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76 57% The Wind That Shakes the Barley (2006) - Jan 22, 2011
"It is a moving piece about some battles that are destined to be lost, unfortunalely."
72 35% The Burning Plain (2008) - Jan 17, 2011
"This is the first time I watched Jennifer Lawrence. And yes, I think she is a great actress and so young. I predict that she will be nominated many times for the Oscar. Talent is always welcome. I'm excited to watch Winter's Bone."
72 35% Cracks (2009) - Jan 09, 2011
"Eva Green is very good in this. Her character is, in a higher level, what we all are. We say many great things to cover our truth."
93 98% Black Swan (2010) - Feb 06, 2011
"Considering the theme of the movie, one word is enough: p-e-r-f-e-c-t."
78 67% Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010) - Jan 30, 2011
"Very well made. Emotional and tense. Greenwood's voice is on the spot. He's very good actor who hasn't gotten any recognition so far."
74 44% Devil (2010) - Nov 28, 2010
"Great. I love thrillers and my mind works very similar to Shyamalan's. That's whay I get his movies, I guess. "
100 99% The Bridges of Madison County (1995) - Feb 14, 2010
"My absolutely favorite actress is directed by one of my favorite directors. The story is romantic and dramatic. This movie is very much me in ways I'm not necessarily fond of exposing. (lol) A masterpiece."
74 44% Triangle (2009) - Jan 15, 2011
"Really nice thriller. Melissa George is very good in this and the script is great. There are surprises and yet is made very subtly."
64 12% Amelia (2009) - Jan 09, 2011
"Interesting character. Hillary shows her limitations without a wonderful script."
100 99% City Lights (1931) - Feb 14, 2010
"Chaplin is one of my favorite directors. His work defines what I understand makes of cinema an art. Try not to laugh during the boxing sequence. Try not to cry during the final sequence. Simply WONDERFUL."