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70 T6 An American in Paris (1951) - Dec 26, 2013
""An American In Paris", for the most part, is a very enjoyable picture, with clever humour, some fantastically inventive song-and-dance numbers and a great feel overall. The end is definitely underwhelming though: the story becomes way too trite for my taste and that final, overstretched number borders on seriously dull. A fun little film overall."
70 T6 La Sortie des usines Lumière (1895) - Dec 16, 2010
"Really heartfelt. People working honestly in order to make a living, cooperating to achieve something."
60 T4 From Russia with Love (1963) - Sep 03, 2010
"It has the class of a James Bond film alright - the charming Sean Connery, the gadgetry, the coolness, the womanizing. The plot is also interesting - but not watertight - and the action scenes are good enough. Unfortunately there isn't many of them and I felt that Bond wasn't threatened or challenged for real for the biggest part of the movie. His opponents were almost always obviously inferior and the man that was introduced as his nemesis in the beginning doesn't do much until the very end."
90 T10 Amadeus (1984) - May 14, 2011
""Amadeus" is a wonderful film, filled with great music and charged with powerful sentiments. F. Murray Abraham and Tom Hulce are just wonderful and the scenes they have together are either hilarious or atmospherical and electrifying. The script is ingenious and brilliantly structured, while the direction and cinematography are mesmerizing. "Amadeus" grabs your attention immediately and doesn't let go."
60 T4 Hanna (2011) - Oct 15, 2016
"The first half is rather slow and mildly captivating but definitely succeeds in exciting the viewer's interest. The second half is arguably superior, mostly thanks to the pumping action sequences. Saoirse Ronan makes for a very good lead and practically carries the film on her shoulders. The ending, part-lazy and part-pretentious, was a disappointment, but overall "Hanna" is a worthwhile film, its questionably successful attempts to juggle different moods balanced by the notable thrills."
90 T10 Frances Ha (2013) - Oct 05, 2013
""Frances Ha" is a beautiful film. Simple, unpretentious, immediate, with realistic and relatable characters and equally good actors, shot in a gorgeous, sepia-tinged (?) B&W, it deals with an original, uncompromising soul, marching to its own beat and finding its way through life. Best film of the year."
50 T2 The Square (2017) - Jan 17, 2018
"I can ignore the irrelevant vignettes or headless subplots that plague the film - even the absurd main plot device - because it's actually quite an interesting satire with a very good lead in Claes Bang, neat production design and appealing themes. What I can't ignore is the prolonged, nonsensical final act that beats the viewer on the head with basic ideas that have already been expressed more eloquently in the first part. It's nowhere near focused enough and thus a great deal less powerful."
80 T9 I'm All Right Jack (1959) - Aug 26, 2012
"A solid and surprisingly timeless take on unions and the struggle between management and workers, "I'm All Right Jack" is funny enough and very meaningful. Peter Sellers steals the show as always."
70 T6 Valkanizater (1997) - Mar 21, 2011
"Realistic and timeless."
T1 The Alphabet (1968) - Jan 28, 2018
"Complete nonsense. Stringing random shots together doesn't necessarily make a film an avant-garde masterpiece, it can make it a crude, meaningless piece of nothing."