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Cinema Addict - 1030 Film Ratings

Member Since: Nov 30, 2016

Bio: Rankings are relative to genre/style/purpose/whatever rather than being some universal measurement since obviously drama gonna dominate genre films and comedy. Also it's damn hard to stay consistent, but I'm trying to rank things based on the full range of numbers where that median value of 50 isn't bad, instead serving to represent the average measure of quality. That value being a distinct measure from, say, the average quality of any given film as, as with most everything in life around least 70 percent of everything is going to be garbage. There are bound to be hundreds of no budget and no expectation releases for any given major effort production so the distribution is always gonna be out of whack. There's way less value in ranking the order of that 70 percent enough to match the full distribution than there is in allocating a wider range of numbers based on average quality (not quality of average). I think it gives more insight than limiting to 7-10 ratings clustered with anything remotely decent starting at that inflated value. I think the site's weighed tiers do a pretty good job showing how my 50 ranking isn't actually a bad based on the distributions, so judge on those tiers, though it can make my "tci" wonky as hell.
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