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Member Since: Jul 23, 2017

Bio: WARNING: My tiers might be skewed because I go out of my way to avoid bad movies. -> the Tier 5 of my scored film list includes movies I'd happily watch again, recco 2 others & prob received 4* or 5* reviews in press.

0-20 = 1* | 20-40 = 2* | 40-60 = 3*
60-80 = 4* | 80-100 = 5*

Just returned 2 Criticker. Got excited about whole idea so posted rankings for everything that stands out in my memory. However, as I saw some of these films YEARS ago I might not remember whether exactly deserve 71 or 91 points. So I may update some rankings as I re-watch. Happy 2 receive any reasoned & reasonable (!) advice as to why my opinion is 'wrong'

Not ranked PURELY on cinematic quality but also slanted scores somewhat toward enjoyability as entertainment. IE. Maybe I am just accustomed to modern pacing but I find some B&W white classics tad slow 4 repeated viewing. (Feel I can't be alone in that). So, though I can clearly recognize & appreciate classic pieces of cinema or ground-breaking, game changers of their time I'd still rather watch Inception, Fight Club, Heat, GoG, Sideways, Trainspotting or Big Lebowski 4 times than say Birth of a Nation or Citizen Kane once.

-> I might score an old classic 82 & superb new film 92 even tho I think they are approx same quality. The modern Fincher/Nolan/Coens etc is just more ENJOYABLE to me.

(PS. Had previous account (P1001) b4 but lost details)
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94 97% Serenity (2005) - Jul 23, 2017
"Just re-watched after years: Wow. :-) •Before Wheedon merged wit, action, character beats etc so masterfully in Avengers •Before StarWars got heart back & was still stuck in Lucas prequel hell of wooden dialogue & CGI overload •Before Starlord ever boogied onto screen there was SERENITY! & if U love Serenity -> see Firefly (tragically cancelled TV series that fan protest etc won Wheedon $s to wrap up in 1 amazing film) Then Serenity again as Firefly Ep #15 ;-) LOVE IT"
82 53% Mandy (2018) - Oct 24, 2018
""OK Nic, now b4 Bathroom Scene: Recall 1996: U won an Oscar, were RICH & married to Patrica A ...&.. GO"♨️ DAMN: NC sure didn't ☏ this 1 in! Bloody but ≠ vile leering. = More cartoony ⚠️: not normal film AT ALL: ¼ woozy then ¾ NEON drenched nightmare lunacy. I fell into groove & had blast; as cast seem 2've done. 'Plot' = stock revenge but attacked with total intense loco cinematography, ♬ + acting. ≅ Lynch+Only God F+Inh Vice+MMax: Unique art-revenge-stoner pic‽❤️?!"
86 69% Baby Driver (2017) - Sep 16, 2017
"Original, inventive, Fun. HAD I seen it uninformed I would have come out raving 4 it. Sadly, Brits love 4 Edgar Wright & justified sympathy (Ant-Man debacle) -> maybe just a TAD over-hype + OTT goodwill for EW's passion project. So, I expected 1 of best films of my viewing life & it wasn't that Eg. I'd cut 5m of JH as T-800 & -> improve hugely pace, realism + remove tiny section of drag I felt @ that point. Otherwise, great! 5* film, superb just not quite Holy Grail hyped"
92 94% Game of Thrones (2011) - Oct 24, 2018
"Brilliant, complex, dark, violent, moving, engrossing, highest quality! Just tad concerned by wobble in S7 (prob having to go 'off book' & accelerate pace -> SLIGHT sloppiness) Really hope S8 wraps things up @ flaming, roaring, sizzling level the show maintained thru first 6 seasons. PS. WISH ALL TV SHOWS WERE SPLIT INTO SEPERATE ENTRIES PER SEASON HERE on CRITICKER. Not this, but some shows range from 5* to 2* quality in different seasons & thus hard to rate/review in 1 entry."
95 98% One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) - Jul 23, 2017
"Perhaps feels a little dated in style now but performances are absolutely brilliant. 1 of only 3 films in history to sweep Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress & Ad Screenplay. Everyone knows how sublime Jack was, but all = SOLID++. LF as Ratched (1 of great authentic, human, understandable, yet truly scary, destructive screen villains ever) is amazing & crucial. Real life: Godzilla'll never crush U but a Ratched might! + THAT ENDING: lump in throat MINIMUM each & every time"
79 46% Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) - Dec 14, 2017
"Great tongue in cheek, OTT fun. Impossible/Insane fight gymnastics & kills played 4 laughs & thrills. A mutant hybrid of Moore era Bond gadgets, hidden panels & absurd secret identity etc campery + Kill Billish action + Ritchie type humor, themes (V Diff Londons). Not exactly brainfood, but superbly hits target, tone aiming 4 & sweeps U along with it. Leans heavily on leads' charm & charisma who, luckily, deliver in spades. If U love Kick Ass & Lock S & 2SB, Snatch etc U'll prob love this"
69 28% Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) - Aug 08, 2018
"Just, in chat, mis-reffed Infinity War as "Avengers 2". So, YEAH...this one hasnt exactly ripened or affixed itself in memory with passage of time! Marvel machine was rolling along smoothly by Ultron but NOT a highlight. Cluttered & messy, not as much fun as 1st, 3rd & many of solo films | Hulk v HulkBuster = fun | Villain & his daft plot do, far as I recall, really fall into Marvel trap of bland & weak yet world-ending repetition. Loki & Thanos (& hence films 1 & 3) FAR better"
73 34% The Greatest Showman (2017) - Jun 04, 2018
"Great fun whitewash of interesting, complex historical figure. Suceeds very well ON ITS OWN TERMS. Some catchy tunes & heart swelling, stirring scenes. Feel-good original musical entertainment in its pure form; Totally inoffensive & very enjoyable but no deeper than that. 5 leading actors attractive & likeable company.Hugh & Zac clearly having a blast. If U hope 2 learn anything about Barnum U wont. Hope 2 end with toes tapping & smile on face then U probably will."
92 94% Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) - Sep 30, 2018
"Real hidden gem; deserved 2 hit big. Shane B's best. Kilmer's best~ (top 3 def). Does all Nice Guys does, BETTER. RDJ does his usual @ top notch. A dark comedic-noir with, clearly, hints of NGs & LWeapon but also Big Lebowski, LS&2SB + Snatch. MM keeps comedic pace & elevates role above just 'babe' & damn HOT. Plot & resolution all solid but secondary 2 sparking hilarious antics & banter. Is clever-clever, in love with itself but = part of fun Not just wry, FULL-ON FUNNY✅"
89 81% The Guilty (2018) - Nov 26, 2018
"EXCELLENT, taught, plausible, cruel thriller orbiting Jakob C's compelling performance | Near 100% solo onscreen, but not utterly as in 'Locke' or 'Buried' | Incredible tension & kick-in-guts moment(s) achieved purely by stellar acting (mostly seated so face & voice only - SO impressive) + sound design & voices on phone. ⚠️NOT a light or feel good flic: Tho U see ZERO gore, its great plot takes ur mind thru some dark & disturbing drama. Might shake you. ARRESTINGLY POWERFUL!"