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Criticker Zealot - 5849 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 21, 2007

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Bio: My ratings explained:

95-100: Masterpieces and favorites
85-90: I loved it
75-80: Recommended
70: I liked it quite a bit
60: Pretty good
55: Average (or, I'm undecided)
40-50: Watchable
30: Bad
20: Terrible
0-10: Hopeless and/or offensive

I post all of my mini-reviews to, and I keep track of my favorite films at
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60 51% The Sound of Music (1965) - Mar 11, 2011
"♫ pre-dict-able plot-lines and chea-sy ro-man-ces ♫ o-ver-hyped clas-sics and mu-si-cal dan-ces ♫ wild-ly an-noy-ing small chil-dren who sing ♫ that will ne-ver be my fa-vo-rite thing (... but, hey, on the other hand, it's hard to truly hate this.)"
30 11% Dark Shadows (2012) - May 13, 2012
"Lazy and unfunny. (Not entirely unlike this mini-review)"
100 99% Fight Club (1999) - Feb 02, 2012
"If it were possible to reexperience one film for the first time, I'd choose this. In terms of style Fincher is obviously peerless. The fusion of his edginess and wry humor with Pahlaniuk's discerning social commentary is dangerously perfect. Norton is utterly brilliant (beating himself up routine, voice-over) and - once you've gotten over the most knockout-awesome use of unreliable narration ever - the quality of his performance adds poignancy to what underneath all the attitude is a love story."
90 97% Her (2013) - Feb 27, 2014
"Sweet and emotional. The type of science fiction that I love: Jonze picks up on trends in our society that we're all subjected to to some extent - then he extrapolates. The near-future he imagines is believable and food for thought, and the way he treats his subjects, love and connection, commendably nuanced. Add award worthy acting, beautiful photography and a score by Arcade Fire and the result is, well, wonderful. This should prove a contemporary classic, and one that I plan to revisit often."
100 99% Primer (2004) - Aug 13, 2010
"Never have I been so attentive and challenged during a first viewing. Pieces to the puzzle are there in plain sight and only one is missing, the one also unattainable by the protagonists, leaving some wiggleroom for further hypotheses. Given that the field of possibilities in a time travel movie is so immense, Carruth's most impressive accomplishment is actually that the meticulousness of his astonishingly complex narrative allows for a very precise reconstruction of "prior" events. Pure genius."
55 40% Dunkirk (2017) - Jul 20, 2017
"Impersonal. It's by design, but it's a mistake. For 'Dunkirk' plays more like a disaster movie than a war movie, and I needed a character to latch on to. Between Nolan's admittedly effective visual bombardments of my senses, and whenever Zimmer's woefully distracting and catastrophically overused score pulled me out of the experience, I found myself getting frustrated that I was unable to connect with it. Skillful though the editing may be, it fails to disguise the fact that the story is so-so."
85 93% Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) - Feb 03, 2018
"The best new film that I have seen in quite a while. It's incredibly well-directed (shame on you, Academy), really funny and, to my surprise, rather poignant at times. So basically, if this film was a man, it would be the man!"
100 99% Mulholland Drive (2001) - Apr 16, 2012
"Lynch is undebatably a cinematic master. To be able to conceive and pull off telling a story this complex, ambiguous and - arguably - profound he must also be no less than a genius. The nature of the film's narrative lets the viewer solve (and forever reinterpret) his tantalizing riddle. I love Watts' effervescent performance, her character's audition, the Silencio show, the small bursts of comedy and, more than anything, the first scene at Winkie's, perhaps the best ever committed to celluloid."
98 99% Black Swan (2010) - Jun 15, 2012
"Instant all-time favorite. Aronofsky's masterful genrebender - an engrossing, audacious and inspired match of subject, theme and character - is an intensely suspenseful depiction of the ballet world that's raw and very real, yet harrowingly nightmarish. Portman is spectacular! An in turn enthralling, magnificently visceral and astoundingly powerful experience. The inevitable outcome leads to a beautiful, emotional crescendo. Let's just say I wholeheartedly agree with the last line of the film."
85 93% Manchester by the Sea (2016) - Jan 23, 2017
"A kick in the guts. The story structure (flashbacks triggered by places and memories) is elegant, and Affleck - who owns the role as a chronically devastated wreck of a man - almost surpasses his work in 'The Assassination of Jesse James...'. By the way, if 'Manchester by the Sea' has you buttered up for even more pain and awkwardness and raw emotion, then look no further than Lonergan's previous work, 'Margaret'."