantom of the Paradise (1974) - Sep 24, 2010
"Holy shit De Palma. For something that's at least part musical the music ranges from bland to terrible, and some of the acting (specifically in lead) looks like it belongs in a Troma production. This really isn't a good movie at all, but I gotta admire how cracked out he made this variant on the two myths. Both embracing the absurdity of its times and ridiculing."