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Member Since: Dec 3, 2014

Location: Den Haag, Netherlands

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72 47% The Hired Hand (1971) - Oct 23, 2018
80 74% The Guilty (2018) - Oct 21, 2018
85 89% Ninotchka (1939) - Oct 20, 2018
75 55% Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) - Oct 16, 2018
60 17% Red Psalm (1972) - Oct 16, 2018
"Jancsó sure is a master of the long-take, making the direction of this it worth watching. But the whole plot was too abstract and symbolic for me to really care for it."
75 55% Leto (2018) - Oct 16, 2018
"This portrayal of the underground music scene in Leningrad of the 80s has some very fun inventive sequences set to some iconic songs that alone make this worth a watch. Although you won’t learn much about the specifics of this scene’s from this movie,making the movie falter at times, the general mood of rock-infused youthful revolt will linger after the movies is over."
68 29% Aurora Borealis: Északi fény (2017) - Oct 16, 2018
80 74% Hotel by the River (2018) - Oct 16, 2018
"Like Hong’s last film The Day After this is a very straightforward film. There is no experimenting for plot structures in this film. People finding that to be the most interesting part of Song’s movies will probably be let down a bit by it. People more focused on Hong’s simple but confident directing style and his humane look into characters that slowly reveal themselves (of course after having a few too many drinks) this offers plenty to enjoy again."
75 55% Liyana (2017) - Oct 16, 2018
82 84% First Reformed (2018) - Oct 16, 2018
"an intense portrait of a man losing his faith, radicalising and seeking redemption"