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Movie Buff - 496 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 7, 2017

Location: USA

Bio: I rate films based on whether I find them entertaining by modern standards. I don't give any leeway or "bonus points" just because something's old or foreign or obscure.

A+ 10 : movies to put in a capsule and shoot out into space to explain to aliens what humanity was about. buy.

A 9 : rock solid movie, very well made and has cultural/artistic value. buy.

A- 8 : very well made, but was just missing something. be sure to watch at least once.

B+ 7 : well made and a fun watch but not particularly artistically important or anything. may as well watch at least once.

B 6 : is it worth your time? flip a coin

B- 5 : ehhh

C+ 4 : kind of crappy

C 3 : getting into shit territory

C- 2 : pretty damn bad

D 1 : aggravatingly awful. completely wasted time you can never get back
more Recent Ratings
55% Unforgiven (1992) - May 24, 2018
"I didn't hate the villain enough. His crimes include not thinking to provide a cut up hooker satisfactory justice, and not wanting vigilante bounty hunters shooting people in his town. He just didn't really seem evil enough for me to fully get behind the "heroes". Loved the kid though."
86% To Live and Die in L.A. (1985) - May 10, 2018
" "
55% Downfall (2004) - May 05, 2018
"tended to either portray people as 100% evil or 100% good, which set off my bullshit detector. gun-stuff felt kind of cheap. was also probably 20 minutes too long. kudos to whoever found that ghoul to play goebbels though"
37% Annihilation (2018) - May 04, 2018
"cool biological designs attempt to dress up a shallow and amateurish script that lacks any real deep character drama. like if an SCP Foundation author decided to rip off HP Lovecraft's "The Colour Out of Space" but With Guns. what was even the theme? programmed cell death? entropy/mutation? mimicry/cloning/division? it's like the writer couldn't make up their mind and left semi-finished scraps of everything in. aliens who survived riding a comet ultimately destroyed by a bic lighter."
86% The Bridge (1959) - May 04, 2018
"one of the best war movies I've seen"
55% Wild Wild Country (2018) - May 04, 2018
72% Cleo from 5 to 7 (1962) - May 03, 2018
"was really good until that f'ing guy showed up toward the end"
72% The Seventh Seal (1957) - May 02, 2018
"was a little too stiff and traditional for me, and I don't find the whole "crisis of faith" bit personally engaging anymore, but still very cool"
86% Brigsby Bear (2017) - May 02, 2018
"a crazy unique concept where you either nail it, or botch it and make a bad movie, and this was the former for sure. although I wish they would've had the guy realize the gravity of what his previous "parents" did to him by the end though. I was expecting more of a confrontation when he finally met them again in jail."
12% Ratcatcher (1999) - May 02, 2018
"kind of meandering, miserable, no real focus"