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68 T3 City 40 (2016) - Mar 26, 2017
80 T8 Journey to Italy (1954) - Mar 25, 2017
78 T7 Europa '51 (1952) - Mar 23, 2017
78 T7 My Winnipeg (2007) - Mar 22, 2017
80 T8 Stromboli (1950) - Mar 21, 2017
"The casting of Bergman works out perfectly; her Hollywood persona really make her stand out of the Italian villagers, just like her character does. It could have been a really good movie, if it wasn't for the ending; because her realization comes out-of-nowhere and isn't built up to."
75 T6 Loving (2016) - Mar 20, 2017
"I appreciate for a movie that sounds like oscarbait, it stays very subtle and never gets melodramatic. But it's bit too in love wit it's characters; they are too perfect, never is there any real conflict. Edgerton an Negga give great performances."
55 T2 Fiddler on the Roof (1971) - Mar 19, 2017
78 T7 American Honey (2016) - Mar 19, 2017
"There are many good things about it; the acting, the writing, the cinematography. But what keeps it from being really good is that it's a perfect example of a modern movie being way too long; we really don't need to see them dancing around in the van to a rap song for the umpteenth time."
75 T6 Logan (2017) - Mar 18, 2017
"Wolverine finally gets the movie he deserves; a grounded, more character driven, realistic comic-book movie. Jackman and Stewart give their best performances ever in their role as Wolverine and Xavier."