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Flick Fan - 33 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 18, 2019

Location: Switzerland

Bio: I really like languages and literature, and use my free time to write historical fiction after doing a lot of research. Therefore I like stories that are either historically accurate or have a solid plot. I just hate cheap thrill, or movies where it is obvious that no research have been conducted prior to realized the movie (cliché movies such as \"the last samurai\" or \"titanic\" for example). I like stories which present a topic in a new light \"such as \"watchmen\" or \"Amadeus\" which made you kind of hate Mozart) or movie that make you think (\"mulholland drive\", \"shutter island\"). Dramas are my big time favorite, but I dont mind having some absurd comedy on the side, and also enjoy horror movie of all kind. The bloodier the better. I am not always a big fan of superproduction but I have to admit there are some good ones. I am also planing a trip next summer to \"international court of justice of Hague\" to pass a bill making it a crime against humanity to write sequels and prequels of movies or splitting a book into different movies to maximize the cash flow. Like you know, \"Pirates of the carribean\", \"Hobbit: the battle of the five armies\" (it\'s based on a kids book no need to overcomplicate the plot.) And whenever I dont know that to choose, I just indulge in some western (the old ones, no \"Django unchained\" or the like) I loved the trilogy of the dollar, particularly \"a fistful of dollars\". Yeah, I know there goes the historical accuracy. ps: btw, I am a staunch anti-Daenaerys partisan. I needed to get this out of my chest. Pps: I am this kind of person that goes to see a movie with you, pretend to not be too much emotionally affected and then spend the rest of the evening crying in a pillow.
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