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65 47% Putney Swope (1969) - Nov 28, 2021
"Generally, I am not a fan of absurdism or arthouse stuff, & this combines both of those things, so...yeah. It didn't really work for me. At all. I was confused from minute one all the way to the end credits, & stopped trying to make any sense of anything around the 45 minute mark. That being said, there were some visual gags that got a laugh out of me & I enjoyed those. But they didn't make all 85 minutes worth sitting through. I really wanted to like it more, but oh well."
65 47% Niagara (1953) - Nov 28, 2021
"A flawed but enjoyable film, featuring a fabulous performance by Marilyn Monroe in one of her too-few opportunities at breaking type. The plot is intriguing, & the twist brings a different feel to the second half where it feels less like a murder mystery & more like a revenge story. Rose is a hate-worthy villain, George is a sympathetic but clearly iffy antihero, & Polly is a decent female heroine for the era. Good performances, good setting, though it sometimes loses steam between big moments."
65 47% Untitled Horror Movie (2021) - Nov 24, 2021
"This probably would have functioned better as a short, as even at under 90 minutes it feels a bit stretched by the end, but I was still entertained by it & enjoyed that it leaned more into the dark comedy than the horror. That sets it apart from Host or Unfriended. The cast does a good job with their over the top characters & their chemistry is what sells the film. Claire Holt consistently making fun of herself in character was great. Overall, nothing revolutionary but a fun watch, "
65 47% The Open Door (2008) - Nov 24, 2021
"The premise holds so much potential, but the movie could never fully capitalize on it. Which I sort of expected, but it was still disappointing. Anyway, this isn't all that bad, but it's not especially great. An iffy late-2000's teen horror that just sort of exists, it'll pass the time if you can stomach this sort of stuff. Which, being a fan of obscure cinema, I've developed the ability to. Some hilarious line delivery in spots. "
75 95% Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987) - Nov 23, 2021
"Two of the most endearingly flawed characters you'll ever find, excellent lead performances, John Hughes at possibly his most adult ever, some of the wildest roadtrip from hell hijinks you can imagine, & plenty of heart makes this holiday classic the all-timer that it is. I'd gone my whole life without seeing it, & I'm glad I no longer have to live with that injustice holding me down. If you're unfamiliar, I strongly recommend looking into the story of the original 3-hour cut- it's fascinating. "
65 47% The Phantom of Hollywood (1974) - Nov 23, 2021
"As another reviewer put it, this is more a neat historical curiosity than anything else, but because it's short there's not much to be lost in watching it. I enjoyed seeing Jackie Coogan here, though he should've had more screentime- Skye Aubrey also should've had more screentime, she's noticeably underutilized & becomes little more than a plot device by the end. The story is nothing special, & the mystery is given away surprisingly early, but it's decent. Not necessarily worth seeing twice."
70 82% Freaks (1932) - Nov 20, 2021
"One of the most ahead of its time films ever made, period, bar none. The acting isn't always the best & I couldn't make out some of the dialogue but I didn't care. The story has power, it's executed in a largely non-exploitative way, & the real circus performers seen are all allowed to be more than just sideshow attractions to be gawked at. There's a lot of heart here, & a clear admiration by Browning for the people who made their living being cast out from society. Should be essential viewing."
65 47% Severed Ties (1992) - Nov 17, 2021
"This was a shocking delight. Started out pretty iffy but then it kept getting more & more entertaining, & not only that but it also became so genuinely interesting. There's a lot of character depth here for this kind of movie, & the central villain is a stunningly nuanced one whose motivations are actually complex. The effects are good. The acting is fun. It goes places I didn't expect. Garrett Morris is fabulous. The dude who plays Preach is amazing. Honestly worth finding, it's on YouTube."
65 47% The Brain (1988) - Nov 16, 2021
"The titular brain monster makes this otherwise extreme disappointment kinda worth watching. Kinda. Outside of it & a pretty delightful turn from David Gale as yet another psycho obsessed with power, this is a rather dull creature feature with a bland story & blander characters. The supposed hero is a complete douche, his girlfriend is a bit of a dolt, & the script is so weak you could put a hole through it with a leaf. Full of bafflingly lazy writing. Wouldn't say this one's a gem, sadly. "
65 47% A Bay of Blood (1971) - Nov 10, 2021
"The lack of any likeable characters- apart from the girls at the beginning, they seemed cool- definitely hurts this one for me, as does the typical Italian narrative structure that seems to deliberately throw sense out the window. But, there's still some fun to be had. The kills are neat & there's a nice variety to them, the cast is doing an alright job, & the rapidfire twists in the third act makes for a good time. There's definitely an unpredictability to it. Not incredible, but worth seeing."