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65 45% Intruder (1989) - Jul 10, 2020
"A campy slasher that knows exactly what it is & mostly balances the tone pretty well, it's a good time right up until the inexcusably awful ending that almost ruins the whole thing. Decent performances by the cast, which includes both Raimi brothers, along with some brutal gore & fun, creative kills make up for the reckless use of logic & the pretty bland characters. The twist is predictable, though, & the ending is seriously godawful. Still, it's a fun slasher that's worth checking out."
60 13% Piranha Part Two: The Spawning (1981) - Jul 10, 2020
"Between Cameron's direction, the solid actors involved, & the premise of flying goddamn piranhas, this should have been an instant camp classic. Instead, it's an incoherent & awfully put-together mess of a sequel that makes the original- which was fun, if not excellent- look like a masterpiece. Henriksen, O'Neil & Marachuk try their best here, but the supporting cast is pretty weak & the material does nobody any favors. Nonsensical, confusing, convoluted, & sort of a waste of time. Don't bother."
60 13% Private School (1983) - Jul 10, 2020
"It has a lot of problems. A lot. But, compared to similar movies of the time, it's somehow not that bad. The performances are fine, with Cates shining despite not really doing a lot. Russell is solid, too, & manages to add some depth to an incredibly one-note character. The female leads are portrayed as smart & clever, so there's that. Still, It's a cringey watch in modern context that does pretty irredeemable things to get a laugh, & often isn't even that funny. The soundtrack is great, though."
65 45% The Boogens (1981) - Jul 09, 2020
"I really don't think this is as bad as some people say it is, and in some ways it's kind of just not bad at all. The acting is solid all-around, with all four leads giving pretty good performances, the effects are fine, & the story- while cliche'd as can be- is done pretty well. Of course, there is one gaping plot hole that likely never got addressed for a reason, but overall the good outweighs the bad. That said, the characters were very meh- all of them. Still, this is a neat little ride."
65 45% Blood Bath (1966) - Jul 09, 2020
"Despite very low expectations given the time it was made & that Corman was heavily involved, I...actually kinda dug this. The comedy works in spite of itself, as the over-the-top digs at snooty artsy folk are a bit more heavy-handed than they need to be- but it's still pretty funny. Seeing a young Sid Haig here was neat. Only one of the three different heroines is all that smart or interesting, which was a shame, but the Maniac-esque ending was pretty cool. This is short, sweet, & worth a look."
60 13% Class of 1999 (1990) - Jul 08, 2020
"It's really bad, but in a dumb fun kind of way, and that makes it a little impossible to hate. Pam Grier is severely underutilized throughout the whole thing. The acting is pretty meh, the writing isn't any better, & the effects are definitely telling of when it was made, but there's this campy charm coating the final product that makes it watchable for what it is. It's nothing special & the plot has some pretty big holes in it, but as a cheesy 90's scifi/horror it's serviceable."
60 13% Galaxy of Terror (1981) - Jul 08, 2020
"I have no idea what this was trying to be, but it failed. Hard. Aside from being an obvious Alien knockoff, it tries to pretend it isn't one by introducing a ridiculous twist late in the third act that, if it made any sense whatsoever, might actually be pretty cool. But it doesn't. So it isn't. The characters are flat, the pacing drags, the monsters are barely there, & there's even some tasteless worm rape for good measure. Barely watchable thanks to Englund, Haig & others, but otherwise lame."
60 13% The Night Before (1988) - Jul 07, 2020
"Most 80's movie ever. Credit to Reeves & Loughlin for genuinely trying to make the material work- there are a few laughs, & pretty much all of them come down to their performances & how dead serious they play the material. Unfortunately, said material does them no favors, as it's a trashy script littered with the worst of 80s movie tropes. Casual racism, sex slavery played for laughs, a painfully predictable & pretty uncomfortable ending. Both lead characters are stupid, selfish people. Skip it."
70 80% The Wizard (1989) - Jul 06, 2020
"It's a typical kid's movie with all the typical cliches of one, but it stands out thanks to some solid performances by the child stars involved & an entertaining subplot. The storytelling itself isn't anything special & is loaded with predictable genre tropes, but it's executed well enough that it doesn't matter & is still really fun overall. It gets more clever as it goes along, too, which was appreciated. If you like 80's movies and/or video games, this is worth a watch. "
70 80% The Hitcher (1986) - Jul 06, 2020
"Three strong performances from Howell, Hauer, & Leigh on top of a tight pace and a narrative that pulls zero punches make up for some occasionally iffy logic & a lead character who's just irritatingly stupid for a good chunk of the runtime. It's tense, gripping, & mostly well put together, & it's definitely an entertaining thriller despite steering dangerously close to nonsense several times. It's also incredibly depressing & almost nihilist by the end, but it works fairly well. Worth a look."