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Leo Pard

Cinema Addict - 2396 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 8, 2010

Location: France

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70 34% For a Cop's Hide (1981) - Aug 11, 2010
"First film directed by Alain Delon, and it's nice, with the music by Oscar Benton."
95 97% Les Douze travaux d'Astérix (1976) - Aug 14, 2010
"The best Astérix movie. Original and funny."
70 34% Stavisky... (1974) - Oct 10, 2010
"A story maybe a little bit complicated, because it alternates between past, present and future, and we wonder what comes to make Trotsky in this story, despite an attempt of explanation towards the end of the film. But it's also a nice reconstitution of 1930's, with an impeccable Belmondo, like the supporting cast : Charles Boyer, François Périer, Michael Lonsdale, etc... and even a short appearance of a young and still unknown Gérard Depardieu."
90 91% The Shawshank Redemption (1994) - Jan 28, 2011
"Not the best movie of all-time, as say IMDB, but it's still pretty excellent."
95 97% The Great Spy Chase (1964) - Oct 08, 2010
"As good and hilarious as Les Tontons Flingueurs IMO."
20 1% Asterix at the Olympic Games (2008) - Aug 10, 2010
"I really like Astérix, but... 10 for Alain Delon (I love his first scene) and 10 for the cameo of Michael Schumacher (I'm fan of him), not more."
50 11% Le Tueur (1972) - Oct 01, 2010
"The principal interest of this film is the last face-to-face Jean Gabin - Bernard Blier, and one of the first appearances of Gérard Depardieu."
80 63% The Big Restaurant (1966) - Aug 10, 2010
"Mini-Review: The first part is excellent, with great scenes (de Funès as Hitler, for example). The second part is less good, but still pleasant, with the great Bernard Blier."
85 79% The Gazebo (1971) - Aug 20, 2010
"Excellent film. de Funès, Blier, Galabru, Gensac & co are great."
80 63% Ali Baba et les quarante voleurs (1954) - Aug 14, 2010
"Fernandel is impeccable as Ali Baba."