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65 43% Brightburn (2019) - Sep 15, 2019
"A very strong premise & some great performances by Banks, Denman & Williams as well as the supporting cast cannot save an extremely muddled script that runs into more & more problems as it goes along. Hurt by an awkward opening sequence, rushed or nonsensical character development, too much left unexplained & some moments that are more corny than scary, it does have positives- specifically the (mostly) believable Brandon character & the gruesome kills. It's nothing amazing, but it's okay."
70 77% Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) - Sep 15, 2019
"Just as strong as the previous two films & just as action-packed, it features excellent performances from Ford, Connery, & other returning cast members as well as new ones including Doody & River Phoenix, who shines in his brief appearance. A fast-moving & engaging plot combine with a fun father-son angle as well as a few new twists on the series' common tropes to create a very fun ride. It does have flaws, though, namely Elsa not getting nearly enough to do. Overall, very worth watching. "
70 77% Alita: Battle Angel (2019) - Sep 13, 2019
"Though it has many flaws, including an extremely awkward first act & a plot that takes too long to figure out where it's going, there's enough good in it to make up for the not-so-good. The entire cast turn in very strong performances, the action is great, & the story is fine for what it is, if a bit cartoonish in points. Alita's character development- though rushed- is awesome, & the setup for an obvious Part 2 doesn't feel hamfisted or forced. Overall, very entertaining & very worth seeing."
65 43% The Exorcist (1973) - Sep 13, 2019
"Part character drama, part horror & featuring an iconic performance from Blair & great work from Burstyn & Miller, it's anchored by a strong cast & great score, as well as heavily religious themes. An all time classic of the genre with good reason, it's still hampered by a very drawn-out runtime & scenes that drag, several of which don't really need to be there. The climax & finale are gripping, but everything in between felt a bit flat. Still, a must-watch."
65 43% Grease (1978) - Sep 13, 2019
"Often called one of the best movie musicals ever, it's carried by strong performances from Travolta, Newton-John, Channing & Conn in particular as well as some memorable music. But, it's hampered by a half-baked romance & bland, boring lead characters who don't grow or learn all that much. The moral themes contradict each other (be yourself, change yourself for others) & many other aspects haven't aged well. There is some good to it & it's worth watching, but it's very, very flawed. "
65 43% The Terminator (1984) - Sep 10, 2019
"Featuring one of Arnold's most iconic performances & one of the most iconic theme songs ever, this action-scif-fi-horror mashup features solid performances from Biehn & Hamilton, enjoyable stuff from A.S., & campy 80's effects to enjoy. There's some genuine laughs as well, which was nice to see. However, the plot becomes more & more ridiculous as it goes & the needless romantic angle was pretty bleh. You could argue it's self-aware, but that doesn't always land. Overall, it's worth a watch."
70 77% Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) - Sep 10, 2019
"More hokey than the first film, but also more self-aware & more all-around fun, this prequel to the original Raiders follows Dr. Jones navigating another over-the-top adventure filled with twists & turns. Packed with humor, a fair bit of heart, & memorable characters who play off of one-another very well, it's topped off by very solid performances from Ford, Capshaw, & Quan. Not without its problems, it does have some iffy plot moments. Overall though, it's a fine followup that's worth a look."
65 43% Dracula (1931) - Sep 09, 2019
"Lugosi's iconic performance, a creepy atmosphere & fine work by the whole cast combine to create one of the earliest Universal Monster films, one that has stood the test of time for a number of reasons. That being said, it sadly wasn't quite my cup of tea, though it's worth watching for any horror fan or classic film lover. "
65 43% Stand by Me (1986) - Sep 09, 2019
"Powered by strong performances from its young cast & plenty of equally strong dialogue that has since become iconic, it's a pretty fast-moving coming-of-age story with a slightly macabre setup, which is to be expected given that it's based on a King story. With heartfelt & tense moments as well as some humor to balance things out, plus very relateable themes of finding oneself & the impact of friendship, it's an 80's classic with good reason even if it wasn't amazing for me. A must watch."
65 43% Jackie (2016) - Sep 09, 2019
"Though it features a strong performance by Portman, who dives all in with her portrayal of Kennedy, as well as some emotional scenes & clever dialogue, it's pretty middle-of-the-road where biopics are concerned and very little actually stands out about it. Hurt by its odd structure & pacing, as well as a runtime that feels a smidge drawn out in places, it never really manages to be more than just okay despite its great cinematography & talented cast. Overall, worth a look, but expect average."