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Bio: I need to wander.

I need to wonder.
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80% Hunter in the Dark (1979) - May 13, 2011
"Some plot points (and especially death scenes) border on ridiculous, but for some reason I don't care much. The quality of cinematography, editing, & acting certainly help. Probably my fav Gosha flick."
95% Accattone (1961) - Dec 04, 2008
"Pasolini should really be known for more than Salo. In this, his first feature, he continues the neorealist aesthetic of his forebearers to some of its purest heights."
30% The Passion of the Christ (2004) - Nov 27, 2008
"Mel Gibson probably beats off to this 10 times a week with a belt tied around his neck - I prefer my snuff films to be shorter, though."
99% Kawaita hana (1964) - Jan 30, 2010
"Impeccable style and acting - with a form that fits somewhere between poetic realism and noir. Slow, difficult, and ultimately impressive work."
80% The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974) - Feb 25, 2012
"No other serious actor would read this script, willingly accept it, and treat every line as if his entire career depended on it being delivered to perfection. Peter Cushing is my hero."
54% Baby Face (1933) - Dec 06, 2012
"If just one character in this mediocre plot could come close to what Stanwyck brings to the table, it'd be so much easier to think better of this. On the positive, it does happen to have a certain elegance to the editing and camerawork for an early sound flick."
95% Ivan the Terrible, Part One (1944) - Mar 14, 2010
"It's just amazing how many levels this film works on - the fascist influence, operatic/expressionist flavor, Eisenstein's own subversion of Stalin, the intricate mise-en-scène, and constant symbolism. I haven't even mentioned the actual story, and there's probably even more. I am completely floored by Eisenstein (finally)."
80% For Ellen (2012) - Jul 16, 2013
"Most films that come up empty just feel like wasted time - For Ellen is a different sort of emptiness. It's the kind where the sparse plot and character development, with the talent involved, create a story that I actually enjoy filling in the blanks (considering how it starts and ends, I don't see how this wasn't intentional). A step-down for So Yong, perhaps, but only marginally so."
95% Glue (2006) - Mar 09, 2011
"An improved Y Tu Mamá También."
80% Apart from You (1933) - May 03, 2011
"Simple, heartfelt melodrama elevated by a more refined touch to nearly all its elements than I have found in the two previous surviving films of Naruse."