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65 45% Flower (2017) - Jun 18, 2019
"It has its moments, and features strong performances across the board- particularly from Deutch and Joey Morgan, who both do excellent work- which combine with a mostly solid plot. But ultimately, it's muddled by messy writing and a clumsy execution, including a particularly ridiculous third act that comes out of nowhere. Tonally all over the place, it never quite knows what it wants to be or how it wants to be that, which leads to an end product that's much less than what it could've been."
65 45% It (2017) - Jun 17, 2019
"A pretty strong start had me feeling optimistic, but ultimately it lost me somewhere along the line and wound up doing very little for me overall. None of the scares were scary, the CGI very much looked like CGI, and Pennywise- despite a solid performance by Bill Skarsgard- is often more ridiculous than intimidating. The story is fine, but most of the characters are surprisingly weak. What carries it are the enjoyable performances of its kid-led cast, as beyond that there isn't much there."
70 76% Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) - Jun 16, 2019
"With strong voice performances, hilariously meta moments, and a near-perfect portrayal of how ridiculous, cruel, and amazing (all at once) the internet can be, it's a solid sequel that manages to still have plenty of heart and charm. Mature themes, humor that anyone can appreciate, and a quick pace combine to make a really likeable movie. It does have some flaws, though, namely the fact that most of its humor will be extremely dated ten years from now- still, though, it's very worth watching. "
65 45% Your Name (2016) - Jun 14, 2019
"The animation is beautiful, the story itself is incredibly original and something that I loved, and the two main characters are likeable enough. But, in parts the execution felt a little bit off, as did certain bits of plot and dialogue. That being said, it's still a visually stunning work that makes full use of its two-hour runtime and is packed with some really clever moments, even if there are some iffy moments in between them. Definitely worth a watch for any anime fan."
65 45% Glass (2019) - Jun 12, 2019
"McAvoy turns in a phenomenal and award-worthy performance as over ten different characters, and transitions flawlessly between each one several times over. I was blown away by him. Willis is fine, and Jackson is great. Visually, it's a stunning film with great use of color and some really clever cinematography. Story-wise, it's better than Split, but it gets too ambitious for its own good and especially falls short in its ending. For the performances and the overall ride, it's worth a watch."
70 76% Olaf's Frozen Adventure (2017) - Jun 12, 2019
"I see a lot of hate for this, and I don't get why. It's not great by any means and trying to do much in-depth critique of it is pointless given that it's a 20 minute short. But, as a huge fan of Frozen and the characters in that world, getting to see more of them here- even if the story was a bit meh- was really fun. The animation is solid, the music is enjoyable, and Olaf is hilarious. In a bubble, it's cute and good for what it is. "
65 45% Jaws (1975) - Jun 12, 2019
"I wanted to love it, and it does have all the elements of a great movie- solid performances all around, simple and effective storytelling, and very cool cinematography. Plus, the shark itself is beautiful. However, the pacing- particularly in the second half- was just too sluggish for me and the suspense wasn't really there after a while. Still, though, it remains iconic for a reason and a must-watch based on its legacy alone. "
60 15% It (1990) - Jun 12, 2019
"Despite its status as a horror classic over the past near 30 years, it's really not much to shout about. A slew of decent, but never great, performances combined with pretty flat characters and some truly perplexing casting choices, as well as a jumbled plot and bad pacing/tone shifts, are what you'll find here. All that's really worth seeing is Curry's fabulous performance as Pennywise and Seth Green showing up to play young Richie. Never scary, sometimes creepy, overall not great."
65 45% Brooklyn (2015) - Jun 11, 2019
"Strong performances by Ronan and the supporting cast around her, combined with a vividly imagined 1950's Brooklyn and likeable characters, plus a really cute romance, are the big pluses this movie has going for it. However, the third act struggles to stay interesting despite everything going on in it, and the overall slow pace can be a drag at times. Characters disappear entirely with little notice, which is also a bit annoying. It's worth a watch, but it's also nothing spectacular."
70 76% Silver Linings Playbook (2012) - Jun 11, 2019
"Though I'm still not quite sure what the title is meant to convey or what role it plays in most of the story, I can ignore it in favor of appreciating what the movie itself does right. While the narrative isn't perfect, just about everything else is- Cooper & Lawrence give phenomenal performances and show great chemistry, and the supporting cast- particularly De Niro- do their part as well. The funny moments land and are mostly clever, and the drama is there too. Overall, very worth watching."