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Member Since: Feb 9, 2011

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

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55 31% Confessions of an American Bride (2005) - May 15, 2011
"Average romantic comedy for TV, suitable to pass a pleasant evening staying in. I wouldn't watch it a second time, though, as I spent two hours waiting for a plot twist which never happened."
80 76% Chariton's Choir (2005) - Apr 26, 2011
"Quite satisfactory comedy, which is watched pleasurably, though many of the characters, maybe due to their big number, do not have the depth they deserve. Mainly targeted, though, to Greek audiences, as foreigners could find it difficult to understand the political background at the time the facts in the movie take place and the way many Greeks perceive people in the army or the police."
95 97% O Klearhos, i Marina kai o kontos (1961) - Apr 24, 2011
"One of the best Greek comedies of the era. And what else could it be with Tsiforos as the writer and director and a select choice of actors!"
75 66% Mansfield Park (1999) - Feb 09, 2011
"I gave it a 75/100 only comparing it to the terrible 2007 version with Billy Piper. At least, this version was quite more likeable, with vintage-y costumes, nice actors and characters which make you feel connected to them, unlike the 2007 version which was an atrocity."
100 99% Notorious (1946) - May 21, 2011
"It was a shame I had not watched it for so long!! At the end, it had me on the edge of my seat, agonizing over the fate of the two lovers."
70 56% Girls in the sun (1969) - Jul 02, 2011
"Stasou, mygdala!!"
90 93% Laos kai Kolonaki (1959) - May 22, 2011
"Very cute comedy, on the background the city of Athens in the late '50s, amazing songs of Manolis Chiotis. Overall, really worth-watching!!"
65 46% Mi fevgeis... (2004) - Aug 13, 2011
"Very realistic movie overall, but I feel that only Greek students will be able to identify themselves with the characters and their problems."
85 86% Alaloum (1982) - Jul 24, 2011
"Endless laughter!!"
15 2% Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008) - Sep 18, 2011
"The first Bollywood movie I ever tried to watch. After this, I'll never try again..."