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Criticker Zealot - 5605 Film Ratings

Member Since: Dec 3, 2014

Location: Den Haag, Netherlands

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52 9% Quadrille (1938) - Jul 04, 2020
62 21% Mon père avait raison (1936) - Jul 04, 2020
68 30% Le nouveau testament (1936) - Jul 04, 2020
65 25% Faisons un rêve... (1936) - Jul 02, 2020
80 77% A Man and a Woman (1966) - Jul 02, 2020
70 39% A Sun (2019) - Jun 30, 2020
"Very decent drama, but I didn't love it as much as many others seem to do. I don't know actually why, cause all aspects are very good; it looks great and the acting is top, especially from Yi-wen Chen, and the story is touching without being sentimental. Guess my main problem was that the movie covers so much time, I felt some parts only scratched the surface and are left undeveloped."
25 0% League of Gods (2016) - Jun 29, 2020
"What garbage; not because this movie depends heavily on (at times poor) CGI, but because the storytelling behind that CGI is a complete mess. The movie has no time to breath, it all moves at breakneck pace with characters being introduced and leaving left and right without any time left for any emotional involvement to form. Subplot is added on top of subplot, without any of them having an emotional impact. Characters are bland at best, and most extremely annoying. The humor is infantile."
80 77% Throw Down (2004) - Jun 29, 2020
"Leave it to To to make a stylish neonoirish movie about the least exciting martial arts; judo. What makes this a very atypical martial arts movie, if you even want or can call it that, is that the fights are secondary to the characters developments. It really focus on that martial arts are about the betterment of oneself and less about beating once opponent. Although the last also happens plenty and delivers probably some of the coolest looking judo fights ever shown."
65 25% The Meg (2018) - Jun 27, 2020
"Of course it has major flaw and stupidities, but it does what it has to do - having entertaining shark attacks - well enough."
60 16% Zu: Warriors of the Magic Mountain (1983) - Jun 27, 2020
"It's very imaginative and creative, unfortunate that doesn't make up totally for the mess this movie is. While the basic overall story is very simple, the plot is way more difficult to follow than it should be. The editing is so frantic it's unclear in many scenes what exactly is going on, hindering my enjoyment of this. The best aspect, beside the aforementioned creativity, is the humor, especially in the first 15 minutes in the "real" world."