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Celluloid Junkie - 4940 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 3, 2006

Location: NYC, NY, USA

Age: 41

Gender: Male

Bio: I'm a writer. I lean towards arthouse cinema, realism and old Italian stuff, and some guilty pleasures include horror, kung fu, and anything strange and unusual. Favorite filmmakers include (in no particular order): Jacques Rozier, Mario Monicelli, Maurice Pialat, Emir Kusturica, Radu Jude, R.W. Fassbinder, Asghar Farhadi, C.T. Dreyer, Antonio Pietrangeli, Dino Risi, Werner Herzog, Lina Wertmüller, Luchino Visconti, Claude Chabrol, Nicolas Roeg, Sidney Lumet, Satyajit Ray, Sam Peckinpah, Sergei Parajanov, John Cassavetes, Michelangelo Antonioni, Lynne Ramsay, Abbas Kiarostami, Woody Allen, Federico Fellini, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Alan Clarke, Terry Gilliam, Costa-Gavras, Aki Kaurismäki, Jafar Panahi, Douglas Sirk, Ernst Lubitsch, Kaneto Shindo, Jean Renoir, Ermanno Olmi, Cristian Mungiu and Francesco Rosi.
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38 23% Destino (2003) - Feb 04, 2011
"A Catalan-looking lady with the unmistakable mannerisms of a Disney Princess - a twirly fragile body and frequently worried eyebrows - scurries about in a Daliesque world. A Spanish song arranged in the choral style typical to Disney plays in the background. Dali's dark eroticism is effectively castrated by the presence of the Disney elements. One gets the sneaking suspicion that this is far removed from what the masters had intended."
100 99% A Woman Under the Influence (1974) - Aug 13, 2007
"I like everything Cassavetes does, but here he totally outdid himself. It's still unmistakably his personal brand of cinema verite, yet in a way it's the most traditionally cinematic Cassavetes I've seen, and that's not a bad thing. This is one of the most nuanced and emotionally intense dramas I've ever seen, and Gena Rowlands gives the performance of her life. She's simply spectacular."
73 79% Hard Times (1975) - Jan 31, 2011
"The archetypes in Hard Times (a mysterious, laconic stranger with amazing skill and his amiably cocky companion face a series of challengers) and the casting of Bronson, Coburn and Martin seem to be copied from the western genre. Its simplicity detaches it from older fighting movies, and while it may have inspired a later wave of "feel good" streetfighters like Van Damme, it isn't stupid and never hits a sour note. That said, Hard Times is mainly about watching the actors' fist-like faces."
83 92% An Uninteresting Story (1983) - Nov 29, 2008
"A title aptly reflecting the sardonic mindset of the protagonist in this good adaptation by venerable Polish director Has of a short story by Chekhov. A once successful scientist declines into desperation in his old age; he suffers insomnia and writer's block and is bitter and cynical. Worst, though he is well liked and admired, he becomes callous and rude to family, friends and students. It's the professor's underlying self-reflective sadness about his own condition which makes this so moving."
95 98% Aguirre: The Wrath of God (1972) - Jul 24, 2007
"Aguirre personifies three things: He is the admirably inexhaustible, gloriously unrelenting spirit of man; he's the very essence of gluttony, greed, stupidity and vileness; and he is indeed, exactly as his insanity drives him to proclaim, "the wrath of god" in the sense that he is a punishment to everyone and everything around him. Herzog achieves a singular portrait of humanity, both ridiculous and grim, by eliminating the boundaries between the three."
70 74% An Average Little Man (1977) - Sep 22, 2010
"The summary already spoilers the twist that happens over half way through the film, but I'll still say that this has one of the most unexpected and drastic changes in tone that I've seen. It starts like a situational commedia all'italiana, but turns into an extremely bleak moral meditation that I wouldn't have expected from Mario Monicelli. It is a strange but good film. Sordi is his usual goodness but Shelley Winters is mindblowing in a challenging supporting role."
73 79% Sedotta e abbandonata (1964) - Jul 06, 2013
"The Age&Scrapelli dialogues and much of the theatrics steer this nonchalantly toward comedy, but in essence it doesn't seem like Vincenzoni wrote a light-hearted social satire. Agnese (Sandrelli) is essentially raped by Peppino and therefore branded a whore by her community as her absolute monster of a father endeavors to wed her to her now reluctant rapist. She is battered by both. Sicilian culture is portrayed as extremely patriarchal and misogynistic. Funny? At times, but mostly shocking."
38 23% The Assassin (2015) - Oct 31, 2015
"I am tolerant of minimalism, but this is a clear case of needless sluggishness. Almost nothing happens in this movie, save for speckles of totally uninvolving feudal politics and a smattering of anemic fight scenes. Sure, it's full of spectacular sets and locations, but that's become a mannerism in Chinese costume productions ever since the odious "Crouching Tiger" or so. I would have loved to give a fuck about an ancient female assassin... and just any substance would have been nice really."
48 35% WALL·E (2008) - Jul 07, 2009
"It's entertaining and highly proficient technically, but just as one might expect from Pixar it's also cutesy, cheesy, superficially dazzling but lacking in substance. It's sort of ironic that it itself exemplifies the shallow, consumeristic hedonism that is supposed to mark the decadent futuristic dystopia it mocks."
45 33% You've Got Mail (1998) - Sep 04, 2009
"Nora Ephron writes and directs a modernized adaptation of Miklós László's Parfumerie. Unsurprisingly, Samson Raphaelson's version of it for Lubitsch's Shop Around the Corner K/Os the contender and retains the title. You've Got Mail is not such a bad movie, but you gotta ask yourself if we really needed a 1998 update of one of romantic comedy's oldest formulas."