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78 T7 Winter's Bone (2010) - Jun 12, 2011
"Very strong characters seem to be Jennifer Lawrence's specialty. She's a bet of mine for stardom in the future. "
75 T6 Hereafter (2010) - Jan 30, 2011
"Very good movie! I was expecting more but Clint is one of my favorite directors so I get his style. He is very contemplative. He takes his time. The tsunami sequence is frighteninly beautiful."
77 T7 Heartburn (1986) - Aug 03, 2010
"Meryl is great here, funny even. I love the soundtrack "Coming Around Again" by Carly Simon is part of my private soundtrack."
92 T10 The Circus (1928) - Sep 19, 2010
"An homenage to Art. The ability to improvise. Very funny and moving."
78 T7 Elsa y Fred (2005) - Nov 18, 2010
"Very funny! China is a great actress."
62 T1 It's All About Love (2003) - Jan 22, 2011
"It had the intention to be considered a beautiful movie, but that's the wrong attitude. Beautiful movies are just beautiful. No intention and tend to be unforgettable."
82 T9 Moon (2009) - Feb 25, 2011
"Moon is a really good movie. Duncan Jones is a talented director as Rockwell is a good actor. The story rings very true about human nature and the path we are choosing for ourselves. Loneliness is a terrible thing indeed. The sad part is that we are ultimately alone in the world. Even when we are walking amidst a crowd."
75 T6 Snow Falling on Cedars (1999) - Sep 15, 2010
"The images are so beautiful! Unrequited love heartbreakingly painful. "
100 T10 City Lights (1931) - Feb 14, 2010
"Chaplin is one of my favorite directors. His work defines what I understand makes of cinema an art. Try not to laugh during the boxing sequence. Try not to cry during the final sequence. Simply WONDERFUL."
90 T10 Brief Encounter (1945) - Jan 07, 2011
"Very beautiful! It has clearly influenced other movies."