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100 T10 Charade (1963) - Jul 28, 2010
"Switching genres with remarkable flexibility, Donen's action flick "Charade" is a lot more than, erm, an action flick. It's one of the greatest romantic comedies of all times (surpassing other Hepburn movies such as "Roman Holiday"). But also one of the most intelligent mystery films. One of the most mindblowing adventure thrillers ever. One that has weird horror elements charmingly dispersed in it. One that is utterly enjoyable, featuring a tremendous cast and a suitably versatile score. Great!"
70 T6 Gabros ap' to Londino (1967) - Sep 24, 2010
"This is partly enormous fun, thanks to Kostas Voutsas's terrific performance. It doesn't avoid occasional cliches but it is definitely way above average."
T1 Zombie Nation (2004) - Aug 27, 2016
"This is pretty damn awful. It's not just the terrible editing, horrific soundtrack or mediocre acting. It's not even the characterless and aimless direction. "Zombie Nation" takes a huge crap on the essence of zombies. Excuse me for the spoiler, but let's be honest here: the title refers to five girls with bad makeup on. That's no zombie and for sure it's no nation either. The totally anti-climactic and underwhelming ending is preceded by a shamelessly idiotic premise. You will have some laughs."
60 T4 Tillie's Punctured Romance (1914) - Sep 28, 2011
""Tillie's Punctured Romance" is blessed with an inspired storyline and a couple of great sequences towards the end, but, at seventy minutes, it is too long."
30 T1 Vasika... Kalispera Sas (1982) - Mar 09, 2011
90 T10 Limelight (1952) - Feb 19, 2012
"One of Chaplin's finest films and the most touchingly bittersweet masterpiece in the history of cinema. Chaplin himself delivers an astounding performance, far from the formula of the Tramp."
80 T9 The Doors Collection (1999) - Oct 08, 2010
"A special collection that includes a load of rare footage, exciting live performances and bonus videos."
60 T4 The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) - Feb 20, 2017
""The Long Kiss Goodnight" is far from earth-shattering but hits its target thanks to the gradually unraveling backstory, fine acting from Geena Davis, Samuel L. Jackson and Brian Cox, no-frills action and some clever dialogue. Overall good, solid, '90s fun."
80 T9 Caramel (2007) - Jan 22, 2011
""Caramel" finds the perfect balance between sweet, optimistic romantic comedy and depressing drama. It is well-shot, has a notable score and its cast is simply divine. It is moving, funny, interesting, exciting, fresh, realistic, clever... it is lots of things, actually. But, above all, it's a human film while modern rom-coms aren't. Deep breath and back into the machine..."
70 T6 Public Enemies (2009) - Oct 05, 2013
"Too tiring at first, almost mindblowing in the end."