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Cinema Addict - 2432 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 23, 2012

Location: Your neighborhood, right behind you. , USA

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Bio: I'm going to fudge my rankings and uprank movies that are my actual favorites. My favorite movies are rarely the best in craft. And while one of my favorites may be the expertly crafted The Godfather, I'm not going to be using this unique opportunity to recommend you something you already know you should see. If you were waiting for me personally to convince you to watch Seven Samurai, you have put too much pressure on a guy that likes Michael Dudikoff films. I had previously given Ravenous an 86 when in reality it's a 75 tops. Now it's a 100. Welcome to my recommendations.
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70 59% Mean Girls (2004) - Dec 05, 2019
"Heathers lite though it may be, it's like a perfect pop song, so easily palatable. On Wednesdays they wear pink, one of them has a weave made out of some kid's mom's chest hair, and another met John Stamos on a plane. This is 100% fetch and you know it. "
70 59% To Die For (1995) - Dec 05, 2019
"Kidman is wickedly attractive and lesser brothers Phoenix and Affleck are so young! Pretty accessible for Van Sant while still feeling very much a part of his oeuvre. Who amongst us hasn't fantasized about killing Matt Dillon?"
68 49% Shallow Hal (2001) - Dec 04, 2019
"I enjoyed this back before everyone was oversensitive to everything. I'm a little terrified to watch it now. It's probably fine. At least the legacy of Tony Robbins has made it through unscathed."
70 59% Clueless (1995) - Dec 04, 2019
"There's a freeze frame of Alicia Silverstone on the trailer link below that made me forget about how much she farts during the movie."
75 74% The Great Dictator (1940) - Dec 03, 2019
"It’s an odd thing to sit through a two hour film of moving pictures just to listen to a speech. "
72 66% Risky Business (1983) - Dec 03, 2019
"Wearing white socks that high is always risky business. "
75 74% The World's End (2013) - Dec 02, 2019
"I loved watching Simon Pegg reveal his inner demons without so much as acknowledging them until the bitter end. I also had a drink in my hand. Hmmmmm"
72 66% Three Identical Strangers (2018) - Dec 02, 2019
"If you wanted three guys I couldn't tell apart, you could've cast Sam Worthington, Joel Edgerton and Jason Clarke. "
69 53% The Fifth Cord (1971) - Nov 22, 2019
"Beautiful doesn’t really begin to describe this. They plausibly spent half the budget on scouting. There are some gorgeous women in this but they pale in comparison to the staircases! I couldn’t tell who was who though or what connection they had to anything other than Franco Nero. "
74 71% Ghost Stories (2018) - Nov 21, 2019
"I enjoyed the setup and all three vignettes and we won’t talk about the end. "