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81 94% Thief (1981) - Nov 16, 2019
"Confident and meticulous. Much more a blueprint for Heat than I expected (with a dash of The Long Goodbye). You gotta love Michael Mann."
21 5% Midway (2019) - Nov 16, 2019
"Makes 'Pearl Harbor' feel like a David Lean movie. Ed Skrein delivers the worst performance of the century."
35 15% Doctor Sleep (2019) - Nov 16, 2019
"Begins rather well, the first 15 minutes that is... The rest is 135 minutes that cuts between a very bland Ewan McGregor and a group of silly people that are supposed to be scary. Or something."
44 25% The Good Liar (2019) - Nov 16, 2019
"Sadly a very silly and often amateurish movie with two leads trying (too) hard to make it work. "
62 55% Liam: As It Was (2019) - Nov 16, 2019
"Pretty much a Liam Gallagher promo but also a surprisingly honest try at forgiveness and reconciliation."
68 70% Ballon (2018) - Nov 14, 2019
"Solid and constantly interesting despite the traditional narrative initiatives."
30 10% The Addams Family (2019) - Nov 10, 2019
"Lazy Transylvania/Despicable Me wannabe."
41 22% Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) - Nov 10, 2019
"What begins well turns into a CGI borefest, even way before the really lousy finale. Linda Hamilton isn’t remotely cool (though she tries hard to be)."
40 20% Judy (2019) - Nov 10, 2019
"Zellweger’s performance might be spot on, but the title character is still endlessly annoying. Best thing about the film is Rufus Sewell."
44 25% Motherless Brooklyn (2019) - Nov 03, 2019
"Nothing really works. In fact, every aspect of this movie is a little too dull or a little annoying."