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Matija D

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95-100 ~> Awesome ones! (A+)
86-94 ~> Great! (A)
80-85 ~> Very Good! (B)
70-79 ~> Good movies. (C)
60-69 ~> Decent, could be better.(D)
45-59 ~> Nothing special. (E)
20-44 ~> Weak, not worth of second viewing. (E-)
0-20 ~> BAD!(F)

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90 T10 Mindhunter (2017) - Dec 11, 2017
"All the build up, all the sslow pace.. everything was worth it for that terrific last 5 minutes. Astonishing ending. "
76 T7 Justice League (2017) - Nov 18, 2017
"I saw some general reviews online before seeing the movie and I expected disaster. I cant say I was disappointed with the movie, and I cant see why it got so much hate. Movie has its flaws, villain is bit generic, but dynamic of the movie and introduction of couple important new characters for DCEU is done quite well. Visuals are at time bit over the top but nothing critical and unexpected for this kind of movie. All in all decent stuff and surelly worth watching. Fun and watchable. Dostojevski!"
92 T10 (500) Days of Summer (2009) - Oct 26, 2017
"This just topped every romantic commedy I have ever seen. So realistic yet so refreshing at the same time.. Ending just briliantly rounded up everything.. JGL does exquisite work and Zoe as well did great, specially with facial expressions. 10/10 without a doubt for me. "
70 T6 It (2017) - Oct 15, 2017
"Solid, but I would have liked to see more of Skarsgard, he did great in scenes he got. "
85 T9 Dunkirk (2017) - Jul 28, 2017
"Intensity is at the highest level and aeroplane scenes are thrilling. Lacks bit of character deveopment and I'd love that there was more focus on certain characters. But all in all It's a really good movie that could finally land an Oscar nomination for Nolan, he surelly deserved it until now. Even though this is by far not his best movie. "
59 T4 Jurassic World (2015) - Jun 15, 2017
"Repetitive, predictable and corny. The last fight saves it a bit. "
81 T8 Edge of Tomorrow (2014) - Jun 12, 2017
"I have been postponing this for too long.. this is one quality and well developed SciFi flick with an interesting and very good ending. "
75 T7 Wonder Woman (2017) - Jun 12, 2017
"Step up for DC, but bit overhyped. Classic story with nothing unexpected and visuals have standard quality, nothing extraordinary. Gadot did good and justified being the chosen one for this role. "
71 T6 Eyes Wide Shut (1999) - Feb 06, 2017
"Its Kubrick, its hyped movie with cult status by some people.. so I expected so much, even though Cruise is in it.. but I cant say it delivered. Its a nice erotic familly drama of sophisticated and rich couple and their attempts to bring monotony out of their marriage.. and thats it, nothing more to it.. Of course piano soundtracks and intensity of certain scenes are brilliant, those scenes are the only one that give you that awesome feeling of watching a Kubrick's movie :)"