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60 14% Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013) - Nov 21, 2020
"The first half of this is actually not bad. The performances are decent if unspectacular, the pacing is on point, & it's at least trying to be different. I respect that. Unfortunately, it makes the horrible mistake of betraying its own story in the second half, turning Leatherface into a hero & final girl Heather into a one-note damsel who forgives him for almost murdering her & her friends, I guess? Who the hell wrote that? The cameos are fun, though. This could've been better."
70 81% Rebecca (1940) - Nov 19, 2020
"Remarkable performances by Fontaine, Olivier & Anderson, beautiful cinematography, an intriguing story, characters who feel fleshed out, & a setting that screams iconic even though not much is learned about it. The intro perfectly sets the mood. The twists are well-executed, & the sprinkles of comedy got a laugh out of me. My only real complaint is that the third act drags quite a bit & the final reveal really dims the impact of the first. Still, this is a classic thriller that holds up."
65 47% The Evil (1978) - Nov 18, 2020
"As middle of the road as haunted house movies get, this extremely 70's & extremely Christian ghost-horror packs solid performances with good atmosphere & a few genuine spooks. The pacing is good, there's a nice dynamic among the cast, & the ambiguity of what's going on- at least until the ending- keeps things interesting. Not a lot of it makes sense, though, which drags it down some, & it's awfully preachy. The last 20 minutes is basically pro-religion propaganda. It's silly, but fun enough."
60 14% Gutterballs (2008) - Nov 18, 2020
"The whole thing is in remarkably poor taste & is so mid-2000's it hurts. The rape-revenge subplot isn't handled well, none of the characters are interesting or likeable, & the tone is all over the place. It's obviously meant to be silly, but then has a graphic, uncomfortable extended rape scene in the first 20 minutes. That doesn't really work for me. Still, I'll admit that it has some fabulous gore & the kills are inventive. The cast is clearly having a ball. That doesn't make it good, sadly."
60 14% Mirror, Mirror 2: Raven Dance (1994) - Nov 18, 2020
"William Sanderson- in a different role entirely, by the way- is the sole connection between this & the original. It's a sequel in name only, & doesn't try to hide it very much. Despite having better performances than it deserves from Kellerman & McDowall plus solid turns by Wells & a young Ruffalo, this is a movie where not much happens & most of what does isn't very good. It does have pluses- the relationship between the stepsisters is interesting- but beyond that it's entirely forgettable."
65 47% The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) - Nov 17, 2020
"I held off on watching this one for a long time, & while I'm glad that I finally did- it's one of the most iconic horror sequels of its time- it also has a lot of problems. A lot. While great performances from Williams, Moseley (who does phenomenal work here), Siedow, & Johnson as Leatherface make it worth watching, the story is missing a few beats & the ending is inexcusably bad. The retconning of the first movie doesn't work well, & the comedy doesn't always land. I wanted to like it more. "
65 47% Lady in White (1988) - Nov 17, 2020
"The beginning sets up something promising, with the young protagonist being trapped inside after dark (on Halloween) with a ghost, but then it decides to have a heavy-handed moral about racism in the 60's while still trying to be a spooky ghost movie & none of it fits together at all. It's too long, too self-indulgent, too boring, & lacking in any characters worth caring about. I genuinely couldn't tell what it was trying to be- horror movie, murder mystery, what? It fails at being all of them."
60 14% Revenge of the Nerds (1984) - Nov 16, 2020
"I have no idea how this gets the positive ratings that it does. I've seen a lot of 80's sex comedies, but few are as outright misogynistic & totally tone deaf as this one. Admittedly, there's a pretty neat teen romcom in here somewhere & some of the jokes are funny, but then there's everything else. The casual endorsement of rape, the panty raid, the peeping tom shtick, the "Pi Pies", the Asian guy who gets cheesy music over all his scenes, & so on. Good performances, fun idea, crappy movie."
70 81% Party Line (1988) - Nov 15, 2020
"So this has some issues, but I honestly really liked it. It plays like an extended episode of Law & Order or CSI cut for HBO, but in the best ways. Heroine Stacy is a badass, the villains have an interesting (if tropey) relationship, & the cast do a good job. Leif Garrett is great here, as are Weatherly, Hatch & Roundtree. The story is well-written & there's a good balance of humor & drama. The lack of a forced romantic subplot between the two leads was fantastic. This deserves more attention."
60 14% Doom Asylum (1987) - Nov 14, 2020
"This comes incredibly close to hitting Troll 2 levels of hysterically bad, & for that alone it gets more points than it probably should. The acting is atrocious, the script seems like it was written by someone with no concept of comedy or horror, & the meta aspects are all insanely on the nose. The gags aren't hilarious because they're good, they're hilarious because they're absurd & the movie plays every one of them straight. Nothing makes sense, the dialogue is horrid, and it's... beautiful."