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80 T9 Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006) - Aug 08, 2011
"A savage and utterly enjoyable film."
50 T2 Cape Fear (1991) - Jul 27, 2010
"The plot is very interesting and DeNiro is excellent as usual. There were also scenes when I was really taken aback by their intensity but there were others when I was taken aback by their stupidity e.g. the final fight, the most ridiculous end sequence in film history: the family chooses sailing as a means to getting away during an extreme storm, then DeNiro emerges from water after being burnt and finally, Nick & Bob fling stones to each other in close proximity (1 metre). And they miss. Crap."
90 T10 The Bank Job (2008) - Jul 27, 2010
"One could say that "The Bank Job" is a brutal, rude, excessive film but, for me, it's a modern masterpiece. With a very good cast supporting the exquisite script, the film dives into corruption and emerges safe and sound and with a hell of shocking stories. But this is not all. Primarily, "The Bank Job" deals with the loneliness of being as the lead character, a burglar but a family man, played exceptionally by Jason Statham, seeks happiness and the meaning of life."
60 T4 Fletch (1985) - Jul 28, 2010
"Chevy Chase is in good fooling in this cult, feelgood '80s crime comedy about a tenacious reporter by the nickname of Fletch, who snoops around in various funny disguises and delivers terrific one-liners in deadpan style. The mystery isn't something really special but it being more elaborate would miss the point: the action and the suspense blend in with the humour very well and the result is vintage '80s comedy done right. "
50 T2 Come Together (2016) - Jun 29, 2017
"Typically beautiful visuals for Wes Anderson, the reassuring presence of Adrien Brody and an interesting setting in this rather anticlimactic advertisement."
70 T6 Kati Na Kaii (1964) - Mar 06, 2011
"Often side-splitting, mostly thanks to the acting skills of Iliopoulos, Vlahopoulou and Voutsas."
60 T4 The Suicide Shop (2012) - Oct 05, 2013
"Nowhere as good as the book, "Le Magasin Des Suicides" is a decent film which for the most part follows the original quite well. Still, it's not a winner. A) The fact that it is a musical seriously hampers the plot. B) The happy ending - different from the book's - is totally unsuitable and leaves a sour aftertaste."
20 T1 The Ladykillers (2004) - Jul 27, 2010
"The Coens write and direct strange stories about human relationships. The original film, Alexander McKendrick's classic black comedy, could've become even better in the hands of them two. Instead, what they do is try to imitate it. But McKendrick's film was an atmospherical tale of greed and selfishness, while this one is its poor admirer. The only thing they add are some disgusting stories about cut fingers. What's left? Just some original elements that haven't been destroyed and nothing more."
60 T4 The American (2010) - Jun 05, 2011
""The American" doesn't have many new things to offer, especially as far as storytelling is concerned, but remains an enjoyable ride throughout."
60 T4 Borsalino and Co. (1974) - Jun 04, 2016
"Far from flawless but certainly enjoyable! The plot is captivating albeit occasionally half-baked, especially in the first part where several incidents do not feel justified enough, like there are scenes missing. That's not to say the film makes no sense (you can almost see the script's bullet points before your eyes), only that writer Pascal Jardin maybe was a little lazy. The zoom-ins strike as slightly amateurish but otherwise Jacques Deray succeeds in delivering atmosphere and notable oomph."