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Cinema Addict - 1465 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jun 6, 2014

Bio: Movies are life.
My rating system:
1) All ratings are subject to change by a few points upon another viewing of the film.
2) Ratings take budget into consideration - a low budget movie has an equal chance at a high rating as a high budget movie, as I greatly enjoy both.
3) I rate based on raw entertainment to me. I do NOT give a movie credit just because it is old, though I do cut slack for aged special effects and sometimes acting style if the movie is still enjoyable.

100: My favorite movies of all time... my top 10.
90-99: My top 250 or so, best in genre, great overall, for everyone.
80-89: Best in genre. Even if you don't like the genre, you will probably enjoy these.
70-79: Great movies, recommended for anyone who doesn't hate the genre.
60-69: Good, I will rewatch these and recommend them to someone asking for a genre-specific recommendation.
50-59: Good movies, worth viewing and re-watching.
40-49: Average or sub-average, worth viewing only if you really like an actor, director, or the genre involved.
30-39: Disappointed slightly that I wasted my time, though with good company can be great. MST3K helps these movies.
20-29: I really didn't enjoy this movie and I am upset that I spent any time on it.
10-19: Why was this made? How did this get funding?
1-9: Garbage that I wasn't interested in and probably couldn't even finish (rare).
0: I am so utterly not interested in the content of this film that I wish it didn't exist.

I try to insert quotes from movies that I frequently spout off in the mini-review section.
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