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Film Freak - 569 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 7, 2017

Location: USA

Bio: I rate films based on whether I find them entertaining by modern standards. I don't give any leeway or "bonus points" just because something's old or foreign or obscure.

A+ 10 : movies to put in a capsule and shoot out into space to explain to aliens what humanity was about. buy.

A 9 : rock solid movie, very well made and has cultural/artistic value. buy.

A- 8 : very well made, but was just missing something. be sure to watch at least once.

B+ 7 : well made and a fun watch but not particularly artistically important or anything. may as well watch at least once.

B 6 : is it worth your time? flip a coin

B- 5 : ehhh

C+ 4 : kind of crappy

C 3 : getting into shit territory

C- 2 : pretty damn bad

D 1 : aggravatingly awful
more Recent Ratings
73% The Eric André Show (2012) - Feb 21, 2020
73% Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) - Jan 31, 2020
"was really good until the slapdash narration part which totally lost the vibe. felt like the script was due in 2 hours and he just hurried up and threw that together."
53% What Did Jack Do? (2017) - Jan 26, 2020
11% Kung Fu Hustle (2004) - Jan 26, 2020
"I guess they have crack in china. some of the best fight scenes but one of the dumbest stories."
87% The Lighthouse (2019) - Jan 22, 2020
53% Joker (2019) - Jan 05, 2020
73% The Irishman (2019) - Dec 29, 2019
87% A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) - Dec 23, 2019
"they somehow nailed all the tone and timing and pacing in this. when linus calls for the lights and gives his little speech it's like all the tension just goes away, then after that it's chill, great ending, many of the jokes still slay. just a perfectly crafted little thing."
87% Snowpiercer (2014) - Dec 12, 2019
35% The Grinch (2018) - Dec 08, 2019
"cute enough, funny gags, good animation, beautiful town and interior designs. the new reindeer character was cute. dog should've both been cuter and abused more, that was a cornerstone of the original. also original grinch was more cartoonishly grumpy and evil, while this one seems halfway nice already."