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Cinema Addict - 1975 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 29, 2012

Location: Finland

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68 75% Coco (2017) - Aug 28, 2018
"I wanted this movie to make my ugly cry, but it just teared me up. I blame the overblown hype. It is a beautiful, beautiful film and has a heartfelt message, but it’s just a feel-good nice film."
60 50% Maudie (2016) - Jun 14, 2018
"Sally Hawkins brings out a charming performance as the titular character and Ethan Hawke doesn't trail far behind with his act of a brood of a husband. Packs a punch in emotion but has a very demure narrative. I wish I'd have liked it more since I adore slice of life types of dramas, but there were some elements that simply put me off to this movie and makes this less SoL type of experience. I'd have dropped the sub plots concerning Maudie's familial relations since they added pointless drama."
50 25% Life (2017) - Jun 14, 2018
"A scientist with an unhealthy amount of sympathy towards a foreign lifeform that is first seemingly harmless but brings havoc in an enclosed spaceship. The being able to enter and exit a human host body with a gory fashion. A cold-headed woman trying to save the day by terminating the extra-terrestrial lifeform but the nuicance snags her teammeats off one gory entry/exit after another. Prepare to guess who's lastly standing and prepare to be unsurprised. Essentially Alien. Just, not as good."
41 12% The Other Side of the Door (2016) - Jun 14, 2018
"Cut and paste horror with all of the appropriate tropes and an insultingly unimaginative ending."
77 88% The Kissing Booth (2018) - May 17, 2018
"Forbidden, complicated and supressed romance you say? Count me in! This is my new guilty pleasure film. Yeah, a teen romcom with a dose of drama. Nothing new, but sometimes pizza is just pizza and it's still good."
55 34% Tiptoes (2003) - May 16, 2018
"I love Gary Oldman. He's a fantastic actor. BUT FOR CHRISTSAKE why make him play a little person when you simultaneously had the option to hire actual little people.. That being said, I actually quite enjoyed the slowly unfolding romance and the intrestingly portrayed and destructive self-hatred of McConaughey. Yeah, this movie is inane, but I wouldn't say malicious."
49 22% Candy Jar (2018) - May 14, 2018
"Pretty tepid and unspired "opposites attract" trope set in high school background."
80 92% Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) - May 01, 2018
"Tom Holland is adorable as the newest incarnation of Spiderman. He's everything you've come to expect from the witty and boyish superhero. This movie, while boasting some impressive action sequences, is notably different from other MCU movies with how "low-key" it is. While in other MCU movies it's always about saving the world, the galaxy, the universe - this time it's saving a city block. But its none the less entertaining."
65 67% Viceroy's House (2017) - May 01, 2018
"The subplot between the hindi man and the muslim woman representing the division of India on a more intimate level was too on the nose. Also the ending to their love story was uninspired. Otherwise I thought the movie served well to introduce western audiences to the modern history of India in an effective and understandable way."
85 95% Violet Evergarden (2018) - Apr 10, 2018
"The animation alone is ridiculously gorgeous, but the series boasts also some great atmosphere and slow-burning character building."