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Member Since: Feb 19, 2018

Location: USA

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84 77% Blood In, Blood Out (1993) - Oct 14, 2019
85 82% Ghost Dance (1983) - Oct 14, 2019
"It all make sense eventually. This film attempts to describe something that is very difficult to describe and is almost successful. "
84 77% Climax (2018) - Oct 14, 2019
"It reminds me of the homeless people of LA. This was like watching a musical/dance version of the most infamous scene in Irreversible. This has a great soundtrack."
100 99% Peep Show (2003) - Sep 12, 2019
"Funniest sitcom I have ever watched!"
92 96% Breaking the Waves (1996) - Sep 03, 2019
"(This is going to sound lame) This film will make you believe in true love. Another masterpiece by the maestro Lars. "
90 93% Manderlay (2005) - Sep 01, 2019
"This film is insane, horrifying, and unfortunately true. It reveal's the insanity of America's past and current social problems. No American director (of any race) would have the balls to make this film.(I got to get this out of my head; I don't think the majority of Americans would truly understand this film. Take this as you will.) I have been watching Lars's films throughout this year and I am thoroughly convinced he is the greatest film maker since Stanly Kubrick and the best alive.Maestro. "
75 7% Ready or Not (2019) - Sep 01, 2019
"Bland acting. No chemistry. Decent ending."
84 77% They Live (1988) - Aug 30, 2019
"Not the best acting but this is a very weird and cool sci-fi film with some good action. This is a film that would be great to remake but that would probably never happen at this point. W A T C H "
78 22% 10,000 B.C. (2008) - Aug 27, 2019
80 46% This Is England (2006) - Aug 27, 2019