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Movie Buff - 332 Film Ratings

Member Since: Nov 8, 2020

Location: Rovellasca, Como, Italy

Age: 25

Bio: Living life upside down
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78 49% Doctor Sleep (2019) - Mar 02, 2021
"The girl's demigod powers were a bit too much to make me feel any kind of tension. Solid filming technique anyhow"
85 82% La Dolce vita (1960) - Mar 01, 2021
"Fellini is just one of the best directors in the italian filmography history, if not THE best one. I wish i'd seen more of the Ekberg character, she disapperead to quickly from the movie"
60 8% Allegiant (2016) - Feb 28, 2021
"What is this rubbish? How to waste a sort of original good story 101?"
65 13% Insurgent (2015) - Feb 28, 2021
"I'm not sure i'm appreciating the direction that the story is following"
73 28% Divergent (2014) - Feb 28, 2021
"Not the most original distopic story that i've ever seen. Maybe i'm just too old for this kind of stories"
89 94% The Godfather (1972) - Feb 28, 2021
"Direction, music, photography, acting, writing. It's all in its place to compose one the best movies of all time. Even after almost 50 years it's the best mafia/gangster/drama movie ever shot"
83 73% Victoria (2015) - Feb 28, 2021
"They really shot this thing just in one take? No ghost cuts whatsoever? Impressive. Acting is gorgeus. "
72 26% The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) - Feb 27, 2021
"The weakest one of Anderson's filmography. Apart from 2/3 significant moments the rest of it is quite boring imho. Didn't left in me any emotion at the end of the day"
78 49% I, Tonya (2017) - Feb 26, 2021
"Solid movie. Maybe too grotesque in the writing of some characters, not all the actors have been able to return a credible character (yes Paul Houser, i'm talking to you)"
85 82% Soul (2020) - Feb 26, 2021
"Pixar never disappoints. Touching and complex at many emotional levels. Probably i'm particularly sensible to this topic, but i cried two times at the end of the movie"