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Member Since: Sep 3, 2017

Location: USA

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69 27% The Witch (2016) - Apr 23, 2019
76 56% The Music Man (1962) - Apr 21, 2019
67 16% Split (2017) - Apr 17, 2019
71 37% Venom (2018) - Apr 14, 2019
"This was fun once it gets going. The venom transformations veer slightly into the wacky Green Lantern territory occasionally."
73 46% The Last Starfighter (1984) - Apr 14, 2019
"Surprisingly stiff computer animation- because they couldn't do motion blur? Ships look good, rocky terrain is bad. No dynamic element to the space battles, the enemy barely reacts- this is fine for the Space Invaders inspiration, but then the arcade game portrayed here isn't like that. The character arc of Alex is odd- it seems like he quits twice before joining the fight. The (bizarrely picturesque) trailer park folk should have watched the final battle on the arcade machine somehow."
67 16% Mom and Dad Save the World (1992) - Apr 14, 2019
"I remember a scene where they are flying through space in a car past Jupiter and the mom tries to take a flash photograph. Maybe watch it again and put something here more interesting."
66 11% Flesh & Blood (1985) - Apr 10, 2019
"Contains plenty of flesh and blood."
73 46% Dragonslayer (1981) - Apr 09, 2019
"A restoration ought to be done that cleans up the discontinuity between live action and model effects. Too much blood, human sacrifice, and nudity for the PG rating. Different casting choices and character actions could have benefit this a lot."
59 2% American Heist (2015) - Apr 05, 2019
"Aerial shots and locations in and around New Orleans were occasionally interesting, but nothing else was."
70 32% Love, Death & Robots (2019) - Apr 02, 2019
"It would be nice to see this continue on as an animated mature audiences Outer Limits. Not a lot going for a many of the episodes except for the spectacle of computer animated violence and nudity, the episodes need better ideas behind them- basing more of them on existing short stories could improve that."