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Oguz Kocabas

Criticker Newbie - 2 Film Ratings

Member Since: Dec 16, 2020

Location: Turkey

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88 0% Knives Out (2019) - Jan 04, 2021
"One of the most original movies I've ever watched in my entire life. Story is created in a perfect order, plot goes well. Chris Evans is in an unusual role, Daniel Craig proves himself that he can be a good Sherlock rather than Bond. You may be bored a little bit in a small part of it, but as I said, story and plot in general was perfect. If you like mystery and originality, you have to taste that."
94 0% Green Book (2018) - Dec 30, 2020
"This film was really fascinating in terms of lots of criterias. I personally enjoyed in a huge way while I was watching every part of it. Acting was pretty good when we focus on the leading role and supporting role. Dramatical scenes were reflected so realistically that I could feel those moments in myself. Costume may be the most outstanding feature of this one. In each scene, outfits of both characters were different and perfect. Also, music is inevitable for assesment. It was enthusiastic."