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Location: Canton, OH, USA

Bio: I have had an interest in movies for the majority of my life now. Always looking for the films that strive to be different and push the boundaries of whats acceptable. Film is imagination manifested.

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78 T4 Captain America: Civil War (2016) - Mar 16, 2017
"Black panther was not as cool as everyone was gushing about. Rather kind of lame actually. the story was all sorts of convoluted. So much absolute nonsense. the airport scene was fun, spiderman was a delight but aside from a few things this movie is a mess. thats not to say I wasnt entertained, but there was a ton of things that could have been improved upon and should have been gone over with a fine tooth comb to get the snags out. It does its job but in the most beating around the bush way"
84 T5 Frantic (1988) - Mar 16, 2017
"This movie spawned an alibi meme. It was the one armed man! Gotta give it credit for that. oh yeah, its a good movie too or whatever."
67 T2 Little Monsters (1989) - Mar 16, 2017
"I rate this movie a little higher simply due to nostalgia, my real thoughts on the movie are that it definitely has not aged well. really not a good movie, but I cant help but remember the excitement I had each time I watched this movie as a kid"
95 T9 Victoria (2015) - Mar 15, 2017
"That one long camera shot. Such a beautiful thing. seeing this movie is awe inspiring, the preparation needed for this to work seems like it would have been a daunting undertaking. To me it paid off. not only does this movie feel like you are spying on these people, but you feel like youre being drug along for the ride. The two main characters have such a real connection that it really pulls everything together, you genuinely feel for these people. I enjoyed the hell out of this roller coaster."
86 T6 Captain Fantastic (2016) - Mar 15, 2017
"From the cover of this movie and the name, this looks like an offbrand Wes Anderson film. It is definitely not that. I am very happy with what it was though. I really enjoyed the relationship this father had with his children, deciding to never hide anything from them, providing everything for them and teaching them how to live on their own. Then it takes a deeper look into it all, Should this father be doing all this? is it hurting his family or are they ok? thought provoking look at society."
97 T10 Get Out (2017) - Mar 15, 2017
"Saw the main actor of this movie on the tv show Black Mirror, I knew he was going to be something big from that episode alone. This movie solidifies that thought. he definitely has great range and charisma, can't wait to see more from him. Jordan Peele made such a great mixture of comedy, suspense and horror with this film, for a first time director, this is an amazing start. I already loved Key and Peele, now it seems they're just giving me more reasons to continue doing the same."
75 T3 The Night Before (2015) - Dec 30, 2016
"Without Seth Rogen this movie would have bombed. he makes this movie his. its funny in some parts, but seth is the only one that really shines here."
70 T3 Big Hero 6 (2014) - Dec 26, 2016
"Could have been alot better. the story with just baymax and the kid/brother was great. as soon as they started adding the other characters though it became too cluttered and dumb. I liked the simple humor, but the movie lost alot when it added those throwaway friend characters"
94 T9 The Grey (2012) - Dec 26, 2016
"I did not watch this movie for a while because of bad first impressions, I had decided it was a movie I did not care for. I finally watched it though and I was entirely wrong. I love this movie! It's so stark and bleak and contemplative that I couldn't help but like it. It's a good examination of survival and the anguish your mind is put through."
90 T7 Hush (2016) - Dec 26, 2016
"Fun, exciting and suspenseful. Good movie to sit around and watch with your girlfriend, which I did. I was really entertained the whole movie. It's a clever setup and a well thought out little story."