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Cinema Addict - 1349 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 14, 2015

Location: NJ, USA

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Bio: If a demon possessed me I'd just be like okay take it from here good luck man.
more Recent Ratings
95 95% Repo Man (1984) - Aug 22, 2019
70 64% Blood Harvest (1987) - Aug 15, 2019
"Exceeded all my expectations."
86 89% Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) - Aug 06, 2019
"Unfortunately I went and spoiled the ending for myself before I saw it. I have a real bad habit of doing that, but I think this is the first time I seriously regret it & am pissed at myself. When I go senile, please someone make me watch this again. That said, I wasn't clued in on just how goddamn bonkers that last 20 minutes or so was gonna be; after the previous 2 hrs of what I thought of as uncharacteristically tame violence-wise - for a Tarantino film - the climax was a fuckin' treat."
69 62% It (2017) - Jul 29, 2019
0% The Emoji Movie (2017) - Jul 12, 2019
"This is kinda like if Foodfight! had a budget & decent CGI or something. I'm not saying it's any better, it's just a more cleanly presented cynical talentless cash grab. I am giving up watching shitty children's films I swear & sticking with godawful horror movies from now on; thanks The Emoji Movie for totally crushing me."
90 92% Midsommar (2019) - Jul 06, 2019
"This didn't deliver a gut-punch or disturb me the way Hereditary did, but overall was more satisfying. SO fucking glad I got to see it in the theater, definitely worth it. So visually beautiful & a pretty decent portrayal of what tripping on shrooms is like, better than most films manage."
63 51% Child's Play (2019) - Jun 23, 2019
"My expectations were set super low so I really enjoyed the first half or so. Was actually enjoying it maybe more than the original. Liked the whole AI concept better than the stupid "voodoo" shit of the original series. But then the second half felt like it gave up on doing anything interesting & settled into predictable mediocrity. Also the doll design was distractingly ugly, seriously, who would even buy that hideous thing. Overall, though, violent & entertaining enough to satisfy me."
43 26% Day of the Animals (1977) - Apr 01, 2019
"Nice movie, hotshot. Has a whole lotta shirtless Leslie Nielsen, which is not my go-to fantasy, but you could do worse. Less boring than most "animal attack" films from the same era, but not good."
55 38% Invaders from Mars (1986) - Mar 28, 2019
15 8% Godzilla (1998) - Mar 28, 2019
"Stupidly, what bothered me the most is how everyone refers to the monster as "he", merely as a setup to going " OMG, HE'S a SHE!!?" It's a giant fucking lizard, who the fuck wouldn't call it an it besides some obsessed reptilian enthusiast who can determine its sex by its genital slit."