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72 T4 Cracks (2009) - Jan 08, 2011
"Eva Green is very good in this. Her character is, in a higher level, what we all are. We say many great things to cover our truth."
44 T1 Dear John (2010) - Feb 17, 2011
"Maybe I should give it even less. Amanda's character is so badly-written. Channing is a very bad actor, albeit handsome if he isn't smiling that is. It's difficult to believe that the story came from the same person who wrote The Notebook, which is a very believable story. Dear John is terrible."
64 T2 The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (2009) - Jan 18, 2011
"I was expecting more to be honest."
74 T5 Rails & Ties (2007) - Jan 09, 2011
"Beautiful. Bacon and Harden are excellent actors who should have more opportunities in the industry. Bravo!"
98 T10 Batman Returns (1992) - Feb 13, 2010
"When Pfeiffer understands Catwoman's spirit like this, I can only LOVE it! DeVito's Penguin is a wonderful adult portrayal for kids. Great memories. I often rewatch it."
92 T10 The Circus (1928) - Sep 19, 2010
"An homenage to Art. The ability to improvise. Very funny and moving."
76 T6 The Wind That Shakes the Barley (2006) - Jan 22, 2011
"It is a moving piece about some battles that are destined to be lost, unfortunalely."
63 T2 Killshot (2009) - Nov 16, 2010
"It could be a great thriller but something is amiss. It lacks feeling (guts)."
66 T2 The Brothers Bloom (2009) - Jan 13, 2011
"I have the impression that it was supposed to be funny and I didn't get the joke. There are nice moments thanks to the actors. Maybe it was because I was sleepy."
95 T10 Million Dollar Baby (2004) - Feb 13, 2010
"Eastwood is a genious. Freeman's voice over is great. Swank is a very good actress but I don't think she was the best of that year. Staunton was terrifc in Vera Drake. Haggis script is so good that people thought they were all emotional on Swank's account which is not true. Nonetheless, a classic in all its glory. I have cried a lot again today for the hundredth time."