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70 42% A Silent Voice (2016) - Nov 19, 2017
"I was not very impressed with how the film dealt with Shoko's character. At times she felt more like a device through which Shouya could explore guilt and receive redemption rather than like a real person, which is unsettling at times."
90 89% Like Father, Like Son (2013) - Apr 03, 2017
"Two things of particular note about the contrast between one family being lower class and the other middle; first so many of the tensions in the potential swap come down to the class differences and how this has effected the raising of the two children, second there is a fascinating moment early on when there is talk of saving up money for Keita's university education which subtly lays hint as to how radically Keita's and Ryusei's futures stand to change were they both to swap families."
75 53% The Lady Vanishes (1938) - Apr 03, 2017
"A lot of the humour in the first act fell flat for me leading to it dragging a bit (this is probably not helped by the fact that I found the two cricket fan characters low-key irritating throughout), but from the moment the mystery kicks in the film is for the most part electrifying and a delightful romp."
70 42% Whiplash (2014) - Mar 30, 2017
"Simmons is unreal and a genuinely terrifying screen presence, and the film has a great sense of momentum building and building (with only a brief, necessary reprieve) until its climax. It is intense, almost enough so to briefly forget the myriad problems; the absurd crash scene, shallow lead characters, even shallower romance plotline, repetitive structure, detachment from reality. Most unpleasantly, though, the disquieting things that can be read in to the ending."
90 89% Moonlight (2016) - Mar 27, 2017
"Fascinating look at both gay but moreso black masculinity (and how those interact). The last act was particularly affecting, though in general the film manages to cover a lot of different ground throughout its runtime whilst still building towards a coherent theme."
85 79% La La Land (2016) - Feb 11, 2017
"I enjoyed this a lot. It tries to hark back to the musicals of the Studio System, and though it never quiet captures the sheer joy of the very best musicals to come out of Hollywood back then it certainly tries to, and feels very sincere (which is what I like in my musicals most of all). I adored the final extended musical number, and also thought the ending was very emotionally mature."
85 79% Spirit of the Beehive (1973) - Jan 31, 2017
75 53% Network (1976) - Jan 19, 2017
"This used to be one of my favourite films years ago. I am much less keen on it than I used to be, though it is still scarily prescient and its satire is venomous (in the best way). The romance subplot feels superfluous and irritating to me now though, and the endless monologues can honestly feel a bit draining by the end of the film."
55 20% The Good Dinosaur (2015) - Dec 26, 2016
"This one was definitely on the lower end of Pixar fare. It all felt very formulaic, and the best work to come out of this company always felt like it was pushing against these formulas in some way. Also, the animation in The Good Dinosaur is just weird. The backgrounds look amazing, and almost photo-realistic at points, making the simplistic (and in some cases ugly) character models look jarringly out of place."
50 15% The Snowman and the Snowdog (2012) - Dec 26, 2016