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Location: Canton, OH, USA

Bio: I have had an interest in movies for the majority of my life now. Always looking for the films that strive to be different and push the boundaries of whats acceptable. Film is imagination manifested. I rank films mostly off of my pure enjoyment of the movie.

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85 T5 Goon (2012) - Aug 15, 2017
"One of the better sports movies out there. I generally don't care for sports movies, so the fact that I like this one means something. Doug is a good character, I really like him. I can't wait for the followup to this movie."
35 T1 This Must Be the Place (2011) - Aug 02, 2017
"I was really excited to watch this movie. Sean Penn playing a goth rock star going after a nazi, should be a great fun romp of a film right? Unfortunately, I was really bored throughout the entire film. Sure it looks nice, but I rate things based upon pure enjoyment and this movie was Dull with a capital D. Left me very disappointed. "
100 T10 Westworld (2016) - Aug 01, 2017
"This show is everything I have dreamed of ever since seeing the movie with Yul Brynner. The concept of Westworld was so brilliant to me and they have perfectly adapted it into a drama that unfolds beautifully. Consciousness, reality and perception are explored heavily in this show. Its so surreal and engaging. Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins are amazing in this. I can't recommend it enough. "
80 T4 Wonder Woman (2017) - Jul 27, 2017
"(maybe spoilers) I was really pleasantly surprised by this. I was expecting to be holding my head in shame and instead I got a fairly decent movie. The war stuff was handled really well and her character is as head strong as you would expect from Wonder Woman. Ares was cool in his armor for about 5 seconds until you realize that he is an incredible CGI mess. They couldn't have given this guy real armor to wear? That was really my biggest complaint. The movie does what it meant to do. establish."
75 T3 Firebase (2017) - Jul 18, 2017
"second short from Oats studios, Neill Blomkamps pet project. This one out of the 3 released so far I feel has the most to make up for, it ends way too soon, there is definitely something there with this storyline that could make this truly awesome. hopefully they continue to tell these stories in parts because this one has me interested the most to see where the lucky guy with his enhanced suit is gonna go and whats going to happen."
80 T4 Rakka (2017) - Jul 18, 2017
"First short from Oats studios, Neill Blomkamps new project. I really like the idea here, given some nourishment this could be a really decent feature film, better than most of the shitty sci-fi that hollywood 'dreams' up anyway. As a short it has already accomplished this. I do like the pyromaniac character, think it would be interesting to make him the main focus."
95 T9 Zygote (2017) - Jul 18, 2017
"(spoilers) Awesome little short movie from Neill Blomkamp (district 9, elysium, chappie). This is one of the best creature feature type films I have seen in a long time. That monster is entirely frightening, its concept is amazing, I would love to see this short expanded into a full length. A creature that not only uses corpses as its form but learns from the people it absorbs as well. Love it. can't wait to see more of these shorts from Oats Studios."
68 T2 Taken (2008) - Jul 11, 2017
"I watched this for the first time the other day. This movie was hyped to hell and back as being one of the best action movies out there. I found it to be pretty much by the numbers. Nothing really stuck out aside from the fact that his 17 year old daughter acted like she was 5. I enjoyed it for what it was, but its definitely not a classic like so many people seem to claim."
84 T5 Pootie Tang (2001) - Jul 07, 2017
"This movie is very stupid. Also a guilty pleasure of mine. Despite the fact that the main character talks in gibberish I still like him. This movie should be universally panned but its actually quite hilarious. The fact that Louis CK made it only increases my love for it because I can see him in the writers room making all of these stupid jokes. I will never not love this movie. Sa Da Tay! "
98 T10 Princess Mononoke (1997) - Jul 07, 2017
"This movie is pure badass. judging by the cover it looks like a chick flick, but it is so much more than that. Miyazaki really knows how to make things feel Epic. This movie really proves how masterful he is at his craft. Can't recommend it enough. "