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Member Since: Apr 27, 2015

Location: Sweden

Age: 31

Gender: Male

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80 90% A Heist With Markiplier (2019) - Dec 09, 2019
"Mr. Fischbach was given an actual budget this time (from the Youtube Originals programme), and turned his next first-person perspective, choose-your-adventure movie into his most ambitious project by miles. Quick pace, abrupt transitions, unexpected turns, strange characters popping up around every corner, and constant goofballery. Lots of references, lots of guest actors, and of course some extra secret stuff for those looking *really* closely. Just a great fun time."
60 59% Scream (1996) - Dec 08, 2019
"Smarter than it looks. Works as a genre movie while simultaneously parodying its genre. Some clever pieces of dialogue, and a cool soundtrack. Pretty sure I disliked this back in the day, but that was probably from the oversaturation of the time."
80 90% Hereditary (2018) - Nov 30, 2019
"Excellent cinematography, acting, and sound design. No cheap jumpscares and fakeouts, instead the movie exhibits a tense and unsettling atmosphere from the start and only becomes more and more disturbing as it goes on. Some *seriously* upsetting and horrifying moments - faint of heart be advised. Background details and clues provide incentive to rewatch - if you can stomach experiencing this gruesome tale all over again. "
40 24% A-Haunting We Will Go (1949) - Oct 27, 2019
80 90% Death Note (2006) - Oct 13, 2019
70 78% Ask That Guy with the Glasses (2008) - Oct 05, 2019
10 1% Pop Quiz Hotshot (2015) - Oct 05, 2019
"Holy smokes, I had forgotten this existed. "Demo Reel", "To Boldly Flee", the "Not So Awesome" controversies, and the recent "The Wall" video was nothing - no, THIS show was the darkest hour in Channel Awesome's history."
30 13% Shut Up and Talk (2012) - Oct 05, 2019
50 39% Tamara's Never Seen (2016) - Oct 05, 2019
50 39% First Viewing (2017) - Oct 05, 2019