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I need to wonder.
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95% Magnificent Obsession (1954) - Apr 24, 2009
"Upon a retrospective of Sirk's work, Rainer Werner Fassbinder spoke of a "direct tenderness" that he found unique and startling - I understand this now. I won't deny there's some hokum involved, but if you find yourself attached to these characters, everything is accepted. Wyman & Hudson are two of the finest actors that have ever lived."
99% Winter Light (1963) - May 04, 2008
"The core of this is more frightening and oppressive then anything I've ever encountered; the subtlety in which Bergman pulls this off is the real key. One of the more focused and fulfilling of his many masterpieces."
95% Pather Panchali (1955) - Feb 09, 2009
"Never has a train seemed so alien."
95% The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972) - Apr 22, 2010
"Entertaining, amusing, clever, absurdist/revisionist western. Completely one-of-a-kind. It does run out of steam at a certain point, but never feels worn out. "
80% Hunter in the Dark (1979) - May 12, 2011
"Some plot points (and especially death scenes) border on ridiculous, but for some reason I don't care much. The quality of cinematography, editing, & acting certainly help. Probably my fav Gosha flick."
95% Ivan the Terrible, Part One (1944) - Mar 14, 2010
"It's just amazing how many levels this film works on - the fascist influence, operatic/expressionist flavor, Eisenstein's own subversion of Stalin, the intricate mise-en-scène, and constant symbolism. I haven't even mentioned the actual story, and there's probably even more. I am completely floored by Eisenstein (finally)."
95% Happy Together (1997) - May 02, 2010
"This is the moment in time when Wong left behind the adolescent fantasies and got real. My favorite of this director. He would nearly equal it in later attempts, but I just love the style this has."
95% Equus (1977) - Apr 16, 2010
"I can never look at horses the same again."
16% The Hanoi Hilton (1987) - Mar 09, 2013
"A film about as diametrically opposed to my sensibilities as there could possibly be. While you could argue it favors patriotism over flat-out supporting the Vietnam War, that barely matters. It epitomises the exact slipshod idealism and narrow-minded thinking that brings about mistakes of such magnitude. On a basic film critic level, it's also blandly-developed in all aspects, with barely a performance to admire."
9% Panic Room (2002) - Nov 15, 2012
"Does not get enough hate. The digital camerawork is dated and unnecessary, and just about every plot point once the action starts is contrived to the point that surpasses camp value. It's the kind of absurdity that makes you embarrassed so much time and energy went into trying to convince people of this shlock. Jodie Foster does show lots of cleavage, though."