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Criticker Zealot - 5507 Film Ratings

Member Since: Dec 3, 2014

Location: Den Haag, Netherlands

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70 38% Yesterday's Enemy (1959) - Apr 08, 2020
60 16% The Camp on Blood Island (1958) - Apr 07, 2020
70 38% India Song (1975) - Apr 06, 2020
75 57% Adventure in the Hopfields (1954) - Apr 06, 2020
"It gives a great (neo)realistic depiction of how Londoners spent their holidays hop-picking in the 50s with at its core a sweet kids movie. "
62 20% Town on Trial (1957) - Apr 05, 2020
"Because the movie drops a major clue about the identity of the murder very early in the movie, the murder is never a real mystery. What still does make ite interesting is the depiction of a restraint English upper class town, where people rather shove the murder under the rug to protect their respectability than assist in the investigation. It has great editing; a highlight is the inter cutting of a young woman dancing the mambo and men watching her on with both desire and disapproval. "
78 66% Mr. Klein (1976) - Apr 04, 2020
72 48% Accident (1967) - Apr 04, 2020
"A middle aged Oxford professor (a part Dirk Bogarde seems born to play) falls in love with a younger student, while his favorite pupil and a rival teacher are also fighting for her attention in this movie written by Harold Pinter. All this comes to its climax during a fabulous drunk dinner party at his house, with one of the best depictions of people having that kind of hot summer day laziness drunkenness I've seen on the screen."
72 48% Eva (1962) - Apr 04, 2020
"Losey completely deconstructs the morality of a high society playboy in this gorgeous looking movie starring Jeanne Moreau as a woman who exactly knows how to use her charms to get what she wants from men. This is not a movie recommendable for people who dislike seeing horrible people in movies. It's highly recommendable for people loving great creative b/w shots."
70 38% Pickup Alley (1957) - Apr 04, 2020
"This delivers as formulaic entertainment. As the aka title suggests the plot features location shooting in various European cities. The way Gilling shots the back-alleys of these stand out. Mature does well as the relentless agent. Ekberg is too glamorous for her role as the unwilling accomplice. The biggest draw is Howard as the charismatic sadistic master criminal. He’s clearly having fun in this atypical role. The minimal screen time they share together lessens the catharsis of the end."
68 29% Nightfall (1957) - Apr 04, 2020
"There’s a lot to like in the directing and economic storytelling in this late noir. It plays well with expectations about characters; the femme fatale, a charming Anne Bancroft, who contrary to first impressions isn’t one plus a protagonist who’s more vulnerable and scared than the usual streetwise witty noir hero. It’s unfortunate that the miscast Aldo Ray fails to portray this softer side of the character or to deliver any line convincingly, lessening this substantial. "