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Bio: Someday I plan to become a screenwriter and director. In the meantime, I'm just a guy who loves movies. Favorite genres: Action, Crime, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Drama and Thriller. Least favorites: Horror, Romance, Obscure and Westerns. Of course, even when I find a movie I don't necessarily like, but it's well done, I can still respect it. I think I judge a movie primarily on it's story; whether or not I was drawn in and kept in till the end.

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86 The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973) - Feb 06, 2018
"One of the best movies with a consistently bleak tone. Mitchum's performance is nothing short of perfect and the way his character influences the rest of the story is done very well. I especially loved that parking lot scene. "
84 The Shape of Water (2017) - Feb 04, 2018
"Visually beautiful and featuring amazing music, this movie feels very much like a childhood dream realized (which of course it was). It can be boring at times and sometimes you have to let your suspension of disbelief get away with more than it's used to, but del Toro proves he still knows how to craft a work of quality and substance. "
70 Super Mario Brothers: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach (1986) - Jan 12, 2018
"Ok to be fair I've only seen a fan dub of this movie. That being said, idk if any form of sub/dub can make this make sense beyond the basic suspension of disbelief associated with the original game. It's a super surreal, often randomly bizarre but ultimately entertaining flick. "
68 The Fate of the Furious (2017) - Jan 11, 2018
"We get it Dwayne you lift. "
70 Streets of Fire (1984) - Jan 11, 2018
"How is this not more of a cult classic? "
82 Shin Godzilla (2016) - Jan 06, 2018
63 Guardians (2017) - Nov 19, 2017
"It's very much a connect-the-dots superhero movie but there's never any connection between the dots to make the picture feel fully developed. Now, it can still be a ton of over the top fun and unintentionally hilarious with the use of the "were-bear". Lotta really entertaining scenes but an overall undeveloped, unengaging story and characters."
77 It (2017) - Sep 11, 2017
"Tonally all over the place and only about half the cast giving compelling, believable performances, this new It movie suffers mostly due to problems from the source material itself. On the plus side, the scares are pretty effective and while there's a ton of jumpscares, there's also enough psychological horrors to behold. The story itself and the characters are great, and by god, this film more than earned its R rating. Worth a watch, but maybe not more than one."
70 Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) - Aug 13, 2017