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70 T6 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) - Jul 27, 2010
"Voldemort gets stronger, the Horcruxes enter the picture, Draco, Ginny and Snape in more active roles, Harry getting closer to Dumbledore... Yates delivers one more breathtaking, funny, visually wonderful epic."
90 T10 Anatomy of a Murder (1959) - Dec 24, 2013
"THE court-room drama, "Anatomy Of A Murder" is an exquisitely directed, superbly written and convincingly acted affair, a monumentally captivating 160-minute thrill ride."
70 T6 Rabbit Hole (2010) - Feb 13, 2011
"What sets this bittersweet film ahead of most child-death dramas is its human approach that elaborately avoids dead (sorry!) ends. Kidman and Eckhart are both brilliant as the parents - who, by the way, share two of the finest last lines... Becca: "And then what?" Howie: "I don't know... Something though". Glorious."
50 T2 The Hills with James Franco and Mila Kunis (2007) - Jun 02, 2011
"It is quite funny towards the end, but it's nothing special."
70 T6 Bienvenue chez les Rozes (2003) - Jun 17, 2012
"An absorbing, original and tight comedy with hidden messages."
70 T6 Iron Man (2008) - Jun 18, 2016
""Iron Man" is a very confident movie and has every reason to be. Downey Jr.'s Stark is charming and interesting yet the "confused-superhero card" is not overplayed. His transformation to Iron Man is engrossing and awe-inspiring in terms of both visuals and storytelling. And yet you will find moments where his efforts fall flat in highly amusing ways. Next to the gripping action and the subversive humour you will not find melodramatic filler but biting commentary on the gun industry. A class act."
60 T4 Kustom Kar Kommandos (1965) - Jun 13, 2011
"Strangely, "KKK" is an enjoyable little film that satirizes the dream of many californian guys: to get a brand new, polished, shiny car."
60 T4 The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988) - Aug 18, 2015
"Uproariously funny, unapologetically daft and boosted by Leslie Nielsen's charisma, "The Naked Gun" holds up to this day as a prime example in crime film spoofs."
80 T9 Blade Runner (1982) - Nov 25, 2013
"The visualization of Ridley Scott's vision of 2019 might seem at first somewhat unconvincing and uncomfortably dated, but "Blade Runner" emerges as profoundly philosophical. The score is a masterpiece, Rutger Hauer and Daryl Hannah are perfect as two of the humanoids, the fight between Deckard and Batty is classic and the story is one of revolution, role reversal and love. The search for God and the fear of death are what triggers the plot in the first place. "I want more life... Fucker"."
90 T10 The Last of the Mohicans (1992) - Jan 15, 2011
""The Last Of The Mohicans", although a bit too slow and indifferent in the beginning, is a mesmerising adventure, blessed with an excellent score by Randy Edelman and Trevor Jones, a fine cast, lots of well-directed action, one of the most genuinely romantic scenes in cinematic history ("What are you looking at, sir?" "I'm looking at you, Miss") and, above all, one of the most moving final sequences ever. A masterpiece (almost)."