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85 85% In the Heat of the Night (1967) - Feb 18, 2016
"The main investigation story takes a back seat in this Southern murder mystery, with the film's focus instead lying firmly on the begrudging relationship between a white police chief and a black detective. The racism theme is handled in an impressively thought-provoking manner, and the fantastic direction, script and pacing means there's never a dull moment. Steiger and Poitier are exceptional in their respective roles."
75 69% House (1977) - Feb 23, 2016
"In this bonkers Japanese horror, Obayashi uses all the camera tricks and cheap special effects at his disposal to create a deliciously absurd nightmare, with every passing scene offering a more mind-boggling display of creepy, colourful, chaotic weirdness than the last. Visually, it's an unforgettable comedic treat, and the deliberate bad acting and one-note characterisation make it all the more hilarious."
85 85% Make Way for Tomorrow (1937) - May 30, 2019
"Even when directing a less comedic piece than usual, McCarey's touch remains as light as a feather; the drama resonates but never attempts to overwhelm, and is infused with a ray of optimism that gently shines through the layers of melancholy. Beulah Bondi, playing a woman approximately three decades her senior, gives a truly outstanding performance."
55 31% The Blood of Heroes (1989) - May 31, 2015
"There's some good action in this dystopian sports movie, but the plot lacks structure and the characterisation is disappointingly light. The film's universe is expansive yet Peoples doesn't offer enough insight into its origins or traditions, so a little more exposition would have actually been welcome. Even so, it's very creative aesthetically, and Hauer and Chen turn in worthy performances."
70 58% Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) - Nov 04, 2015
"Cagney's brilliant acting and dancing won him a fully deserved Oscar, but the rest of the movie struggles to live up to his stellar performance. The sickly sweet storytelling and excessive patriotism are expected given the film's historical context but prevent it from feeling at all genuine. Cohan's songs themselves are generally rather drab and repetitive, and hence the non-musical portions, which feature some surprisingly witty dialogue, tend to be a good deal more enjoyable."
10 1% Burke and Hare (2010) - May 30, 2019
"A crude comedy about these infamous graverobbers sounds enticing in the capable hands of John Landis, but his first film after more than a decade out of the game is an absolute dud, using the lowest of low-brow humour and a few pointless British cameos to drum up no laughs whatsoever."
75 69% Spider Baby (1967) - May 26, 2017
"Undoubtedly a big influence on the likes of Tobe Hooper and Wes Craven, Jack Hill's cult classic strikes a tone that's at once farcical and gravely sinister, which scarce few (if any) films have ever managed to recreate. It's hugely enjoyable for this reason alone; Sid Haig's immense creepiness and Lon Chaney Jr.'s oddly moving performance are the icing on the dead cat."
80 78% Bride of Frankenstein (1935) - Dec 22, 2016
"A camp blend of horror, science fiction and comedy, this light-hearted sequel really develops the character of the Monster by affording him a great deal more humanity than before, and this is ably relayed by Karloff, who's exceptional alongside mad scientists Clive and Thesiger. Though the titular Bride looks terrific, it's ultimately rather disappointing how little screen time or personality she's granted."
40 12% Jailhouse Rock (1957) - Apr 02, 2018
"Jailhouse Rock has only a fraction of the zing that an early Elvis vehicle should reasonably proffer. It's a fairly dull rags-to-riches story and little more, but one with a lead character so unsympathetic that his ultimate success and happiness leaves a decidedly sour taste. Worse still, with the exception of the iconic title number, not one of the songs is at all memorable."
85 85% Black Dynamite (2009) - May 20, 2017
"This wonderful send-up of the blaxploitation genre celebrates both its good and notoriously bad elements, combining fantastic music, costumes and one-liners with horrendous continuity, acting and boom mic operation. The consistent quality of the dialogue and sight gags makes this without doubt one of the finest spoofs ever devised, and Michael Jai White gives the comedy performance of a lifetime."