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I need to wonder.
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95% Faust (1926) - Apr 09, 2009
"I don't say this lightly, the bookends here are the best work of Murnau. Absolutely towering in their imagery and depth of emotion to create such a wonderful fusion of two forms of thought on a mythology. It's such a testament to the director's skill in all areas that even after Jannings tries his best to sink it with his over-the-top expressionism, this still delivers an incredible experience. [gets a considerable boost for both harp/alternative score featured on the MoC version]"
95% Millennium Actress (2001) - Sep 04, 2009
"The way Kon constructs this story is just jaw-dropping. I went in expecting fluff, what I got is the furthest thing from it."
95% Why Does Herr R. Run Amok? (1970) - Sep 21, 2010
"Delves into the minutia of everyday life in the most fascinating manner. I dare anyone to not empathize with its protagonist portrayed brilliantly by Kurt Raab."
95% Il Bidone (1955) - Jul 23, 2010
"A man nearing fifty is confronted with his life and what he's made of it, and in doing so, tries to make things right. Fellini is most known for the fantastic and extravagance of his later work, but he is no less profound when he keeps it simple."
95% Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) - Aug 21, 2008
"Not exactly Allen in full form, but it's the closest we've seen in a while (possibly will ever see), and he's still experimenting and keeping his one-flick-a-year mantra into his 70s. Keep on keeping on. (love love love the Barcelona music piece)"
16% Live Free or Die Hard (2007) - Jan 19, 2009
"McCain plays chicken in a 16-wheeler against a jet and still wins in the end - fuck this over-CGI'd mess of an action movie. "
95% The Comb (1990) - Aug 31, 2012
"A perfectly realized (and rationalized) bit of dream logic."
80% The Wolves (1971) - Nov 16, 2011
"The acting (headed, at least mostly, by the always on-point Tatsuya Nakadai), fight/death scenes, cinematography - all of it is very impressive. But the melodrama, ugh; several plot points rely upon the lamest of melodratic devices. I could barely take it by the second half. Damn shame, cause the early parts of this rule."
95% Happy Together (1997) - May 02, 2010
"This is the moment in time when Wong left behind the adolescent fantasies and got real. My favorite of this director. He would nearly equal it in later attempts, but I just love the style this has."
95% Crumb (1994) - Nov 26, 2008
"When I was young - among my parents 'stuff they hid from the kid' - my fathers Crumb collection was top on the list [of course, that never works]. I was ten years old, on the floor, and stayed there for hours absorbing this material. I love this sickness. It affects me in a way a mini-review couldn't touch upon."