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63 T2 Killshot (2009) - Nov 16, 2010
"It could be a great thriller but something is amiss. It lacks feeling (guts)."
98 T10 Batman Returns (1992) - Feb 13, 2010
"When Pfeiffer understands Catwoman's spirit like this, I can only LOVE it! DeVito's Penguin is a wonderful adult portrayal for kids. Great memories. I often rewatch it."
72 T4 Cracks (2009) - Jan 08, 2011
"Eva Green is very good in this. Her character is, in a higher level, what we all are. We say many great things to cover our truth."
72 T4 Marley & Me (2008) - Dec 26, 2010
"I thought the dog would be more interesting..."
79 T8 Toy Story (1995) - Feb 07, 2011
"Only today I watched this. I think animation movies' stories are better than this nowadays. Nevertheless, it's cute. "
77 T7 Divã (2009) - Sep 19, 2010
"Lília Cabral is one of my favorite Brazilian actresses. She seems to be so nice and easy and she has so much to show. I would have loved to watch the play that originated the movie, because the later is so good. Funny, sad, honest and heartbreaking. I have just rewatched it on TV."
64 T2 The Rite (2011) - Feb 11, 2011
"Hopkins kicks ass! O"Donoghue is oh so charming and handsome! Temptation."
73 T5 Unstoppable (2010) - Jan 11, 2011
"Adrenaline! Very good story."
72 T4 Harsh Times (2006) - Nov 29, 2010
"Bale playing an unlikeable character. Competent as usual. Damaged people."
75 T6 Okuribito (2008) - Dec 21, 2010
"Beautiful, but it is another demonstration that human beings can be very forgiving towards people who do not deserve it (his father) and very unforgiving towards those who do (his mother). Well, another one of our miseries..."