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80 44% The Crow (1994) - Aug 29, 2020
"A decent goth superhero movie. It has flaws but its enjoyable. The resources this film had could have been used in much better ways though. There are some scenes were Brandon Lee (The Crow) is awesome. I can see why he has a cult following. Definitely deserves a proper reboot. "
84 76% Inside (2007) - Aug 23, 2020
"A "real" horror film. Its designed too scare and disgust and not to get teenagers to watch it on a Friday night(if you get what I mean). There are a few flaws though. (People on reddit said this was more f***** than Martyrs. IT MOST DEFINETLY IS NOT!) "
69 2% Guinea Pig: Mermaid in the Manhole (1988) - Aug 15, 2020
"gross-out trash"
84 76% Margin Call (2011) - Aug 08, 2020
"Less technical than big short. Less cheesy than Wall Street. Same message. But more realistic and better acting. "
79 30% The Foreigner (2017) - Jul 13, 2020
"Chan still has it! Decent action/thriller. Worth a late night Saturday watch. "
85 80% Abducted in Plain Sight (2017) - Jun 29, 2020
"I think that this story goes deeper than what was mentioned, but that's just my opinion. It features one of the most disgusting bastards of all time and the most moronic parents ever. All parents should watch this. "
86 84% There Will Be Blood (2007) - May 24, 2020
"It shows you a little bit of how America was built. It shows you that a biological family has no true replacement. SPOILER SPOILER SPOIELR There is one major flaw in this film. It was never clearly revealed that Paul Dano was playing two separate characters. At least one short scene should have been created to show this. I also hated the music after the last scene it ruined the amazing atmosphere that Daniel and Paul had just created. "
84 76% The Doors (1991) - May 17, 2020
"Is everybody in? If you are a doors fan you will love it. It may not be fully accurate but its a fun film with great acting and photography."
85 80% The Princess Bride (1987) - Apr 24, 2020
87 86% Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) - Apr 24, 2020