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I need to wonder.
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9% Mazes and Monsters (1982) - Jun 05, 2009
"Hey, I watched this once, it plays out as a sort of propaganda against role-playing. The kind of stupid reactions when D&D hit like people arguing that children couldn't handle these kind of escapist entertainments and would get lost in it and kill themselves - really stupid on every level. Tom Hanks has come very far."
54% Singin' in the Rain (1952) - Dec 26, 2012
"Well, that was an unexpected disappointment. I think the major fault would be too much plot, not enough character, & outside of the choreography it's really not that well made (I'll take Minnelli over Donen any day). The lavish, penultimate musical piece that Kelly adores so was also done much better in An American In Paris."
95% Kes (1969) - Sep 20, 2009
"One of the rare pleasures of a child performance [in lead, no less] being not only suitable, but the driving force of a movie. Loach has a way of capturing moments not usually dwelled upon - a subtle touch to the cinematography that equally impresses."
54% Up in the Air (2009) - Oct 21, 2010
"A movie for that cynic of cynics who just wants to find that right person, only he doesn't know it yet. So, basically, designed to appeal to the largest amount of viewers possible, and with nothing interesting or new to say at all (not even among Reitman's past projects). George Clooney charm is the only thing going for this & at least part of the ending wasn't a complete sell-out."
99% La Notte (1961) - Nov 25, 2008
"Everything about this frightens me."
95% Paris, Texas (1984) - Jan 26, 2010
"It felt long, but I can't think of anything that needed to be cut. Wonderfully concise and beautiful in its ambiguity."
95% Why Does Herr R. Run Amok? (1970) - Sep 21, 2010
"Delves into the minutia of everyday life in the most fascinating manner. I dare anyone to not empathize with its protagonist portrayed brilliantly by Kurt Raab."
16% Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) - Nov 29, 2009
"Rating these movies requires way more thought than any of them deserve. Sidenote: Everyone watch MartinTeller''s link. It is one of the most comprehensive reviews I've ever witnessed, while being hilarious, and even, insightful. And he does it in a full 70 minutes while barely touching on one of the worst aspects of it - Jar Jar. Amazing."
95% When Father Was Away on Business (1985) - Mar 14, 2010
"Kusturica brings his special blend of tragicomedy to a smaller scale with his youngest protagonist. It's as immersive and satisfying as always, I didn't want it to end."
99% Black Narcissus (1947) - Feb 16, 2010
"Deserved classic status. Kathleen Byron's turn towards the second half approachs something of the level of German Expressionism, and like everything else here, it's deliriously excellent. The cinematography and use of technicolor is un-fucking-believable."