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Cinema Addict - 2031 Film Rankings

Member Since: Jan 23, 2012

Location: Madison, WI, USA

Age: 36

Gender: Male

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Bio: I'm going to fudge my rankings and uprank movies that are my actual favorites. My favorite movies are rarely the best in craft. And while one of my favorites may be the expertly crafted The Godfather, I'm not going to be using this unique opportunity to recommend you something you already know you should see. If you were waiting for me personally to convince you to watch Seven Samurai, you have put too much pressure on a guy that likes Michael Dudikoff films. I had previously given Ravenous an 86 when in reality it's a 75 tops. Now it's a 100. Welcome to my recommendations.

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70 T6 These Are the Damned (1963) - Apr 20, 2018
"Black leather, black leather. Crash, crash, crash. That’ll be stuck in there for awhile. I read that Oliver Reed was an influence on A Clockwork Orange in Robert Sellers’ Hellraisers and I needed to know. What I found out was that somebody thought Kiss Me Deadly didn’t go sci-fi enough and decided to amp it up to eleven. Falls way closer to the non-monster (my favorite) Hammer films like Paranoic and Scream of Fear, but it’s not up to par with those. Maybe because it’s really two movi"
76 T8 Shallow Grave (1994) - Apr 20, 2018
"Meanwhile, I’m eying up my wife with murderous intent any time she has an open bag of chips. "
65 T5 Empire Records (1995) - Apr 19, 2018
"Chuck E. Cheese was my Rex Manning."
77 T8 Alice in Wonderland (1951) - Apr 19, 2018
"My favorite part is when Tom Petty cuts the cake. "
67 T5 Sollers Point (2017) - Apr 18, 2018
"Everyone I know LIKE this character IS exactly this character to a T so as a study I'd say it works pretty phenomenally. Now as to whether or not I want to spend time watching this character muck up his and the lives around him, that's another question. Do we all learn something? Do we want to? Is there balm in Gilead?"
80 T9 Clara's Ghost (2018) - Apr 18, 2018
"Plays like a mix between the eerie supernatural happenings of Let's Scare Jessica to Death and the cathartic dysfunctional family dynamics (humor included) from The Ref. Most of the creepy moments are alleviated with instant laughs but I would love to see Bridey Elliot pursue a more Ti West route in the future. Everyone is hilarious throughout though and I'll be excited for any comedy projects she lines up as well."
70 T6 Iceman (2017) - Apr 18, 2018
"An ancient form of Rhaetic is used without translation so the movie relies on the simplicity of its plot to keep the viewer in the know, which seems counter-intuitive unless you've watched Mark Wahlberg yelling, "They're coming up behind us!" in a Transformers movie that has access to showing that visually. There is a helicopter shot going up a mountain that is worth the price of admission alone. More interesting than entertaining, I'd call it a success."
58 T4 Fear and Desire (1953) - Apr 18, 2018
"I desired to see Kubrick's first movie and I'm afraid it wasn't very good."
75 T8 A Quiet Place (2018) - Apr 18, 2018
"Spoilers abound: I don't like the use of pregnant women for suspense, and I'm completely removed from a movie when a newborn doesn't act like a newborn. If the movie was called A Loud Place, you'd still hear that baby's cries over the waterfall. I don't know how I feel about the creatures being a combination of the Predator, a praying mantis, and a cantaloupe. The last line of saudade's review is brilliant."
77 T8 Dude Bro Party Massacre III (2015) - Apr 05, 2018
"Never quite attains the levels of insanity laid out in the first two installments, but definitely worthy of being included in the trilogy (soon to be a heptalogy). There was a slight lack of consistency with Motherface's original motivations and some of the dude bro tropes were shed in order cram in the almost always unnecessary love story. The actor playing Brent Chirino couldn't hold a candle to the previous portrayals of his twin brother Brock. Seek the first two out, then give this a try!"