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Member Since: Jan 14, 2015

Location: NJ, USA

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Bio: There is no question that can't be answered by scoffing real hard and rolling your eyes.

0-9: shit
10-19: awful
20-29: bad
30-39: poor
40-49: eh
50-59: mediocre
60-69: decent
70-79: good
80-89: great
90-100: fantastic

40 & up is stuff I feel is worth at least one watch. Below 20 is shit I'd probably go out of my way to avoid viewing again. Anything rated 0 has no redeeming value whatsoever.

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T1 Altitude (2010) - Nov 17, 2017
"Watched this based on the poster alone, despite seeing bad reviews, because a movie about a giant killer sky-octopus is something I never knew I wanted so bad! But it's ruined by the stupidest, most obnoxious, most hateful cast of characters I've probably ever seen, dumb plot, & a completely inane "twist". Does have a decent looking monster."
T1 Fleas (2016) - Nov 12, 2017
"There isn't enough material here for a 10 minute short, yet it drags on for 62 minutes. Don't think there's some sort of gruesome payoff either; all you actually see is exactly what's on the cover image - bit of blood & a hacksaw. Like Dv, the other Jacobs feature I've seen (& I didn't realize it was the same director/writer until after), I had to keep hitting fast forward. Totally unwatchable. I think it might be slightly less awful than Dv, but not enough to warrant one star."
63 T6 The Girl with All the Gifts (2016) - Nov 12, 2017
68 T6 Exam (2009) - Nov 10, 2017
95 T10 The Kingdom (1994) - Nov 07, 2017
"On the one hand, I am SO pissed there's no season three - on the other hand, this really ended on the perfect note."
70 T7 Demon (2015) - Oct 31, 2017
40 T3 Vernon, Florida (1981) - Oct 27, 2017
"Watching this made me glad I don't live in that time or place."
62 T5 Lace Crater (2015) - Oct 25, 2017
"This is blah in good way or good in a blah way, idk."
61 T5 The Blob (1988) - Oct 24, 2017
47 T3 Okja (2017) - Oct 15, 2017
"I saw this some months ago - over the summer, I guess - & somehow never rated it & forgot about it 'til I came across it just now. I remember it feeling very emotionally manipulative, like some terrible Hallmark commercial. Probably would've loved it when I was a kid."