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30 7% From Hell It Came (1957) - Jan 03, 2018
"The script isn't half-bad for the first few minutes but the film soon devolves into standard Z-grade schlock, this time featuring a rubber tree-monster shambling around at the speed of a sloth on barbiturates."
100 99% In Bruges (2008) - Feb 19, 2019
"McDonagh's first film pairs comedy and tragedy like no other, with the superb script tackling its themes of guilt, morality and judgment in astonishingly deep and humorous ways. Farrell and Gleeson give the most nuanced performances of their careers as Ray and Ken, two Irish hitmen irreparably haunted by their past sins. Bruges is a location seemingly frozen in time and drowning in Catholic imagery, making it the perfect other-worldly setting for a weekend sightseeing trip through purgatory."
65 50% Deadpool (2016) - Feb 11, 2016
"It brilliantly captures the spirit of the cult comic, with a relentless barrage of filthy (and often hilarious) comedy and some good bloody violence, with Reynolds playing the wise-cracking mutant assassin beautifully. The other characters however aren't really interesting at all, and the film has a tired, formulaic structure, a shortage of action scenes and a disappointing final set piece."
10 1% Burke and Hare (2010) - May 30, 2019
"A crude comedy about these infamous graverobbers sounds enticing in the capable hands of John Landis, but his first film after more than a decade out of the game is an absolute dud, using the lowest of low-brow humour and a few pointless British cameos to drum up no laughs whatsoever."
75 70% The Butcher (1970) - Mar 11, 2020
"The audience may be hesitant to identify the butcher, a former soldier deeply disturbed by his wartime experiences, as the murderer, but Chabrol makes no attempt to proffer cheap thrills or twists. He treads a far bolder path of unresolved ambiguity, choosing not to share his protagonists' innermost motives or emotions but instead present their courtship naturalistically and leave the psychological evaluation up to the discerning viewer. Both leads are superb in their challenging roles."
65 50% White Zombie (1932) - Jun 11, 2016
"It would have worked better as a silent, as the dialogue is sluggish and generally limply delivered. Visually though, it's a treat - there are several nice camera effects, Lugosi's stare is mesmerising and the climactic sequence is surprisingly exciting."
50 24% Puss in Boots (1988) - Feb 28, 2017
"Unsurprisingly, this is only any good when Walken is onscreen; watching him sing, dance, scheme and preen while sporting a fantastic moustache is highly gratifying. Despite decent production values, there's not much else that's especially noteworthy."
75 70% Kid with the Golden Arm (1979) - Feb 02, 2017
"With its brilliant costumes and hilarious death scenes, this Shaw Brothers classic really wears its ridiculousness on its sleeve. The fights come relentlessly, and the occasionally over-rehearsed choreography doesn't markedly diminish the wonderful spectacle of it all. All five of the Venom Mob impress, and Philip Kwok's booze-guzzling Tai Hao gets to deliver one of the best final lines ever."
70 59% Screamplay (1985) - Mar 14, 2019
"This odd passion project mashes the visual style of the German Expressionists and writing style of Edgar Allan Poe into a sleazy Hollywood noir for an altogether tasteful horror-comedy experience. It's superbly anchored by Rufus Butler Seder's unhinged wackiness on screen, and the creative art design is a brilliant example of how a shoestring budget can be used effectively."
80 79% Bride of Frankenstein (1935) - Dec 22, 2016
"A camp blend of horror, science fiction and comedy, this light-hearted sequel really develops the character of the Monster by affording him a great deal more humanity than before, and this is ably relayed by Karloff, who's exceptional alongside mad scientists Clive and Thesiger. Though the titular Bride looks terrific, it's ultimately rather disappointing how little screen time or personality she's granted."