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Cinema Addict - 2003 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jun 3, 2010

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Age: 26

Bio: Anything above a 70 is generally what I'd considered "good." Anything below that is either mediocre or bad.
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55 58% Lincoln (2012) - Aug 02, 2013
"It's pretty damn predictable stuff that's too drawn out for its own good. I can only take so many scenes of Daniel Day Lewis with a halo on top of his head without losing interest. Had this movie opted for something that wasn't so damn safe and hadn't lionized Lincoln to such a retarded degree the movie may have been better. Frankly I find the movie too hollywood for what it could have been and everything just felt too... typical. Typical of the sort of shit that give oscar givers boners."
35 32% World War Z (2013) - Dec 10, 2014
"Can't say I was surprised by this movie's awfulness, but did they REALLY need to take the name of a generally respected novel and then hardly use anything from said book? The movie follows every Hollywood disaster/zombie flick cliche as if it was routine, to the point they even use all the stock sound effects and music you've heard from other movies. The poor writing, child acting and inconsistent plot didn't make it better. Am I supposed to be impressed by any of this?"
80 89% One Punch Man (2015) - Oct 25, 2015
"One Punch Man is a weird idea, how is it that you make a character who can literally defeat anyone with a single punch be so entertaining? But yet, it works. Saitama is a deadpan, often times nonchalant guy who takes on horrifying and/or comical threats with very little enthusiasm. The clash between Saitama's character with the often times dramatic and cliched tropes he comes to face with is a great source of comedy that would otherwise be pretty bland without him. Also, the animation is superb."
91 98% F for Fake (1973) - May 06, 2018
"Weird to call this a documentary given that it's artsier and more stylistic than what you'd expect from a typical documentary as we know it today. But what makes this film shine is how colorful and hypnotic Wells narration is - he exudes a mountain of charm with thought-provoking prose. This is backed by masterful editing that complements his narration. The documentary is not concerned with discussing rudimentary facts with this story so much as it uses it to discuss the value of art itself."
100 99% Legend of the Galactic Heroes (1988) - Sep 05, 2015
"One of the greatest epics ever written, also one of if not the greatest anime ever made. The political aspects of the show are thought provoking and intriguing, characterization is rich and diverse as it even delves into the lives of the common folk, and the deaths are often tragic and depressing. Sometimes the stories of individual episodes don't really hit a high note and the animation can be spotty at times, but ultimately this is a show that no one should miss if they enjoy good stories."
30 25% The Hunger Games (2012) - Jul 12, 2014
"This is probably the most vapid "battle Royale-eque" thing I've ever watch. The society and rules make no sense, the social commentary is toddler tier non-sense, the action is shit and they do a piss poor job of making a believable cast with real economic divides. In the end the movie feels like it aims to appeal to the high school Twilight loving female demographic in order to make a profit while trying to mask this with "social commentary" that doesn't really say anything at all."
20 13% Criminal Minds (2005) - Nov 06, 2015
"Slightly less idiotic than CSI, but still pretty shitty.The characters are all one-dimensional cliches which range from being bland and boring to annoying and insufferable.That aside, there's the usual bullshit you'll see in crime shows like this: the tech person's absurd ability to somehow find data that shouldn't exist, the protagonists violating FBI policies constantly and the absurdity of serial killers killing dozens of people on a weekly basis.Then, this show wants me to take it seriously."
85 94% Monster (2003) - May 25, 2017
"Fantastic performance by Theron, giving life to what is also a fantastic film. I dug the subtle and slow development of Aileen as a character as bits and pieces of her past are revealed throughout the film. Perhaps the film humanized her more than what Aileen deserved in reality, but I consider it an impressive feat to make someone sympathetic of a serial killer. I even liked the cheesy music they played, which encapsulated the delusions of grandeur of the main protagonists."
20 13% Nostalgia Critic (2007) - Sep 13, 2015
"My ears literally hurt after hearing his obnoxious screams. Doug is an awful comedian; his reviews are more about complaining about films than actually critiquing them and his skits are incredibly cringey. The worst part of it all is that he thinks he's some sort of comedic genius and there's countless people who consistently praise every video he releases, which does nothing but elevate his ego. It's no surprise to me at all that his other attempts at comedies failed miserably."
10 5% La La Land (2016) - Jan 21, 2017
"What a boring fucking movie. The main protagonists are pretentious art students lacking in charisma or believability. The songs are often times intrusive to the plot and add nothing to the story, made worse by the fact that the songs themselves are typical broadway musical crap and they rarely utilize actual jazz. The conflict is extremely forced and is resolved in the most disingenuous and ham-fisted way imaginable. This is easily one of the most overrated films of 2016. I don't get the appeal."