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Celluloid Junkie - 4348 Film Ratings

Member Since: May 17, 2008

Location: Rochester, MN, USA

Age: 35

Bio: i love movies, in fact i am on a quest to see all of the movies ever made, i do realize that's not possible, but at least i set the bar high. i was drawn even more to this site after i got my first star. i now write mini-reviews for every movie i watch, and am going through my back catalog to write them for every movie i've rated, i've got a long way to go. might i interest you in donating to the give me a star foundation?
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75 51% Red Notice (2021) - Jan 24, 2022
""Red Notice" is a perfectly competent, perfectly bland caper without the complexity or depth that make the best heist movies tick. The Rock and Reynolds are two of my favorites, but they're not bringing anything to the show here that either hasn't done a dozen times before, yet together they just don't have much magic. There's not a lot complain about here, but I won't be seeing it again any time soon."
67 26% Lost in Thailand (2012) - Jan 24, 2022
"A lot of mainland Chinese comedies seem married to the SNL spin-off variety of 90's comedies where stupidity is the bread and wackiness is the butter. I came for Bo Huang, but he didn't really shine here, but then again, nothing else did either."
67 26% Plan A (2021) - Jan 21, 2022
"The heart of "Plan A" is a revenge story of Holocaust survivors on Germany as a whole, which is both compelling, and a unique take on WWII. But the movie falters under the direction of the Paz brothers who just don't seem to be very capable writers or directors. I think they should go back to horror movies where these deficits are more easily ignored."
88 95% Malignant (2021) - Jan 15, 2022
"A plot straight out of an 80's b-horror movie. "Malignant" starts out pretty hum-drum and every twist gets a little bit more bat shit crazy than the last. I had a great time with this one. The goal here is not to scare the audience, but to entertain, and Wan pulled out all the stops here. He'll likely go down as a seminal horror director, one of the most important ones of this century."
57 12% Line Walker (2016) - Jan 15, 2022
"Generic, forgettable, I can't say I remember anything about it except it has a sequel, maybe the sequel is bad enough that I might even be able to say something about it."
68 29% Mayakwang (2018) - Jan 15, 2022
"Starts off as a pretty decent, and somewhat unique take on a rising star drug dealer story. By about half way though, it's devolved into the same old criminal destroys himself and his family story that we've all seen a dozen times before, only this time they were speaking Korean. "
60 15% SAS: Red Notice (2021) - Jan 15, 2022
"The action is pretty solid, but the writing is awful. It blows my mind how Ruby Rose keeps landing roles that make her out to be a bad ass, she's never been a good actor and her Justin Bieber face just looks punchable."
57 12% The Painted Bird (2019) - Jan 09, 2022
"Torture porn disguised as a scrapbook of the horrors of WWII, which boggles the mind. Because if there's one thing that doesn't need embellishment to be horrifying, it's the fucking Holocaust. Makes me wonder if Kosinski himself might have been a self-loathing anti-semitic, talk about a backfire. It's a shame because the only other adaptation of a book he wrote turns out to be "Being There"."
62 18% Songs My Brothers Taught Me (2015) - Jan 09, 2022
"There was a time, prior to widespread availability of streaming anything and everything, that I would have felt that the aimless, meandering feel of a certain subset of indie films would have been a refreshing artistic statement, but now I just feel bored. Maybe I've lost some culture or appreciation of craft. Coming from a Chinese born filmmaker, I would have thought a movie that takes place on a reservation would feel disingenuous, but I have to hand it to Zhao, this was as genuine as it gets."
73 43% Blithe Spirit (2020) - Jan 09, 2022
"Doesn't really do anything that the first adaptation didn't do seventy-five years ago. This one changes some details here and there, but the only real difference is that Stevens has a hell of a lot more charisma than Rex Harrison did, please don't hit me."