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100 T10 The Big Lebowski (1998) - Feb 06, 2014
"The Coens have made a truly unique movie with this darkly comedic, detective style noir set in early 90s California. In true Coen tradition, the story moves from one odd encounter to another, full of quirky, unforgettable characters, with Bridges' inept stoner at the centre of it all. The script is endlessly witty, complete with surreal, drug-induced dream sequences, the soundtrack fits superbly, and Bridges is terrific, supported heroically by Goodman's dangerously short-fused Vietnam vet."
70 T6 Broken Flowers (2005) - Jan 12, 2017
"This Jarmusch road movie is episodic but immensely thoughtful, superbly anchored by Bill Murray and featuring a terrific supporting cast. The central mystery is wonderfully understated throughout, and its ultimate lack of a resolution is both poignant and gloriously cynical. The film feels incomplete, and is so much better for it. That Ethiopian jazz music sure is ghastly though."
T1 The Color of Pomegranates (1969) - Nov 17, 2016
"What a torturous ordeal. In addition to being agonisingly boring, almost all of Parajanov's stylistic choices are horrible: the carefully composed surreal imagery is pretentious, vapid and uninviting; the music is almost painfully jarring. Only a fervent affection for Sayat-Nova’s poetry could foreseeably render this a remotely rewarding experience; it's completely worthless otherwise."
80 T8 Bride of Frankenstein (1935) - Dec 22, 2016
"A camp blend of horror, science fiction and comedy, this light-hearted sequel really develops the character of the Monster by affording him a great deal more humanity than before, and this is ably relayed by Karloff, who’s exceptional alongside mad scientists Clive and Thesiger. Though the titular Bride looks terrific, it’s ultimately rather disappointing how little screen time or personality she’s granted."
85 T9 Down by Law (1986) - Jul 25, 2016
"Down by Law follows the imprisonment and subsequent escape of three offbeat lowlifes played by the charismatic trio of Waits, Lurie and Benigni. The basic narrative, lengthy takes and seemingly inane conversation contribute to an unusual but bewitching atmosphere, reminiscent of some of the finer works of postmodern absurdist theatre. It's an absolute delight."
15 T1 If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? (1971) - Jul 18, 2016
"A rabid sermon about how Communism will destroy America is cut with ludicrous scenes of jackbooted commies terrorising the Christian population with torture and slaughter. While the fire-and-brimstone preaching quickly becomes tiresome, the acting and the (surprisingly savage) violence are so amateurish that it's occasionally rather amusing, but this evangelical schlock is total garbage nonetheless."
75 T7 Stormy Weather (1943) - Nov 15, 2015
"As a showcase for several of the most prominent black performers of the day, it boasts some wonderful numbers: Fats Waller is a hoot; Bill Robinson's drum dance is excellent; and the Nicholas Brothers sequence is simply unmissable. Lena Horne's dirgelike songs do stifle the otherwise pleasant pace, and the plot is expectedly threadbare, but neither of these factors prevent it from succeeding as an effective piece of old-fashioned entertainment."
75 T7 Kid with the Golden Arm (1979) - Feb 01, 2017
"With its brilliant costumes and hilarious death scenes, this Shaw Brothers classic really wears its ridiculousness on its sleeve. The fights come relentlessly, and the occasionally over-rehearsed choreography doesn't markedly diminish the wonderful spectacle of it all. All five of the Venom Mob impress, and Philip Kwok's booze-guzzling Tai Hao gets to deliver one of the best final lines ever."
85 T9 Days of Wine and Roses (1962) - Apr 14, 2016
"What begins as a romance story steadily turns into a powerful drama about alcoholism and the horrendous effects it can have. Edwards’ direction and Miller’s script are terrific, and Lemmon is sensational – he and Remick anchor the film superbly, and both excel at the difficult art of “drunk acting”. Thankfully it doesn’t have an overly preachy tone or a far-fetched happy ending, which makes it all the more compelling."
90 T10 Los Olvidados (1950) - Feb 25, 2016
"Buñuel goes for an uncharacteristic sense of realism in Los Olvidados, painting the slums of Mexico City as a hopelessly bleak and unforgiving place for its young and impoverished inhabitants. It’s powerful and engaging stuff, with excellent characterisation and many memorably scenes, and ultimately it’s heartbreakingly tragic."