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Film Freak - 516 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 7, 2017

Location: USA

Bio: I rate films based on whether I find them entertaining by modern standards. I don't give any leeway or "bonus points" just because something's old or foreign or obscure.

A+ 10 : movies to put in a capsule and shoot out into space to explain to aliens what humanity was about. buy.

A 9 : rock solid movie, very well made and has cultural/artistic value. buy.

A- 8 : very well made, but was just missing something. be sure to watch at least once.

B+ 7 : well made and a fun watch but not particularly artistically important or anything. may as well watch at least once.

B 6 : is it worth your time? flip a coin

B- 5 : ehhh

C+ 4 : kind of crappy

C 3 : getting into shit territory

C- 2 : pretty damn bad

D 1 : aggravatingly awful
more Recent Ratings
37% Mandy (2018) - Oct 02, 2018
"another style-over-substance turd from Cosmos Popadopoulos. Pastiche is for those who are too afraid to be original, irony is for those who are too afraid to be sincere, and in this dude's case, extreme stylization is for those who need to dress up a hacky b-movie script full of two-dimensional cartoon characters (at times literally) that a 16 year old could've written. would've been rated lower but it's always fun watching nicolas cage go full beast mode."
12% Maniac (2018) - Sep 29, 2018
"Cool worldbuilding but the quirky tone should've been a red flag for me. Gets aggressively stupid around ep 7"
10 96% Hereditary (2018) - Sep 25, 2018
"holy shit dude"
22% The Constant Gardener (2005) - Sep 22, 2018
"I hate pharma companies as much as anyone, but I couldn't get emotionally invested in any of these flat characters"
37% Deadpool 2 (2018) - Sep 21, 2018
"I had a lot more fun with this than I thought I would. Felt short though, there has to be some "dark night of the soul" moment like 67% of the way through, but this just kept going steady from like 20% until the end"
73% Atlanta (2016) - Sep 12, 2018
37% In This Corner of the World (2016) - Sep 09, 2018
"meh. bread-and-butter slice of life during wartime movie, never did anything that remarkable that I haven't already seen elsewhere. also the pseudo-chibi character art style was kind of ugly."
73% Sharp Objects (2018) - Sep 07, 2018
37% Westworld (2016) - Sep 07, 2018