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76 T6 The King's Speech (2010) - Feb 12, 2011
"Magnificent performances. The story is at the same time interesting and not so much so. Well made, well rounded but if it takes the Oscar as Best Picture, I'll be somewhat disappointed. Black Swan is more original and was well made too. Bonham-Carter embodied the Quenn Mother really well."
100 T10 The Dark Knight (2008) - Feb 13, 2010
"My favorite superhero faces his greatest nemesis. Christian Bale is one of my favorite actors and I really respected Ledger and was blown away by his courage in playing the Joker. The best comic movie ever made. I lost count of how many times I have rewatched it. "
78 T7 Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010) - Jan 30, 2011
"Very well made. Emotional and tense. Greenwood's voice is on the spot. He's very good actor who hasn't gotten any recognition so far."
85 T10 A Single Man (2009) - Jan 07, 2011
"Very touching, true, so visual."
44 T1 Dear John (2010) - Feb 17, 2011
"Maybe I should give it even less. Amanda's character is so badly-written. Channing is a very bad actor, albeit handsome if he isn't smiling that is. It's difficult to believe that the story came from the same person who wrote The Notebook, which is a very believable story. Dear John is terrible."
75 T6 Okuribito (2008) - Dec 21, 2010
"Beautiful, but it is another demonstration that human beings can be very forgiving towards people who do not deserve it (his father) and very unforgiving towards those who do (his mother). Well, another one of our miseries..."
93 T10 Black Swan (2010) - Feb 05, 2011
"Considering the theme of the movie, one word is enough: p-e-r-f-e-c-t."
62 T1 It's All About Love (2003) - Jan 22, 2011
"It had the intention to be considered a beautiful movie, but that's the wrong attitude. Beautiful movies are just beautiful. No intention and tend to be unforgettable."
95 T10 Million Dollar Baby (2004) - Feb 13, 2010
"Eastwood is a genious. Freeman's voice over is great. Swank is a very good actress but I don't think she was the best of that year. Staunton was terrifc in Vera Drake. Haggis script is so good that people thought they were all emotional on Swank's account which is not true. Nonetheless, a classic in all its glory. I have cried a lot again today for the hundredth time."
74 T5 Creation (2009) - Feb 03, 2011
"Beautiful work about how difficut it is to defy some beliefs and face some of our problems."