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Member Since: Sep 28, 2020

Location: Estonia

Age: 47

Gender: Male

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47 36% Vertical Limit (2000) - Oct 25, 2020
"Martin Campbell has done decent movies but this one was a bit risky, like jumping from cliff. And he did not land well. Cast is mediocre, script is predictable - you can really tell which character dies next. Go to skiing and pass this movie."
65 59% Good Bye Lenin! (2003) - Oct 25, 2020
"W. Becker has done really good job to bring us most realistic comedy about historic events in Germany. Film-making on its best and thats how decent comedy should look and feel like. Can't wait for Good Bye Merkel! -movie."
54 44% Two Weeks Notice (2002) - Oct 25, 2020
"Marc Lawrence probably loves Bullock as he casts her here too. Riding on the success of Miss Congeniality, Bullocks behavior stays clumsy. Actually both leads don't bring anything new to the film. In a matter of fact, there is not much of chemistry between them and script doesn't offer surprises. "
75 74% The Ring (2002) - Oct 24, 2020
"I have not seen Hideo Nakata's film, which was done before this one and is based on same novel written by K. Suzuki. Anyhow, japanese horror movies are in their own league what comes to quality and ability to scare the viewers. Verbinsky has done very good job to maintain this vibe to movie what is set on western community. Frighteningly good."
11 8% Stealing Harvard (2002) - Oct 24, 2020
"Can't really understand why this film is made for. Maybe for stealing Harvard out of viewers pockets. Anyway, totally waste of money and time"
73 70% Unbreakable (2000) - Oct 24, 2020
"Director is using here the same style and spacing as in The Sixth Sense. Bruce Willis starred also on both movies and the cast altogether were great. Movie gives lots a pleasure to comics fans and others too."
15 12% Anatomy 2 (2003) - Oct 24, 2020
"Another bad sequel. I think director Ruzowitzky is not very good with horror films. Making a good horror flick is certainly a hard task and there must be good script to make it. This one won't be intriguing even to anatomy students."
46 35% The Banger Sisters (2002) - Oct 24, 2020
"Its great to see that there is a movie were mature women are in lead roles. Can't say any other good things about this film. The script doesn't bring on any surprises and major twists. Probably you have some better things to do than getting older by watching this movie."
12 9% Serving Sara (2002) - Oct 24, 2020
"Hudlin has done many crap movies and this one is no different. This time cast is choosen well. Perry and Hurley are fitting in and some of the jokes are funny. Sadly all events are silly and non-realistic."
72 68% White Oleander (2002) - Oct 24, 2020
"Based on a novel, which got Oprah's blessing. Because of this you may predict how different sexes are handled here. Well, its not bad. Movie is enjoyable and clever. And Alison Lohman is fantastic on lead role."