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Criticker Zealot - 6190 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 21, 2007

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Bio: My ratings explained:

95-100: Masterpieces and all-time favorites
85-90: I loved it
75-80: Recommended
70: I liked it quite a bit
60: Pretty good
55: Average (or, I'm undecided)
40-50: Watchable
30: Bad
20: Terrible
0-10: Hopeless and/or offensive

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90 97% District 9 (2009) - Aug 23, 2009
"Science fiction is, for me, all about the world that is created. More often than not it is the vision as a whole, rather than the plot, that sticks - and what a world Blomkamp creates here! Nevermind the allegory, this is about faultlessly realized aliens and mindblowingly cool weaponry. It's pure fun and, for once, a mockumentary framing device works very well, meshing seamlessly with the mindless action. Oh, and Copley does a great job, too, as the weird but loveable Wikus."
20 4% Suicide Squad (2016) - Nov 19, 2017
"I can imagine the advertising department trying to come up with a good tagline at a meeting after having just been subjected to the lousy finished product. Several moments of tense silence pass by, and then finally, following a sigh of utter resignation, the intern raises a hand and ventures a desperate suggestion: "Well, guys, those Honest Trailers are really popular, you know ... How about we simply go with 'Worst Heroes Ever'?""
98 99% The Prestige (2006) - Jul 24, 2012
"Amazing and intricate story about obsession and deception. Each time I revisit Nolan's sly, moody, well-acted genrebender, I love it more. Knowing the tricks up his sleeve, one appreciates all the setups and misdirections. Alert first-time viewers will be able to predict some twists and turns of the plot but knowing Borden's secret early doesn't deflate the suspense, and resting on the belief that you've figured out the mystery should help pull the rug on you later. One of my all-time favorites."
85 93% Manchester by the Sea (2016) - Jan 23, 2017
"A kick in the guts. The story structure (flashbacks triggered by places and memories) is elegant, and Affleck - who owns the role as a chronically devastated wreck of a man - almost surpasses his work in 'The Assassination of Jesse James...'. By the way, if 'Manchester by the Sea' has you buttered up for even more pain and awkwardness and raw emotion, then look no further than Lonergan's previous work, 'Margaret'."
85 93% Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) - Feb 03, 2018
"The best new film that I have seen in quite a while. It's incredibly well-directed (shame on you, Academy), really funny and, to my surprise, rather poignant at times. So basically, if this film was a man, it would be the man!"
100 99% Lost (2004) - Sep 01, 2015
"This brilliant show has the most exciting mystery and some of the most awesome characters of all time. Also, Michael Giacchino's score which ranges from adrenaline-fueled to heartbreaking is superhuman, and the phenomenal cliffhanger in the season 3 finale is no less than the most amazing moment, I've experienced in any narrative. 'Lost' is, in short, my favorite series. Ever."
100 99% Fight Club (1999) - Feb 02, 2012
"If it were possible to reexperience one film for the first time, I'd choose this. In terms of style Fincher is obviously peerless. The fusion of his edginess and wry humor with Pahlaniuk's discerning social commentary is dangerously perfect. Norton is utterly brilliant (beating himself up routine, voice-over) and - once you've gotten over the most knockout-awesome use of unreliable narration ever - the quality of his performance adds poignancy to what underneath all the attitude is a love story."
99 99% The Thick Of It (2005) - Oct 20, 2016
"One of my top 3 favorite tv series of all time. The writing of the mindblowingly high number of acidic jokes per minute (delivered by a hilarious ensemble in the breakneck fashion of old screwball comedies) is simply unparalleled."
90 97% Let the Right One In (2008) - Feb 07, 2010
"Truly original. Perfectly balanced. The mix of vampire-horror with a coming-of-age story of a bullied boy proves very potent because supernatural happenings to Oskar seem not that much more violent and weird than the everyday life of growing up. The kids are as great as the cinematography is brilliant. A wonderful surprise and the best film of 2008."
85 93% AlphaGo (2017) - Jul 11, 2018
"As it might very well spell doom for mankind (for an interesting take on this subject, check out Arthur Kroker's great book 'Technology and the Canadian Mind'), the stakes are obviously high when it comes to the implications of creative machines. First and foremost, however, this doc is ripe on human drama, and that makes it a very engaging and entertaining watch. Go is my favorite game, but even if you aren't familiar with it, this is definitely worth adding to the top of your Netflix queue."