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70 T6 I Am Gay and Muslim (2012) - May 28, 2014
"Not much in terms of direction, but the stories and their narrators are very interesting and wholly engaging."
80 T9 Red (2010) - Nov 08, 2016
"Exactly as good as you'd expect: stylish, funny, action-packed (the chase, the explosions, the epic fist fight, the siege, the big shoot-out); great soundtrack, crisp dialogues, witty humour. You can't help but relish the way those elements of the textbook action thriller come together along with the more subversive moments. But above all the cast is flawless: Malkovich and Mirren especially are perfect and their chemistry with Willis and Freeman is radiant. Extra kudos for Parker and Dreyfuss."
80 T9 The Baker (2007) - Feb 20, 2012
"Gareth Lewis's debut feature film is a very pleasant, stylish and feel-good picture. The music is excellent, the cast is terrific (Lewis, Ashfield, Dwyfor, O'Donnell, Speirs, Coster-Waldau, Gambon and Cowen) and the atmosphere really memorable. I watched it twice and the second time I liked it even more than the first time - plus, there were still things left to discover."
50 T2 Black Swan (2010) - Feb 15, 2011
"It's excellent from a technical aspect, especially as far as editing and sound editing are concerned but doesn't even serve as a guilty pleasure, let alone being genuinely fascinating. It's a well-made thriller, albeit an average one, one that recycles B-movie cliches to fill up the dreadful script. Wishful thinking. An oppressive mother? An attractive/ perverse teacher? A blent of fantasy and reality? Power beyond human mind? Logic vs. impulse? Seen this a billion times before."
80 T9 Skyfall (2012) - Aug 21, 2013
"The most absorbing, varied, exciting and artistic James Bond film of them all. The cast is top-notch, and the adrenaline is pumping what with the modern fight scenes, the classic chases and the retro (in the best sense of the word) finale. Sam Mendes's best picture since "Road To Perdition" (2002)."
70 T6 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) - Aug 15, 2015
"Edgar Wright strikes again. No Pegg or Frost in sight here, but Wright's originality, his sure directorial hand, his trademark vivid and urgent aesthetics, are here all right. Fast-paced, uniquely crafted and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny, "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" is a visual pleasure. The script is not flawless though - one could say that the let-downs of the plot are what keeps this film from greatness. Still, it feels like a box of candies for geeks and not only."
70 T6 Neighbours (1952) - Oct 26, 2015
"Funny and inventive, "Neighbours" is a very enjoyable small ride. The film's ending and overall message might be rather obvious but you can't resist the playful visuals or the succesion of the gags."
60 T4 Desperado (1995) - Oct 17, 2016
"Definitely not original but still quite entertaining. The highlight for me definitely was Steve Buscemi's character and acting, while extra points have to be awarded for the very good soundtrack. And of course the action is pretty good, leaving no room to feel bored."
60 T4 Casino (1995) - Dec 07, 2010
"The first eighty minutes are REALLY good. The plot is witty, the action is engaging and both De Niro and Pesci are great. But then... When the second part begins, you start feeling tired (actually, you're exhausted only by the thought that there are 90 minutes left). Stone isn't acting but screaming (and getting on my nerves) while Scorsese resorts to sadistic and perverse violence as the plot turns into a big black hole."
30 T1 All My Life (1966) - Jun 11, 2011
"Just a fence. OK, it's a nice fence, but I didn't need a three-minute film. A photo would do."