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Location: Bloomington, Indiana, USA

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60 51% Blast from the Past (1999) - Nov 27, 2021
"It’s comedic moments are much better than its romantic moments. Another great idea that somewhat failed in execution. Bonus points because Walken and Spacek are both great and I always love Fraser."
50 36% Jungle Cruise (2021) - Nov 22, 2021
"I thought it started out pretty strong, but got bogged down in exposition at points and had a subpar script."
60 51% Dune (2021) - Nov 20, 2021
"I expected this to be a bit slow, but I was not prepared for the amount of story being told through visions/dreams/flash forwards. I never read the books or watched the original film, but the story felt pretty lazy. Everything else was breathtaking including: sets, cgi, costuming, makeup, and acting. I’ll 100% be there for the next movie, but just a bit disappointed. "
50 36% Red Notice (2021) - Nov 14, 2021
"My expectations might have been particularly low, but I got way more than I expected from this. The action is subpar and it really isn't even that funny, but for some reason I enjoyed myself for most of the run time. Sometimes it's good to have a movie to turn off your brain and watch."
60 51% Joe (2014) - Nov 12, 2021
"It’s just not anything groundbreaking. Cage was good, though he had minimal crazy opportunities. Sheridan and Poulter were great."
50 36% Murder Mystery (2019) - Nov 08, 2021
"I was surprised by this. By no means is this a fantastic whodunnit or a great comedy, but it did combine the two somewhat successfully."
80 78% Get Out (2017) - Nov 06, 2021
"I thought it was extremely suspenseful at points and pretty funny at others. It’s probably so good because it knew what to include and didn’t have any excess."
80 78% The Guilty (2018) - Nov 04, 2021
"I don't understand how movies set in a single location with practically just one character on screen for the entire time can be so suspenseful. I liked this almost as much as Locke with Tom Hardy. Cedergren is fantastic and really grounds the movie with his performance. I might check out the American remake."
20 8% The Witches (2020) - Nov 03, 2021
"Worse than the 1990 version in almost every way. The CGI used for the witches is pretty terrible and pales in comparison to the practical effects of the original. Even though she had no chance of being as good as Anjelica Huston, Anne Hathaway was pretty bad. Octavia Spencer and Stanley Tucci were the probably the best parts."
90 89% The Last Duel (2021) - Oct 31, 2021
"Despite the repetition in the film, each part had enough of something new to keep me intrigued the whole time. Damon and Driver are great, but Comer is really the best part. I think the writing is fantastic in how it shows how our memories can be clouded by our own bias, especially with its different perspectives. My only problems are having to watch the rape scene twice, though that was probably necessary for the third perspective, and that its slower pace leads to a very long run time."