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Cinema Addict - 2210 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 23, 2012

Location: Madison, WI, USA

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Status: Attached

Bio: I'm going to fudge my rankings and uprank movies that are my actual favorites. My favorite movies are rarely the best in craft. And while one of my favorites may be the expertly crafted The Godfather, I'm not going to be using this unique opportunity to recommend you something you already know you should see. If you were waiting for me personally to convince you to watch Seven Samurai, you have put too much pressure on a guy that likes Michael Dudikoff films. I had previously given Ravenous an 86 when in reality it's a 75 tops. Now it's a 100. Welcome to my recommendations.
more Recent Ratings
77 78% The Skin I Live In (2011) - Dec 13, 2018
""I think we all know where this is going." - someone who has absolutely no idea where this is going."
68 49% She's Out of My League (2010) - Dec 13, 2018
"When she suspects something might be wrong, Kristin Ritter asks her friend, "How are you doing?" to which she immediately replies, "Fine." as anyone would regardless of how they were actually doing. So she says, "No, I'm actually asking you. How are you doing?" and she doesn't need words to get the answer. This is not a great movie, but I own a copy just to watch this scene from time to time. "
75 74% Pulse (2001) - Dec 11, 2018
"Recommended for two amazing drawn out takes involving ladies, one on her way out and one on her way back in. A jump from a ledge that never looks away for the former, I don't know how they filmed it. The latter's shot is patient enough to let itself become terrifying the longer it goes on, sort of like my dietary history."
64 40% Mausoleum (1983) - Dec 11, 2018
"One of the first movies where I couldn't tell if the shots were actually inspired or if they just had a really good set designer. There's one magnificent shot from inside the mansion looking out through the front door on what I imagine is the majesty of Ventura, CA. It's the kind of movie that makes you question your own sanity because you wish there was a commentary track."
85 91% The Return of Captain Invincible (1983) - Dec 10, 2018
"Alan Arkin flies with his hands hanging down like he couldn't care less about this role or anything at all really. And he couldn't have been better in it. Christopher Lee's pet monkey/henchman half breed, Julius, is the highlight not only of this bizarro eighties musical, but of my 2018 as a whole. The me before seeing this movie was lacking in ways I never even knew."
78 79% Cure (1997) - Dec 10, 2018
"Definitely cured my need for a slow burn wtf serial killer movie that makes less sense the more you understand a good way. Like a vaccine it was made up of weaker elements of many crime serials and infected you enough to make you think you were in the midst of something familiar, but it is a whole different beast. Fascinating in a subtle way, like cured lardo."
70 59% 101 Dalmatians (1961) - Dec 06, 2018
"As an impressionable youth I learned from this movie that fur coats should be frowned upon, but I also picked up smoking slim cigarettes with a long holder so I think it's a bit of a wash."
61 36% Insomnia (2002) - Dec 05, 2018
"If you’re looking at it conceptually, frankly, I think Josh Hartnett got the short end of the stick. "
50 18% Basic Instinct 2 (2006) - Dec 05, 2018
"Bafflingly less sexy than Grumpier Old Men. "
69 53% Eurotrip (2004) - Dec 04, 2018
"Is this a good movie? No. Not really. Is it at least funny? In moments, generally quality minor laughs with few major laughs. Would you recommend it? Absolutely yes. Why? Vinnie Jones opens two bottles of beer with his eyes. That’s why you’d recommend it? I think that speaks for itself. Are you stupid? *mimes opening two beer bottles with my eyes"