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Bio: I need to wander.

I need to wonder.
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80% Jail Bait (1973) - Aug 01, 2012
"Eva Mattes is absolutely magnetic."
95% Why Does Herr R. Run Amok? (1970) - Sep 21, 2010
"Delves into the minutia of everyday life in the most fascinating manner. I dare anyone to not empathize with its protagonist portrayed brilliantly by Kurt Raab."
99% The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) - Apr 26, 2008
"Strictly-silent is my preferred method of watching [Voices of Light is alright, quite impressive actually, I just prefer to think the images themselves are all that's needed]. I feel drained after watching this, never has composition mattered so much. Falconetti gives a performance in under 90 min. that eclipses most other actors entire body of work."
80% The Law (1959) - Oct 22, 2012
"Power struggles - one giant power struggle encompassing a single town. Multiple perspectives of this struggle is shown, and there's maybe one subplot too many, but this is still very much effective. Gina Lollobrigida is phenomenal and Dassin plays her impish, sexualized character for all its worth."
80% The Eye of Vichy (1993) - Jun 01, 2010
"Works in accordance to your interest in this subject, as it presents the propaganda with as little interference as possible. Makes a great companion piece with The Sorrow and the Pity."
95% Crumb (1994) - Nov 26, 2008
"When I was young - among my parents 'stuff they hid from the kid' - my fathers Crumb collection was top on the list [of course, that never works]. I was ten years old, on the floor, and stayed there for hours absorbing this material. I love this sickness. It affects me in a way a mini-review couldn't touch upon."
95% A Day in the Country (1936) - Oct 19, 2010
"It's unforgivable that circumstances met against this little gem being explored to its fullest - I'm certain the finished product would have been an unquestionable masterpiece. Still, what's here is marvelous, and the exquisite cinematography is left only slightly bothered from a bit of patchy editing."
95% Seven Samurai (1954) - Apr 26, 2008
"They just don't make action/adventure movies this thoughtful and precise anymore. I'm not sure they ever did. Mifune is a man possessed."
95% Accattone (1961) - Dec 04, 2008
"Pasolini should really be known for more than Salo. In this, his first feature, he continues the neorealist aesthetic of his forebearers to some of its purest heights."
99% Napoléon (1927) - Jul 10, 2009
"A mind-boggling array of technical and aesthetic craftsmanship. Peerless."