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51 T4 Ghost Ship (2002) - Jul 25, 2017
"Pretty entertaining - in all its stupid glory."
74 T9 Wonder Woman (2017) - Jul 24, 2017
"After a shaky first couple of reels it becomes one of the finest superhero movie in years delivering some of the best action scenes the genre have ever seen. The balance between light and dark (and just the right amount of feminism) is near perfect. Gal Gadot shines."
54 T4 Love & Mercy (2015) - Jul 23, 2017
"Surprisingly episodic and traditional biopic despite the two narratives (that doesn't really gel). Giamatti, Banks and the production design delivers."
51 T4 The Shallows (2016) - Jul 22, 2017
"Fine setup is mosty ruined by bad CGI and a strangely serious mood that you don't watch shark movies to find."
84 T10 Dunkirk (2017) - Jul 20, 2017
"The question is how much there is to gain from the nonlinear narrative that sometimes seems more auteur-ish than strictly necessary. That, and the fact that it never feels like more than 5000 soldiers on a beach, are my only objections to an otherwise perfect film."
12 T1 Rough Night (2017) - Jul 20, 2017
"A disgrace for everyone involved."
63 T6 Detour (1945) - Jul 14, 2017
"Fatalistic and fine film noir. Ripe for (another) remake. Keep it cheap."
70 T8 Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) - Jul 14, 2017
"Fresh, funny and often exciting. The finale action set piece should have been much better."
56 T5 War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) - Jul 14, 2017
"It looks stunning. Almost so stunning that one can forget how self-important, melodramatic and slow it actually is. But I didn't."
52 T4 Baby Driver (2017) - Jul 11, 2017
"For a movie based on car chases, music and pure energy (even directed by Edgar Wright) very little works as one could expect. The protagonist being a smug idiot doesn't help either. "