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90 88% Last Life in the Universe (2003) - Feb 25, 2021
"Sometimes one might find a brilliant movie in surprising way. This thai director's Pen-Ek Ratanaruang's movie is such a good mood piece that after it was very difficult to watch any other movies. This film has everything: yakuza's and seifuku's; despair and love."
41 23% Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (2004) - Feb 25, 2021
"I somewhat respect what Metallica has achieved and they definitely are good band. But I did expect more from this documentary. Its kind of boring to watch band members everyday life and disputes. Documentary is not very well directed. Disappointment. "
68 58% The Bourne Supremacy (2004) - Feb 25, 2021
"Paul Greengrass came in to replace Liman for the second Bourne movie. Greengrass is maybe concentrating too much into action and characters humanity or inhumanity is left aside. Also it seems that Bourne is cred from amnesia."
59 44% I, Robot (2004) - Feb 25, 2021
"With the name Alex Proyas, in my mind comes great dark movie "The Crow". "I, Robot" is visually stunning (hence the Oscar nomination), classical men vs robots movie, made for the joy of technophobes. The plot twists were predictable and some stupid advertisements disturbed viewing."
56 40% Two Brothers (2004) - Feb 25, 2021
"Annaud is great filmmaker but here he did some mistakes. When tiger-brothers got caged and one ended up in circus, film started to feel messy and senseless. The nature scenes were beautiful."
31 13% (T)Raumschiff Surprise - Periode 1 (2004) - Feb 25, 2021
"Well, the comedy sketch in Bullyparade was very funny. When Herbig and co made full movie, the hopes were high. Somehow the full movie is a parody of different sci-fi movies: Star Trek, Star Wars, Spaceballs, The Fifth Element and so one. Bad parody."
84 82% Lilya 4-Ever (2002) - Feb 24, 2021
"Moodyson has done fantastic movie. Its really tragic story of underage girl, who needs to go through sexual abuse to bay some bills. Its great dilemma to viewers, did the girl choose a wrong path or we need to feel a pity. Lilya's home was on my home country but not in poor village, it was in a poor town"
42 24% A Fond Kiss (2004) - Feb 24, 2021
"Ken Loach and Paul Laverty have done many great movies. But everyone have a dark period in career when nothing good will be created. Although "Ae Fond Kiss" sucks (and not only lips) there is some good moments too."
50 32% The Corporation (2003) - Feb 24, 2021
"This documentary mocks corporations. And basically proves that corporations don't care a bit about consumers. But we did know that already. "
84 82% Read My Lips (2001) - Feb 22, 2021
"Sometimes you can be very lucky if to go through the piles of old movies and buy some from sale. "Read My Lips" is true treasure. Jacques Audiard has made another brilliant movie how two totally different persons can work together as well as A-Team."