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Criticker Zealot - 5290 Film Ratings

Member Since: Dec 3, 2014

Location: Den Haag, Netherlands

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82 85% Thirst (2009) - Nov 14, 2019
"Park gives a very original spin on the vampire genre with this visual astounding movie. The movie loses momentum after 2/3rds, but ends strong again."
75 56% Criss Cross (1949) - Nov 13, 2019
"Very atmospheric typical noir with Lancaster as the dope who's romantically obsessed with his pretty ex, who is now the girl of an gangster. Highlight is the heist on an armored money-truck involving smoke grenades and gas-masks. Weakest point is Dan Duryea, who's isn't intimidating as the gangster."
75 56% Cry of the City (1948) - Nov 13, 2019
"The plot might be thin, but this movie really is about the contrast between the two leads. The depiction of Conte's Italian-American family gives an insight into the social-cultural background they share. Conte and Mature bring the best out of each other, both giving subtle performances as characters that don't fall in an easy good-bad guy dichotomy. Siodmak brings his noir aesthetics to then popular realist location shootings. Highlight is a suspenseful escape from a hospital-prison. "
65 24% I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians (2018) - Nov 12, 2019
"Unfortunately long stretches of this feel more like a philosophical/political history lesson than a movie. Luckily some other parts, especially the reenactment, does work. "
68 29% No Orchids for Miss Blandish (1948) - Nov 12, 2019
" While tame in today standards, it's understandable that this caused an outrage with the critics at the time with it's "disturbing" plot and having more violence than your average noir. Unfortunate this isn't the kind of movie after being revisionist belong to the top tier British noirs, some of the formal criticism was correct; the acting overal is pretty bland, he second act falters and their is no chemistry between the lovers. But it is a solid directed enjoyable B movie with cult tendencies."
78 65% The Big Clock (1948) - Nov 11, 2019
"This slowly builts up to a ingenious twist on the Hitchcockian "wrong man and mistaken identity" trope by having Milland play an crime reporter who has to search for himself, because his boss (an imposing Laughton) wants to frame him for murder. John Farrow's direction distinguishes itself by the frequent use of accomplished long takes. For an 1940s genre movie it is surprisingly critical of the corporate world."
75 56% Force of Evil (1948) - Nov 10, 2019
70 38% 5x2 (2004) - Nov 09, 2019
68 29% They Made Me a Fugitive (1947) - Nov 09, 2019
78 65% Rok spokojnego slonca (1984) - Nov 09, 2019