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57 65% The Workshop (2017) - Apr 12, 2020
54 58% Synonymes (2019) - Nov 05, 2019
"Begins with an opaque scenario fitting of a nightmare... and then levels out to a sequence of slightly odd scenes and, eventually, not at all odd scenes. While the film at first seems like it will be a story of a man trapped in an evil, unfamiliar world, it changes into a story of a man with a litany of quirks seemingly immune to life's troubles trying to turn his life into something more poetic than it really is. An obvious "young artist" film, but not something I found to be all that new."
42 40% Parasite (2019) - Nov 02, 2019
"Entertaining film with the potential for interesting perspectives - but the filmmakers are too obsessed with a toilet spraying feces and other such loud details that are actually irrelevant to the possible interesting perspectives. The climax seems pointless, cruel, and incoherent. Many elements of social commentary are mere asides, irrelevant to the larger story. If the idea of the film is to show that poor people are greedy, short-sighted, and cruel, it almost succeeds, but not much else."
35 27% Mad Men (2007) - Sep 15, 2019
"Wildly uneven and only haphazardly insightful. Less human insight in the entire series than a single Koreeda film, though, and the score reflects that fact."
47 48% Thoroughbreds (2018) - Sep 13, 2019
"An amoral character incapable of emotion serves as a conduit for the worst impulses of an initially ambiguously angry protagonist to decreasingly reassuring results. The film closes with the amoral character recounting an eerily poetic dream where the eventual self-absorbed death of the entire species results in a net improvement in the world. This is not a satire of the rich, but an unflattering open question about the value of humanity in the face of a boundless capacity for selfish harm."
63 77% Blindspotting (2018) - Sep 13, 2019
"Hilarious, and intermittently spectacularly insightful. Several flourishes come together in what would otherwise be a horrible, cloying scene. Other scenes are breathtakingly tense, speaking volumes even while characters are entirely silent. The weight of possibilities interwoven within the film make the levity of the near-constant stream of jokes seem to carry even more amplitude. There's a lot going on, and as in all such films it is impossible that all people will feel the same, but I dig it."
24 13% A Simple Favor (2018) - Sep 11, 2019
"Essentially a PSA for suburban mothers: If you dedicate your life to trying to fit the perfect mold of servility, you will die alone. I don't even think I'm exaggerating. As an interesting film, it's terrible, but as a PSA it's pretty well done as far as being entertaining and consistent goes. Don't get me wrong - there are better films to show the nuances of a well-lived life, but I doubt that they would work as well. It's not a rich intellectual life, that life of servility."
57 65% Game Night (2018) - Sep 11, 2019
"Somehow this seems to sum it up: Self-awareness bordering on excessive, but holding back only slightly after the edge of absurdity - yet still American in all of the worst ways. Which is to say: There were hints of Edgar Wright (let's call them learned cinematic tools), but the film has far too much plot to stuff in to allow for a cohesive style to be felt and descends into mere entertainment. I expected nothing more than that, so even the possibility of more was surprising, I guess!"
72 90% Her Smell (2019) - Aug 09, 2019
"A lot like barely surviving a tunnel collapse, realizing with no small amount of amazement that you are still alive, only to also realize that you are lost, alone, crippled, and without any sense of what survival will entail. In this case, though, punk rock destroyed the tunnel. There's a first for everything."
15 7% Divine Intervention (2002) - May 23, 2019