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82 T7 Star Trek: First Contact (1996) - Apr 20, 2016
"Next Gen was at its best when it was either being funny with a degree of heart, or excessively Shakespearean, and this manages to have the best of both worlds. Ha!"
80 T6 Zootopia (2016) - Mar 19, 2016
87 T9 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) - Mar 13, 2016
"Soak the patriarchy in acid and blow it the fuck up, because men are cowards who can't imagine surviving outside of the systems they set up. Even if they're entirely right about the dangers, their internalized fears hold them back from actually doing anything about it."
86 T9 Room (2015) - Mar 13, 2016
40 T1 Gods of Egypt (2016) - Mar 01, 2016
"Super bad. This is going to kill Brendon Thwaites's career, and he fucking deserves it. Alex Proyas should go back to just being 'the guy who made Dark City, and a few other things we don't care about'. Oh and also it's super offensive, so there's that, too."
72 T3 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) - Mar 01, 2016
"Shatner fighting a catlady, and the catlady existing in the first place? Not good. Klingons killing God and McCoy having a sudden bout of backstory pathos out of nowhere? Pretty good."
75 T4 Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) - Mar 01, 2016
85 T8 45 Years (2015) - Feb 22, 2016
60 T2 Deadpool (2016) - Feb 21, 2016
"Don't mistake cynicism and sex for maturity, kiddos."
87 T9 The Witch (2016) - Feb 20, 2016
"Draws very heavily from The Shining, to great effect. It's one of those special horror films that would remain utterly horrific even if you removed any trace of the supernatural."