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40 29% J. Edgar (2011) - Jun 17, 2013
"Meanders all over the place, & by the arrival of its messy & tedious ending has all but worn out its welcome. LDC deserves credit for managing to act through the terrible aging make-up, & the reliable Watts also performs. "J. Edgar" unfortunately too often falls into unintenional hilarity & piano-scored TV-Movie-esq melodrama, particuarly during the second half of its overlong runtime. This never really takes on the moral & political issues of Hoover's tenureship, & that's its biggest weakness. "
68 62% Enough Said (2013) - Mar 10, 2014
"The story goes nowhere unexpected, but "Enough Said" is such a genuine, unassuming and likable movie it more than makes up for its predictability in other areas. Gandolfini and Louis-Dreyfus are both excellent, getting the most from a sharp, funny script, and the characters are well-rounded believeable entities. I can't say there was much of an emotional connection for me personally, but this is a charming grown-up rom-com. "
51 40% Anonymous (2011) - Oct 25, 2011
"If you give an idiot a paint brush, a canvas and throw money at him, eventually he will paint something that despite of its stupidity is somehow not totally fucking awful... Ladies and gentleman I give you Roland Emmerich and "Anonymous"."
83 87% Before Sunset (2004) - Nov 04, 2013
"Better than the first. It flows more, is less gushing & has lost the slight whiff pretentiousness that occasionally litters the first movie (the chain smoking angsty poet sitting on the river bank don't forget!). Shooting in real-time is just genius, & Sunset is a prettier movie than in predecessor, with the scene on the park bench a true highlight both visually and in terms of characterisation. And there is Sunset's main strength; Jesse and CĂ©line's now shared history and regrets. "
70 66% Creed (2015) - Jun 26, 2016
"Talk of it being anywhere near as good as "Rocky" is clearly insane, but one of the series finest moments this certainly is. Coogler rather impressively revitalises a franchise that has no right to keep existing and brings the best performance out of Sly since "Copland". The relationships work, the fights work, the slightly grittier tone works, and perhaps most impressive is how comfortable "Creed" feels referencing and riffing on the original. It's very good, not amazing, but very good. "
93 98% Ikiru (1952) - Apr 11, 2014
"What's striking about this masterpiece is that even though the whole film is understated to its core and engraved with a deep-set melancholy, it still amounts into something which is profoundly powerful and moving. "Ikiru" remains, even today and across cultures, essentially relatable and relevant to so many of us. Kurosuwa's photography is wonderful too, and in conjunction with Shimura's nuanced but engulfing performance means there are scenes here that will remain with you for a long time. "
60 52% The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) - Apr 23, 2015
"Considerably the weakest film of the whole franchise, feeling like what it is; a patchwork of off-cuts and over-extensions. Jackson's shameless and unnecessary drift away from Tolkien has been to the whole series' detriment, but even as a big Tolkien fan it irritates much less than his infuriating obsession with slow-motion close-ups. Dodgy CGI abound, with little plot and some very clumsy scenes, I still actually enjoyed it, particularly the final act. Freeman was a great piece of casting. "
5% The Book of Eli (2010) - Jun 13, 2013
"Holy shit! Did Denzel just die for my sins? Oh well, I suppose someone might as well. "
15 12% Suicide Squad (2016) - Dec 16, 2016
"Unforgivably terrible considering the potential. The editing is catastrophic. The storytelling utterly weightless & infuriatingly muddled. Ayer's script is unsurprisingly dogshit. Action is as dull & as uninteresting as it comes. Awful villain. Characters are disjointed unrelated entities with zero connection. Leto's Joker is shit & misses the point of the character. Studio interference abound. I realise that's just a list of bad things about this film, but meh *shrugs shoulders & leaves*. "
44 33% Goodbye Bafana (2007) - May 23, 2014
"Haysbert is a slightly odd piece of casting, but he doesn't embarrass himself, and Fiennes is the stand-out performer in what can kindly be described as a serviceable biopic. There's little in the way of directorial flair or excitement and aside from Fiennes it all feels quite flat. The films biggest impact is to make you feel that it is taking a lot of dramatic licence with Mandela and Gregory's relationship, and that's because it very likely is. "