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65 48% Are You in the House Alone? (1978) - Feb 26, 2021
"Another tepid entry into what I like to call the Black Christmas subgenre at this point, even though that's far from where the story originated. This one has the benefit of being very feminist & not very shy about it, which was kind of cool, but sadly most of it is just really boring & feels like it drags along at a snail's pace until the eventual climax, which features a pretty lame twist. Stuff happens, but 90% of it feels like aimless filler. I want to say it's worth seeing, but it isn't."
60 14% The Crawlers (1990) - Feb 24, 2021
"This is bad, but honestly it's not half as terrible as it probably should be. Most of the acting is horrendous & the script is no better, but for at least the first half it's pretty endearingly stupid & draws more comparisons to Troll 2 - to which it was marketed as a sequel- than Troll 1. Sadly it really starts to drag after a while & just becomes boring instead of remotely interesting. The ending is what happens when the writers realize there's no way to actually beat the big bad. Totally meh."
70 82% The People Under the Stairs (1991) - Feb 24, 2021
"One of Craven's smarter scripts that has early hints of Scream all over it. The social themes, the performances- particularly Wendy Robie's unhinged brilliance- & the writing all come together really nicely. It does a great job of balancing the black comedy with the darker moments, & Fool is a super fun character to root for. It's definitely not perfect, but it hits more than it misses & it stands out from other movies of the time. Worth watching if you haven't."
65 48% All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006) - Feb 23, 2021
"Anybody who's seen a handful of horror movies before will see the first twist coming no problem. As for the second, it's a bit less predictable but also makes even less sense. There are a lot of interesting ideas here, but nothing really comes together the way it should & the solid performances just aren't enough to carry the haphazard plotting & pretty sketchy dialogue- not to mention the really uncomfortable pervy vibe surrounding the female leads throughout. Lot of potential, shaky execution."
70 82% Coraline (2009) - Feb 21, 2021
"I remember being interested when this came out- it only took me 11 years to actually see it. A whimsical dark fantasy that touches on some very mature themes & has the bravery to get super dark rather quickly. The animation is beautiful & the writing is smart, but what makes it stand out is how clever, endearing, & likeable the titular heroine- voiced wonderfully by Dakota Fanning- is. Well paced, well acted, & just as dreamlike as it should be. Definitely worth watching if you haven't. "
70 82% The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (2021) - Feb 21, 2021
"It definitely has tinges of the typical idealist YA fairy tale, but to be honest I don't particularly care because sometimes that's the kind of story I need. Carried by the chemistry of Newton & Allen, the former turning in another strong performance, it's also helped by having a smart & quietly subversive (if uneven in parts) script by Grossman that leaves just enough up to interpretation. It won't be for everyone, but it surprised me & managed to make me care about another time loop movie."
60 14% The Dorm That Dripped Blood (1982) - Feb 19, 2021
"While I guess it deserves a bit of slack for being such an early entry into slasher canon, it feels like every single bad trope of the genre is here. Nonsense killer reveal, heroine who's meant to be smart & capable but makes all the wrong decisions, lots of underwhelming kills. What really does it in is the ending, though- just plain awful. Like, genuinely one of the worst I've ever seen in a slasher. Not satisfying, not clever, just shit. As for the whole product, it's...meh. Really meh."
60 14% The Initiation of Sarah (2006) - Feb 17, 2021
"This one is significantly worse than the original, & not just because of the ABC Family ultra-cheesy shine over it. The cast is super talented, from veterans like Fairchild & Tilly to younger stars like Thompson, Glau, Garcia & Boorem, but the writing does none of them any favors. A clunky script with too much going on & tons of plot holes, combined with a garbage romantic subplot & everything bad about 2000's teen media. It's not even entertainingly dumb, it's actually kinda insultingly dumb. "
65 48% Bride of Frankenstein (1935) - Feb 14, 2021
"This is a weird one, isn't it? The cast turn in strong performances, but tonally it's all over the place & the characterization of Karloff's monster is clumsy. Famously, the actual bride is only there for about two minutes, with zero explanation of where that massive head of hair came from- even if it is a super cool look. The whole thing is also oddly campy compared to the original, but it mostly works. Some fun moments- the stuff with the blind man is great- but overall a bit messy & rushed."
65 48% Angel III: The Final Chapter (1988) - Feb 09, 2021
"If you like the first two, you'll find something to enjoy about this. It's probably the most forgettable of the bunch, though. The subplot involving Molly's sister is intriguing & the attempt at shining a light on the very real girls-for-drugs trafficking industry is admirable, but there's not as much emotional investment in anything nor as much attention to continuity- & no returning characters besides Angel, either. Mitzi Kapture is solid in the lead role & the supporting cast is good. Decent."