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Judo Koala

Cinema Addict - 1080 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 8, 2009

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Bio: Hey hi hello! I've got a MA in film, whereupon I wrote on Noé and Dumont specifically and the New French Extremity more broadly; I've also published and presented research on the NFE and, more recently and as a reflection of my core interest in film studies, studying spectator affect through Cognitive Film Theory (cognitivism): in that, my interest is examining how certain images and sounds affect a spectator's brain in different ways, utilizing research from neuroscience, psychology, psychophysics, aesthetic theory, et al. Other core filmic interests include theories of spectatorship and affect, aesthetics, exploitation / transgressive & cult cinema, 1960s European cinema, film noir, '80s action hypermachismo, black comedy, experimental / avant-garde cinema, genre deconstruction, and the representation of sex and violence. I tend to gravitate towards films that are, first and foremost, aesthetically and narratively unconventional, as I believe cinema is the most potent medium for the representation of abstract ideas and images, and I just *love* delving into the Abstract/Weird/Offbeat/Strange/etc. Things I despise in cinema: cliché & formula, most biopics, montages set to anything but sad music or Eye of the Tiger.
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70 36% Russian Ark (2002) - Mar 20, 2012
"Technically stunning: asides from the ability to truly film it in one single take, the costume and sound design are wonderful, a film that is as beautiful to watch as it is to listen to. Unfortunately, I found myself becoming quite impatient, at times, due to my lack of historical knowledge of Russia centuries ago. This, ultimately, may be the largest barrier to truly 'enjoying' the film: a technical marvel to appreciate, but can become quite dry in its oft-obscure references to a Russian past"
66 28% Timbuktu (2014) - Dec 05, 2015
"Though beautifully photographed and convincing in its performances, its subject matter ultimately suffers from heavy-handedness in its being preached to the choir. 'Timbuktu' does not tell us much we don't already know, and what it does tell us feels suspiciously timely in capitalizing upon events that continue to evoke very strong, very humanist emotions around the globe. Ultimately, this renders the entire film rather dishonest and exploitative for me."
100 99% Too Old To Die Young (2019) - Jul 26, 2019
"The fury felt towards a Trump-era America -- a morbid, beautiful, nauseating, intoxicating, repulsive, enticing neon-drenched wasteland of hopeless people whose means of communication and motivation and resolution is cold, barbaric, revenge-driven violence -- can hardly be masked by Refn & Brubaker. The anti-car-chase car chase set to Barry Manilow's 'Mandy' remains a standout reflection of the series' ability to curveball wicked comedy through the general nihilism and cruelty."
30 4% Psycho (1998) - Aug 09, 2009
"I'm amazed that most here seem to have had missed the point with what Van Sant was doing here...Yes, as a film, as a remake, it is awful. But it SHOULD be mentioned that this is precisely what Van Sant was probably going for, and it can be presumed that he acknowledges this isn't--and shouldn't--be a good film, or remake, by any means. As he has stated, he wanted to see what would happen IF one were to remake such a classic. In Layman's terms: it's an experiment. Interesting, but not 'good'."
40 8% Silver Linings Playbook (2012) - Jul 23, 2014
"A completely dishonest, unbelievable portrayal of the mentally ill. O. Russell has absolutely no idea how those with bipolar, depression, or OCD actually function and, more importantly, communicate with one another. Contrived, predictable, superficial. I'm giving it a 40 because Lawrence did very well with what she had, and it was technically produced well. "
82 83% Trash Humpers (2009) - Jun 10, 2015
"The best horror film of the decade, Korine's decrepit mode of cinéma vérité frames suburban Americana in a way that can only be described as near-demonic."
83 84% The Revenant (2015) - Jan 03, 2016
"Unlike its overly self-conscious stylization in 'Birdman,' Lubezki's wide-angle cinematography stunningly captures the insignificance of its characters in the natural world that is as maleficent as it is sublime. While a good 20-25 minutes could have been shaved off in the occasionally-lethargic second act, 'The Revenant' nonetheless represents a more mature, grounded follow-up by Iñárritu that is a masterful exercise in tone and atmosphere, with an incredible adherence to verisimilitude."
75 56% Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (2008) - Feb 26, 2013
"Very funny. A clever spoof of the superhero genre while simultaneously spoofing musicals. I enjoy the subtle sight gags that warrant going back to find them, such as NPH pouring-but-not-actually-pouring the soup in the soup kitchen in the background."
0% The Three Stooges (2012) - Apr 06, 2013
"Watching this under the...influence...was one of the strangest and most surreal experiences I've had in a while. The level of awfulness was elevated to where I began questioning if the film was so-bad-it's-good. Nope, just bad. +5 for Sofia Vergara."
88 95% Good Time (2017) - Aug 29, 2017
"The Safdies' ability to morph NYC into a threatening, lurching, decrepit pit of despair, its denizens the fringes of society--dealers, hustlers, thugs, addicts, the impoverished & the misguided & the disabled & the broken--calls to mind the fierce, raw grit of '80s Abel Ferrara, rarely seen in filmmaking today. Training their eye on the underbelly of the city, the Safdies continue to utilize claustrophobic vérité techniques and absorbing soundscapes in what is visceral filmmaking at its height"