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Member Since: May 26, 2009

Location: Canada

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39 8% Guinea Pig: Flowers of Flesh and Blood (1985) - May 04, 2014
"better than the first guinea pig movie this installment is much of the same just a lot bloodier"
73 40% Ghost in the Shell (1995) - May 04, 2014
"one of the better animes ive seen. The action is pretty damn cool but there wasn't enough of it. The story was really good too and ive seen that there are quite a few spin offs so im interested to see where they take it. It felt like the matrix, terminator, and blade runner all in one."
80 53% Godzilla (1954) - May 04, 2014
"pretty hilarious, some of the effects are just downright terrible but its forgivable since its so old. It adds a bit of charm. The movie also has a message to tell. I still thought king kong was better though"
78 48% Here Comes the Devil (2012) - May 04, 2014
"pretty intense. probably wont be for everyone as it is pretty sexual and comes close to crossing a few lines. It felt smart though for such a filthy movie."
36 7% Beneath (2013) - Apr 19, 2014
"underwhelming for me. the creature was great and I was excited that they went with practical effects but the plot and characters were painfully dumb."
79 50% Nurse (2013) - Apr 19, 2014
"hits on all marks. manages to be a sexploitation with a smart plot and great characters and gore"
68 29% Taeter City (2012) - Apr 02, 2014
"doesn't get any gorier than this. wish the pacing and plot flowed a bit better though"
35 6% Bait (2012) - Apr 02, 2014
"horrible. I hated the cgi shark and the whole premise"
71 38% Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 1 (2013) - Apr 02, 2014
"just over the top stupid and gross"
83 59% Wither (2012) - Apr 02, 2014
"if you've seen any of the evil dead movies than you've seen this. its still a good gore fest though."