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Member Since: Jul 18, 2016

Location: Hungary

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67 60% King Lear (2018) - Oct 14, 2018
"Quite good adaptation of Shakespeare's drama. I wasn't satisfied with the portrayal of Edmund, though. Apart from that as always, the opening half of King Lear has a very strong narrative and then it slowly drifts into the depiction of horror and misery. Expect no happy endings here."
72 76% Hercules (2014) - Oct 05, 2018
55 35% Westworld (2016) - Sep 25, 2018
"The most meaningless story I have ever seen with such a high production value."
47 23% Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur (1994) - Sep 23, 2018
"The worst out of the 5 TV movies. The first half of the movie is dominated by flashbacks from the previous 4 episodes which was pretty boring, especially because they often made a cut before the true twist in the given scene had time to happen. They also tried to make a very predictable mistery around the minotaur; however the fight scenes were still quite enjoyable and it was fun to see the relationship between Ioalus and Hercules."
65 58% Hercules in the Underworld (1994) - Sep 13, 2018
81 86% Gandhi (1982) - Sep 12, 2018
"A touching true story about a truly remarkable gentleman."
38 13% Immortals (2011) - Sep 06, 2018
"Well, there are two values in this movie. First, it takes an interesting stand on the relationship between Men and Gods. Second, there are some visually stunning scenes, good inspiration for Scion RPG games, if anyone else is interested in that. Apart from this, the movie is very lame. Uninteresting characters and conflicts, basically no drama and all combat."
79 85% Gran Torino (2008) - Aug 24, 2018
61 50% Westworld (1973) - Aug 22, 2018
"The movie builds up tension much better than the HBO series, however in the end many plot lines are left in the air, unfinished."