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Member Since: Nov 30, 2016

Bio: Rankings are relative to genre/style/purpose/whatever rather than being some universal measurement since obviously drama gonna dominate genre films and comedy. Also it's damn hard to stay consistent, but I'm trying to rank things based on the full range of numbers where that median value of 50 isn't bad, instead serving to represent the average measure of quality. That value being a distinct measure from, say, the average quality of any given film as, as with most everything in life around least 70 percent of everything is going to be garbage. There are bound to be hundreds of no budget and no expectation releases for any given major effort production so the distribution is always gonna be out of whack. There's way less value in ranking the order of that 70 percent enough to match the full distribution than there is in allocating a wider range of numbers based on average quality (not quality of average). I think it gives more insight than limiting to 7-10 ratings clustered with anything remotely decent starting at that inflated value. I think the site's weighed tiers do a pretty good job showing how my 50 ranking isn't actually a bad based on the distributions, so judge on those tiers, though it can make my "tci" wonky as hell.
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92 97% Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) - Sep 16, 2019
"Better than the entire Disney cinematic crapfest combined. I'll take a a dozen interesting failures (most DC/Sony films) and the occasional masterpiece like this or Nolan's work over the bland guarantees of mass-market perfected formula siphoned from enslaved-auteurs and sliced up in cookie-cutter fashion for statistical success without a soul. Their machine mimics the absolute worst of comics realizing empty "crossover events" rather than the medium's creative beauty and risk embodied here."
54 46% The Dead Don't Die (2019) - Sep 16, 2019
"Jarmusch has never been a favorite, yet still seems less-than what I'd expect. (And not self-expectation mismatch, I went in blind as usual so didn't know who "Jim" was until credits rolled). The film itself isn't all that enjoyable--or unenjoyable, either. It just is. Yet, for all that nothing, well I'm left feeling I've missed something more here. I'm ambivalent for now, needing to watch again for whether I failed to unravel poignancy, or its simply limited in purpose as in entertainment."
77 83% The Twilight Zone (2019) - Sep 13, 2019
"The kid-prez one is such a hyper-real experience. It's just this affirmation by comparison we're in TTZ already, with an equally absurd joke president despite literally zero experience; only playing moneybags on a game-show yet incompetent enough to bankrupt a casino (+ more failures); trailing his phony university (+ other fraud), making up racist conspiracies (+ more bigotry), even raping a 13 y/o (+more sex crimes), and nigh CERTAIN kompromat;. And STILL so many idiots think its normal. "
45 35% Ma (2019) - Sep 13, 2019
35 18% Pok√©mon Detective Pikachu (2019) - Sep 13, 2019
42 28% Children of Men (2006) - Sep 13, 2019
"A rather shallow exploration of its fascinating premise. "
76 82% Child's Play (2019) - Sep 13, 2019
"Surprisingly good: I went in blind, and was frequently delighted to see roads less traveled. It'd stand up just as well if divorced of its franchise & allowed to stand for itself.. They do manage to stay loyal to its premise & central horror element, yet they (gratefully) forge their own path here. They're not just remaking a film to the current time but of current themes. All the things that make it a quality remake are also the exact reasons the usual dullards will bitch and moan. "
42 28% Child's Play 3 (1991) - Sep 13, 2019
66 68% Child's Play 2 (1990) - Sep 13, 2019
55 48% Child's Play (1988) - Sep 13, 2019