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Judo Koala

Cinema Addict - 1115 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 8, 2009

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Bio: Hey hi hello! I've got a MA in film, whereupon I wrote on Noé and Dumont specifically and the New French Extremity more broadly; I've also published and presented research on the NFE and, more recently and as a reflection of my core interest in film studies, studying spectator affect through Cognitive Film Theory (cognitivism): in that, my interest is examining how certain images and sounds affect a spectator's brain in different ways, utilizing research from neuroscience, psychology, psychophysics, aesthetic theory, et al. Other core filmic interests include theories of spectatorship and affect, aesthetics, exploitation / transgressive & cult cinema, 1960s European cinema, film noir, '80s action hypermachismo, black comedy, experimental / avant-garde cinema, genre deconstruction, and the representation of sex and violence. I tend to gravitate towards films that are, first and foremost, aesthetically and narratively unconventional, as I believe cinema is the most potent medium for the representation of abstract ideas and images, and I just *love* delving into the Abstract/Weird/Offbeat/Strange/etc. Things I despise in cinema: cliché & formula, most biopics, montages set to anything but sad music or Eye of the Tiger.
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82 83% On Cinema (2012) - Dec 18, 2015
"Skewering nearly every element of film criticism and cinephile culture, Turkington and Heidecker deconstruct the "movie review program" in a manner that is equal parts hilarious, absurd, and irreverent, its low-budget aesthetics and empty analysis a "Fuck You" to those who may take their film sensibilities just a bit too seriously. The Oscar specials remain series highlights for their complete mockery of the year's most masturbatory event."
35 5% Over the Top (1987) - Aug 08, 2009
"Reviewing a film like this is difficult for me. On the one hand, it's a piece of shit. On the other, Stallone is my muse and idol in life, and I fucking adore everything he's done, often because they're ridiculous and "over the top" (HAHAHA), and for that, they're some of my favourite things to watch. In my own eyes, this is a masterpiece. But, as a film, well..."
73 46% A Field in England (2013) - Jun 23, 2016
"Muddled and aimless, though nevertheless unique and containing several sequences worth discussing. Ultimately didn't do much for me, however, and I tend to gravitate towards the avant garde--so long as its experimental nature makes sense within the context of the narrative. In this case (magic... mushrooms), I felt it was egregious in calling attention to itself. Might be worth a rewatch. Probably won't. Also not nearly as "psychedelic" as people espouse outside of one key moment."
75 55% L'humanité (1999) - Sep 09, 2011
"Contrary to its title, this is a film which contemplates the lack of one's humanity, be it through its loss as a result of trauma, or its non-existence to begin with. How does one deal with a life that is only filled with pain? Can one restart, or escape the hand he's been dealt? Is it too late to hope for a more loving world, or has our contemporary society reached its zenith? The struggle between hope and nihilism creates a bleak, yet thoughtful film, here."
66 27% True Blood (2008) - Nov 15, 2015
"Very much aware of its own cheese, 'True Blood' revels in an aesthetic of camp that celebrates flamboyancy and self-expression through laughably stupid narrative arcs and hammy performances, yet still possessing flair for genuinely great comedic timing. The lack of major narrative shifts or surprises results in awful wet farts of cliffhangers that amount to little. Still, while it's bad, I think it knows it is--and that's OK. Just laugh with it because it's kind of awesome."
0% Dog Eat Dog (2016) - Jun 29, 2017
"Doesn't know whether it wants to be the gritty pulp of Abel Ferrera or the metacinematic weirdness of Werner Herzog or the smutty camp of '70s John Waters. Whatever, it's a fucking mess all the same."
73 46% The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) - Oct 07, 2015
"Its muddy (and rather gauche) aesthetic lends the film an almost vérite-like, and thus intrinsically 'real,' quality to its horror, elevating a rudimentary narrative into something genuinely unsettling and quite atmospheric."
75 55% The Game (1997) - May 12, 2013
"Viewers who complain of the film's implausibility seem to not realize that such a concern does not matter: 'The Game' is pure metacinema, a film commenting on the nature of experiencing cinema itself. Like '8 1/2', 'The Truman Show', 'Synecdoche New York', and 'The Cabin in the Woods', among others, the suspension of disbelief is necessary to appreciate its self-reflexive quality. "
84 86% The Death of Louis XIV (2016) - Sep 12, 2016
"With the camera tightly framed on the faces of Louis XIV and his various physicians, the physical claustrophobia gives way to the psychological elements of death that, in the end, make mortals of us all: its banality and loneliness is met with each twitch of a cheek, each dribble of spittle, each painful groan that reduces the Sun King to that of any being. Minimalism allows for Léaud's remarkable performance in which the face conveys all in this chamber piece on the universality of death."
65 24% Room (2015) - Feb 21, 2016
"By-the-numbers feel-good melodrama that reminds you of the bitterness that comes with adulthood and the lost senses of wonderment and optimism towards the world that emerge as a result. Forget about its narrative absurdities that come with the second half (I should point out, the first half is far superior in every way) or the general lack of anything unique or interesting in its flimsy philosophical voiceovers; adorable kid plus a warm & fuzzy message = Best film of 2015! Right?....."