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80 79% College (1927) - Jun 19, 2016
"Keaton's bookish wimp tries to win over his dream girl with athletic prowess; the trouble is, he has none. This is arguably one of his funniest pictures and features a number of great stunts, including many hilarious failed attempts at an assortment of track and field events. His heroics at the end of the film are simply splendid."
65 49% Seeds (1968) - Aug 17, 2020
"Appalling sound quality makes Seeds something of a difficult watch, but the bold, lurid themes, crackling dialogue and bombastic performances of Milligan’s soapy proto-slasher ably overcome its budgetary limitations. It’s cheap, exploitative sleaze at its best - fun, violent and padded out with laughably gratuitous nude scenes."
65 49% Joker (2019) - Jul 15, 2020
"Joker too often goes beyond being just a Scorsese homage, instead lifting a lot of its best content from the superior films of a superior filmmaker, and its presentation of mental illness is less profound than it is simply timely. The general aesthetic achieved is glorious though, and Phoenix’s blistering performance proves yet again that he is one of Hollywood’s most capable actors."
70 59% Screamplay (1985) - Mar 14, 2019
"This odd passion project mashes the visual style of the German Expressionists and writing style of Edgar Allan Poe into a sleazy Hollywood noir for an altogether tasteful horror-comedy experience. It's superbly anchored by Rufus Butler Seder's unhinged wackiness on screen, and the creative art design is a brilliant example of how a shoestring budget can be used effectively."
85 86% The Innocents (1961) - Jun 01, 2015
"The Innocents is wonderfully creepy, full of suspense and stylishly filmed, and thankfully it sticks with the bleak ending from Henry James' novella. There are top performances from Deborah Kerr and young Martin Stephens (acting far beyond his years), with the film's most noteworthy scenes depicting their unsettling relationship, and Jack Clayton's direction is excellent."
80 79% Schizopolis (1996) - Nov 17, 2019
"Soderbergh’s Schizopolis is as coherent as a Mad Hatter’s riddle, but this surreal, elliptical oddity is an absolute delight, showing hilarious creativity in its manipulation of language and subversion of cinematic norms. It undoubtedly rewards subsequent viewings, and the acclaimed filmmaker proves himself to be an excellent comedy actor."
75 69% House (1977) - Feb 23, 2016
"In this bonkers Japanese horror, Obayashi uses all the camera tricks and cheap special effects at his disposal to create a deliciously absurd nightmare, with every passing scene offering a more mind-boggling display of creepy, colourful, chaotic weirdness than the last. Visually, it's an unforgettable comedic treat, and the deliberate bad acting and one-note characterisation make it all the more hilarious."
10 1% Burke and Hare (2010) - May 30, 2019
"A crude comedy about these infamous graverobbers sounds enticing in the capable hands of John Landis, but his first film after more than a decade out of the game is an absolute dud, using the lowest of low-brow humour and a few pointless British cameos to drum up no laughs whatsoever."
45 17% Roar (1981) - Apr 19, 2017
"Noel Marshall was clearly a lunatic. Working with dozens upon dozens of untrained big cats, the danger to the human cast is so palpable in every scene that the film becomes a bizarrely riveting viewing experience in spite of the weak narrative and acting. The stories from the shoot are horrifying, unsurprisingly; it's a genuine miracle that nobody was killed on set."
75 69% Kid with the Golden Arm (1979) - Feb 02, 2017
"With its brilliant costumes and hilarious death scenes, this Shaw Brothers classic really wears its ridiculousness on its sleeve. The fights come relentlessly, and the occasionally over-rehearsed choreography doesn't markedly diminish the wonderful spectacle of it all. All five of the Venom Mob impress, and Philip Kwok's booze-guzzling Tai Hao gets to deliver one of the best final lines ever."