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Cinema Addict - 2134 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jun 3, 2010

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Bio: Anything above a 70 is generally what I'd considered "good." Anything below that is either mediocre or bad.
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22 16% Ender's Game (2013) - Aug 26, 2016
"Nice visual imagery aside, the movie sucked as much as the book did. For starters, the premise is utterly retarded. Why is it that a military with plentiful trained personnel would rely on a group of kids that they themselves are training to win a war instead of... I dunno... fighting in the war themselves? That's not to mention the painfully contrived ending, mary sue nature of Ender and lame side characters. At least it didn't have the moronic "kid rules the world with the internet" subplot."
10 5% Atop the Fourth Wall (2008) - Sep 13, 2015
"As a massive fan of comics{capes especially},I honestly can't stand this hack. Linkara can sometimes put out a review that's tolerable like his Ultimatum review or his retrospective on Power Rangers,otherwise he's a completely insufferable "feminist" who pushes his agenda a lot and has virtually no comedic talent. His skits are TRULY the bottom of the barrel when it comes to entertainment and are nothing but borderline cringe. Not to mention his opinions on comics themselves are generally vapid."
26 22% RWBY (2012) - Oct 22, 2015
"Remember when you were 13 and had this awesome idea for a show, but then you grew up and realized it was a terrible idea? That's this show in a nutshell. The plot is extremely idiotic, bolstered by annoying characters with annoying voices. To its credit, the choreography could be pretty good but that's brought down heavily by its clunky and awful animation and the amount of emphasis they put on its shitty plot. Even the most vapid of animes had plots more intelligible than this shit. "
55 58% Lincoln (2012) - Aug 02, 2013
"It's pretty damn predictable stuff that's too drawn out for its own good. I can only take so many scenes of Daniel Day Lewis with a halo on top of his head without losing interest. Had this movie opted for something that wasn't so damn safe and hadn't lionized Lincoln to such a retarded degree the movie may have been better. Frankly I find the movie too hollywood for what it could have been and everything just felt too... typical. Typical of the sort of shit that give oscar givers boners."
35 32% World War Z (2013) - Dec 10, 2014
"Can't say I was surprised by this movie's awfulness, but did they REALLY need to take the name of a generally respected novel and then hardly use anything from said book? The movie follows every Hollywood disaster/zombie flick cliche as if it was routine, to the point they even use all the stock sound effects and music you've heard from other movies. The poor writing, child acting and inconsistent plot didn't make it better. Am I supposed to be impressed by any of this?"
92 98% Ashes and Diamonds (1958) - Jun 05, 2018
"A film that is brilliantly shot and directed, while also touching on unconventional elements of war. It weaves between moral dilemmas perfectly, all within the crux of transitioning between war and peace. Its use of post-WWII history is a bit confusing for people not aware of the history, but it gives a much stronger context to the films events which will likely resonate with the Polish people. This movie is not only an essential historic film but a cinematic marvel in its own right."
84 93% Ai no mukidashi (2008) - May 05, 2017
"That was one of the most insane 4 hours I've ever experienced... and I liked it! It's like the director decided to give a big middle finger to every film convention imaginable to create one of the most ridiculous films in existence."
85 94% Monster (2003) - May 25, 2017
"Fantastic performance by Theron, giving life to what is also a fantastic film. I dug the subtle and slow development of Aileen as a character as bits and pieces of her past are revealed throughout the film. Perhaps the film humanized her more than what Aileen deserved in reality, but I consider it an impressive feat to make someone sympathetic of a serial killer. I even liked the cheesy music they played, which encapsulated the delusions of grandeur of the main protagonists."
91 97% The Wind Will Carry Us (1999) - Jul 10, 2018
"A narratively basic film that resonates with profound themes and avoids typical filmmaking conventions, evoking scenes of serene beauty and strangely light-hearted feelings despite the connotations of life and death. An unorthodox film where not much happens but many things are imminent, pushing an interesting dichotomy between the speedy needs of the engineer and the slow, milquetoast lifestyle of the people in the village. Certainly amog Kiarostami's best, especially in terms of visual flair."
30 25% The Hunger Games (2012) - Jul 12, 2014
"This is probably the most vapid "battle Royale-eque" thing I've ever watch. The society and rules make no sense, the social commentary is toddler tier non-sense, the action is shit and they do a piss poor job of making a believable cast with real economic divides. In the end the movie feels like it aims to appeal to the high school Twilight loving female demographic in order to make a profit while trying to mask this with "social commentary" that doesn't really say anything at all."