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64 12% Letters to Juliet (2010) - Jan 24, 2011
"The only good, great actually, thing about this movie is Vanessa Redgrave. The story is meh... Seyfried and her partner are not interesting. Chemistry was out of the equation."
86 93% Closer (2004) - Aug 24, 2010
"This movie is so great that I love it despite of having Julia Roberts ( the definition of an overrated actress). Portman is incredible and Owen is on fire. The story is wonderful and Nichols is very effective. When sex in involved we are all childish."
63 10% Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (2009) - Jan 14, 2011
"Very nice! "
75 51% Snow Falling on Cedars (1999) - Sep 15, 2010
"The images are so beautiful! Unrequited love heartbreakingly painful. "
93 98% Black Swan (2010) - Feb 05, 2011
"Considering the theme of the movie, one word is enough: p-e-r-f-e-c-t."
85 91% A Single Man (2009) - Jan 07, 2011
"Very touching, true, so visual."
64 12% The Rite (2011) - Feb 11, 2011
"Hopkins kicks ass! O"Donoghue is oh so charming and handsome! Temptation."
79 72% Impromptu (1991) - Sep 14, 2010
"Very romantic. Chopin was a genious. I like that his girl is so strong and ahead of her time. They definitely complete each other. "
63 10% Afterwards (2008) - Feb 15, 2011
"I thought it would be more emotional. Build more suspense. It's nice but it could be much better."
72 35% The Burning Plain (2008) - Jan 17, 2011
"This is the first time I watched Jennifer Lawrence. And yes, I think she is a great actress and so young. I predict that she will be nominated many times for the Oscar. Talent is always welcome. I'm excited to watch Winter's Bone."