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Cinema Addict - 2320 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 23, 2012

Location: Madison, WI, USA

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Status: Attached

Bio: I'm going to fudge my rankings and uprank movies that are my actual favorites. My favorite movies are rarely the best in craft. And while one of my favorites may be the expertly crafted The Godfather, I'm not going to be using this unique opportunity to recommend you something you already know you should see. If you were waiting for me personally to convince you to watch Seven Samurai, you have put too much pressure on a guy that likes Michael Dudikoff films. I had previously given Ravenous an 86 when in reality it's a 75 tops. Now it's a 100. Welcome to my recommendations.
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38 6% Star Raiders: The Adventures of Saber Raine (2016) - Jul 20, 2019
"Desperately hoping to be Franchise Man, Casper Van Dien reminds you that Bruce Campbell isn’t the only chin in low budget movies. Has anyone coined the phrase “Special (Needs) Effects?”"
73 68% Slap Shot (1977) - Jul 20, 2019
"Semi-Pro on Ice! I didn’t recall how much of a rip-off that movie is. Put a black eye on the sport of hockey and it’s reputation for so long that it warranted an interesting Radiolab podcast about John Scott. That’s almost everything I know about hockey. I started going to our local developmental league last year and found myself screaming for blood more than I would’ve thought. Less than a normal workday but more than I would’ve thought. "
85 92% After Hours (1985) - Jul 19, 2019
"Someone described it to me as being Scorsese’s attempt at making a Lynch film but recognizing and nurturing the humor from some of the oddities that occur. Very much like a dream in which you can’t accomplish a simple task. Or a normal day at work when you put it that way. "
72 66% Viy (1967) - Jul 19, 2019
"Like most Russian movies I’ve seen, vodka is treated like a currency. They use my favorite gag from Hot Shots! Part Deux but play it subtly. Another movie that goes full Face Off (SyFy not Nic Cage) at the end. A spooky treat!"
70 59% Midsommar (2019) - Jul 18, 2019
"My high expectations based on Hereditary coupled with some absurdly loud hype brought this down quite a bit. That's not the fault of the film though. Mostly it's your fault, but I forgive you, Swedish cult style. Is this film a testament to or an admonishment of LSD? "
68 49% WolfCop (2014) - Jul 18, 2019
"10 times more exciting than WolfMulti-Level Marketing Facebook Aggravator. Unless he's selling booze."
80 84% The Plague Dogs (1982) - Jul 17, 2019
"What a gut punch. This is an honest to God true story: I turned this on thinking it was 1984's Wild Beasts aka Belve feroci. It started and I thought right away, "No, this is that movie by the Watership Down guy." By the end I was cursing the film out loud for what it was doing both to its protagonists and my teary eyed self. I didn't discover the music video for Pup's "Sleep in the Heat" until after I knew the song by heart and so it destroyed me. This was equally devastating. What a gut punch"
35 5% Wedding Crashers (2005) - Jul 17, 2019
"Sometimes a movie just rubs you the wrong way(My Fair Lady is a prime example) and this one gave me a sensual massage with sandpaper. I hate Owen Wilson's character. I refute his growth as an individual. He is after one thing and that doesn't change. It was a cop-out to make Bradley Cooper's character a douchebag although if you've already cast Bradley Cooper... In all seriousness though I hate this movie (and My Fair Lady too). "
63 38% Always Be My Maybe (2019) - Jul 02, 2019
"I’m going to get through this an entire review without mentioning Keanu Reeves. Whoops"
69 53% Cry Wilderness (1987) - Jun 27, 2019
"I’m not asking you to unkumpel me, but I’ll understand after this one. I absolutely loved this and I saw it without MST3K. Happened upon it in a Vinegar Syndrome five pack and fell in love with the amazing cinematography, awful dubbing, bizarre plot line, and insane ending. I actually laughed to tears just recapping the movie to my family. I had a fantastic time and my score reflects that. 2.0 on IMDb? Bigfoot loves him!"