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Cinema Addict - 1323 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 27, 2015

Location: Sweden

Age: 32

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70 78% Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) - Jun 01, 2021
60 59% Celles et ceux des cimes et cieux (2015) - May 05, 2021
"Ultra short, loose on narrative, wears its influences on its sleeves, and has almost no sound effects - more of a concept / showcase piece than a film. But it does look fantastic."
60 59% Stinsen brinner (2008) - Apr 28, 2021
"It's exactly the same as the movie. You could watch either version but I think it is slightly more fun to watch it as a stage show as it was intended."
50 39% Det sista √§ktenskapet (2021) - Apr 26, 2021
60 59% Shredders of Metal (2018) - Apr 23, 2021
40 24% C Eriksson Solo (2010) - Apr 19, 2021
"One of Claes Eriksson's strong suits is the monologue, so one would think a solo revue, though ambitious, would work well. Sadly he insists to sing ("sing") a bunch too and, well, my ears will never be the same again."
70 78% Den Enskilde medborgaren (2006) - Apr 09, 2021
40 24% My Octopus Teacher (2020) - Apr 04, 2021
"Can a human with his cameras and lights ever "just observe" nature objectively, or is his mere presence always an unavoidable source of disturbance? How much interference is OK? Can a filmmaker develop a strong bond for a wild animal, or should he aim to stay objective? How ever well-meaning, could it cause unintended damage? These are some of the interesting ethical questions that this film quickly handwaves off, with a bad aftertaste as result. The actual octopus footage is amazing though."
70 78% Arrival (2016) - Apr 03, 2021
"Some technical and geopolitical plot beats are a little rough around the edges, but overall it's an above-average intelligent sci-fi with interesting theme, several gorgeous shots, and poignant sound design. And it made me read on Wikipedia about linguistics for half the night."
50 39% Svenska nyheter (2018) - Mar 30, 2021