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Location: Athens, Greece

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Bio: He was born and for the time being is still alive (probably).
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60 38% Fantastic Four (2005) - Dec 22, 2017
"The plot might be predictable and some of the actors far from charismatic, but "Fantastic Four" is a very pleasant, feel-good movie. There's many laugh-out-loud jokes, the pacing is just right, the effects really good, Chris Evans great, the bridge scene perfect and most of the attempts at serious dialogue/ plot threads rather well-done - I always relish the restricted but existent socially conscious subtext such films have. In the end though this is a winner because it is highly enjoyable."
90 96% Amadeus (1984) - May 14, 2011
""Amadeus" is a wonderful film, filled with great music and charged with powerful sentiments. F. Murray Abraham and Tom Hulce are just wonderful and the scenes they have together are either hilarious or atmospherical and electrifying. The script is ingenious and brilliantly structured, while the direction and cinematography are mesmerizing. "Amadeus" grabs your attention immediately and doesn't let go."
40 7% We Spin Around the Night Consumed by the Fire (1978) - Apr 10, 2016
"From an artistic standpoint, this feels like a failure. Obviously Debord didn't try too much and maybe that's the point he wanted to make. In any case, reading aloud a text more akin to the medium of book than to cinema, and complimenting it with very loosely connected pictures and extracts from other films, that is far from captivating and, finally, unjust to the actual material. Ideologically, I agreed with some of his points, disagreed with others - still, the "film" remains food for thought."
50 18% The Dinner Game (1998) - Dec 03, 2016
"The farcical screenplay is far from the definition of finesse, as it moves in a rather familiar, generic area of comedy and wears its symbolisms on its forehead. Still, it remains pretty enjoyable thanks to the convincing acting and the small duration. Yet the ending is that sort of unbelievably clich├ęd, shout-at-the-screen-inducing resolution that you'd expect would only appear on the Hollywood remake as a sacrilege to the more sophisticated French original. Well... sophisticated my ass."
80 85% It Might Get Loud (2008) - Jun 17, 2012
"The guitar god that is Jimmy Page, the always-experimenting, so stripped-down and yet so touching Jack White and the mad-with-technology idiot that is The Edge in one film about the guitar. It's bound to be good. "It Might Get Loud" mostly consists of relatively well-written overlapping stories and some high voltage jamming, yet there should have been more of the latter and less of the former. Still, the extras located on the DVD release of the film make up for it."
60 38% Collateral (2004) - Sep 04, 2020
"A bit gimmicky. There are rare glimpses of something more (e.g. the scene at Felix's, accentuated by a great turn from Jamie Foxx and signifying an important change in Max), plus the action's pretty good and it's an overall entertaining film, it just lacks the personality that would make it stand out and take your mind off of the glaring plot inadequacies, i.e. Vincent's fuck-ups (keeping the same cab after it got smashed, the whole suitcase debacle) and the major coincidence of the fifth kill."
90 96% The Good, the Bad, the Weird (2008) - Jul 28, 2010
"A very clever homage/ parody of Spaghetti Westerns, boasting outrageous situations, delirious chases, intelligent humour and side-splitting performances."
80 85% The Cameraman (1928) - Jun 21, 2015
"Buster Keaton delivering the goods once more, in this bittersweet tale of a poor little fella trying to make it as a cameraman and to win the girl of his dreams. Its storyline is simple yet engaging, filled with perfectly executed gags and sweet moments, at times funny, at times sad. The ending, where Buster leaves the camera from his hands for the first time, elegantly reveals the moving truth of the film."
50 18% Into the Wild (2007) - Jun 18, 2012
"Lukewarm, ever-growingly boring and with a lot of at first annoying but in the end downright ridiculous pseudo-intellectual tendencies. The makers of this film seem to think they know the meaning of life, but all I know is that I lost 148 minutes from my own life. Even Joaquin Phoenix lookalike Emile Hirsch couldn't keep me going. If only he possessed not only good looks but also notable skills..."
30 3% I Vitelloni (1953) - Jun 22, 2019
"A very disjointed film with off pacing and a bunch of headless subplots, the only exception being the increasingly infuriating story of that major douchebag Fausto. This is a stunningly empty, sleep-inducing movie that took an unoriginal and uneventful script and kept it so. Seriously, name one interesting thing that happens in this. This is the kind of shit you see in old melodramas by complete unknowns. At least they didn't think that making a film with 0 ideas results in a meditation on life."