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70 78% Mid90s (2018) - Jan 26, 2020
"Strong performances by a well-rounded cast only make the strong, believable characters feel more human than they already do. The grungy, gritty atmosphere is well-captured, the dialogue feels authentic and features plenty of 90's slang, & the style never feels forced. At its core, it aims to be an unabashedly honest character study & portrait of what teen life in the 90's was like, and it hits the mark much more than it misses. It's definitely not without flaws, but is well worth watching."
65 43% Highlander (1986) - Jan 26, 2020
"An awesome premise & fantastic, fun performances from Sean Connery & Clancy Brown are unfortunately undermined by pretty much everything else this movie offers- a very meh lead performance from Christopher Lambert, a lazily written story that fails to live up to its own hype, poorly fleshed-out characters, and plot elements that make absolutely no sense no matter how you twist it. There are some enjoyable aspects, but ultimately it's too long, too clumsy, & too arrogant to be more than decent. "
65 43% St. Elmo's Fire (1985) - Jan 24, 2020
"The story is nothing spectacular, with most of the plot revolving around indeterminate time-jumps & various incidents in the lives of each character that either do or don't serve much purpose in the grand scheme of things. The performances, however, are great all-around, & the themes of friendship & the ties that bind us together even when we feel further apart are as resonant now as in the 80's. Though not amazing, it's a solid slice-of-life movie with a loaded cast & a memorable theme."
70 78% Mr. Hublot (2013) - Jan 22, 2020
"Beautifully animated & effortlessly whimsical, this short proves in just shy of 15 minutes that it has all the potential for a full-length feature. The world feels alive, our two characters are endearing despite how little we know about them, and the story is told extremely well despite not having a shred of dialogue. Charming, clever, and full of heart, it's definitely worth a watch."
70 78% The Crush (2010) - Jan 22, 2020
"Though it's only a 15-ish minute short, this lovely Irish gem packs so much into every one of those minutes that it leaves quite the impression. Great performances combine with a simple but effective story & clever subversion to make for a rollercoaster ride that's both full of heart & full of tension. Definitely worth a look."
70 78% Like Crazy (2011) - Jan 22, 2020
"It gets off to a shaky, awkward start, but sure enough manages to find its way and only gets better once it does. Great performances by Jones & Yelchin, as well as the supporting cast, combine with a charming visual & editing style that could just as easily have come off as pretentious, but never really does- the story is both heartfelt & bittersweet, honest and also endearing. It's a tale of flawed people living in a flawed reality & attempting to find ideal love despite that. Worth a watch."
70 78% Sleepless in Seattle (1993) - Jan 20, 2020
"Carried by the great performances of Hanks & Ryan, as well as the clever twists & turns of its narrative, it's a solid, mostly original & somewhat self aware take on the romantic dramedy that, because of that, still feels fresh over 20 years since its release. Though some story elements really don't work (our heroine actually stalks a man she's never met before & we're meant to see that as...romantic?), the likeability of the two leads & the witty, heartfelt humor make it a worthwhile watch."
75 93% Blinded by the Light (2019) - Jan 19, 2020
"Featuring terrific performances from Kalra, Ghir, Williams & Atwell, this love letter to dreamers is also a love letter to music, speaking to its importance in our world & our cultures. Telling the simple but compelling story of a teen finding himself & his place in a world that tells him he doesn't have one, it never relies on its 80's setting for nostalgia & focuses on themes that remain relevant today. Not wholly original, but very well done. Worth a watch, especially for music lovers."
70 78% Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) - Jan 19, 2020
"A sequel that nobody asked for & few were excited about, it manages to be significantly more ambitious & inventive than the first film, taking the world in new directions & bringing in many new elements, & it gets points for that. Jolie, Pfeiffer, Fanning, Skrein & Riley turn in very solid performances, and the effects are often more whimsical than over-the-top. Still, it has some plot issues & the ending doesn't really feel earned. It's enjoyable, maybe more so than the first, but not perfect."
70 78% The Fly II (1989) - Jan 17, 2020
"It has some flaws, but it manages to make you forget about most of them thanks to the positives that it brings to the table. Strong performances from Stoltz, Zuniga & Richardson, solid effects that largely hold up three decades later, (mostly) clever writing, and an incredibly satisfying ending are all pluses. It does have some iffy plot points, such as the morally debatable central romance, but overall it's a fun ride that packs a surprising emotional punch. Worth a look for fans of the first."