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20 T1 The Ladykillers (2004) - Jul 27, 2010
"The Coens write and direct strange stories about human relationships. The original film, Alexander McKendrick's classic black comedy, could've become even better in the hands of them two. Instead, what they do is try to imitate it. But McKendrick's film was an atmospherical tale of greed and selfishness, while this one is its poor admirer. The only thing they add are some disgusting stories about cut fingers. What's left? Just some original elements that haven't been destroyed and nothing more."
30 T1 El Greco (2007) - Jul 28, 2010
"A big disappointment considering the hype that had been generated. Most of the big names appearing deliver only one line, although thankfully most of the actors who get more screen time are decent, excluding a dreadful Dimitra Matsouka sporting an awful English accent. Costumes, scenery and music are all fine, but the film remains boring and badly-written and directed."
70 T6 The Wizard of Oz (1939) - Apr 16, 2016
"Joyful, beautifully made and well-acted, "The Wizard Of Oz" is a contagiously upbeat fairytale that can entertain children and adults alike. Personally, I thought that the allegorical aspects of the story and the sentimental end brought the film down a tad, but its visual, directorial and screenwriting charm is undeniable."
50 T2 Then She Found Me (2007) - Oct 05, 2013
"Nothing special, with show-stealer Bette Midler being the only one raising the bar."
80 T9 Avanti! (1972) - Dec 26, 2010
""Avanti!" is one more clever comedy by Wilder and Diamond starring their actor-fetish, the great Jack Lemmon. It's a hilarious, genuinely romantic, surprisingly surprising, politically caustic film with one of the greatest comedic ensembles in cinema history (Lemmon, Mills, Revill, Acampora), some side-splitting gags and wonderful scenery."
90 T10 Carnage (2011) - Feb 20, 2012
"Another tight and stirring masterpiece by Roman Polanski. The theatricality of the script and setting and the very good cast of actors (Foster and Waltz are the ones who stand out) are the biggest assets of what is one of the finest films of the year."
80 T9 Night on Earth (1991) - Jun 18, 2012
"The first great film to come from Jim: after the promising "Permanent Vacation" and "Stranger Than Paradise", the decent "Down By Law" and the underwhelming "Mystery Train", he can be seen flying really high for the first time. With an excellent cast (Rowlands, Ryder, Esposito, De Bankolé and Benigni being the best) and great dialogues, this is a totally succesful film: most segments grab you immediately and even the ones that don't surely make up for it in the end. Laughs, sadness and humanity."
90 T10 Cinema Paradiso (1988) - Jan 19, 2011
""Cinema Paradiso" is a wonderful film that veers from hilarious comedy to lovely romance or moody drama. The cast (Philippe Noiret, Jacques Perrin, Pupella Maggio, Antonella Attili) is absolutely tremendous as is Morricone's score. The script is very original and the direction mostly solid but versatile, reverent but heartfelt. Simply a great movie."
90 T10 Confidentially Yours (1983) - Feb 19, 2012
"A brilliant and stunning picture."
40 T1 Anastasia (1997) - Nov 02, 2010
"Drowned in syrup."