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96 99% Fried Green Tomatoes (1991) - Aug 26, 2010
"A moving portrait of friendship and the power of stories in inspiring our life. Unforgettable."
72 35% Cracks (2009) - Jan 08, 2011
"Eva Green is very good in this. Her character is, in a higher level, what we all are. We say many great things to cover our truth."
91 97% Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) - Apr 25, 2010
"I've always loved Darth Vader, simply because he's the most interesting character in the saga. Curiosity about what made him turn was really strong. So, when they announced the new trilogy I was very happy. The poster with the boy whose shadow was Vader was great! And finally in 2005 I got to see him go to the dark side. A wonderful movie second only to ESB. So tragic... The only weakness is Lucas's direction which harmed Hayden's performance and career greatly. A pity because he can be good."
77 62% The Town (2010) - Nov 30, 2010
"I was expecting more but Affleck is a very competent director for me not to like it. "Gone baby gone" is much better."
72 35% Harsh Times (2006) - Nov 29, 2010
"Bale playing an unlikeable character. Competent as usual. Damaged people."
66 16% The Brothers Bloom (2009) - Jan 13, 2011
"I have the impression that it was supposed to be funny and I didn't get the joke. There are nice moments thanks to the actors. Maybe it was because I was sleepy."
75 51% Frozen (2010) - Jan 23, 2011
"It makes you feel isolated on a mountain. It is scary. Very good."
75 51% The Fall (2008) - Feb 04, 2011
"The stories we listen to during our childhood are the best, aren't they? And this movie knows all about it. Lee Pace is cute, too."
79 72% Impromptu (1991) - Sep 14, 2010
"Very romantic. Chopin was a genious. I like that his girl is so strong and ahead of her time. They definitely complete each other. "
62 8% It's All About Love (2003) - Jan 22, 2011
"It had the intention to be considered a beautiful movie, but that's the wrong attitude. Beautiful movies are just beautiful. No intention and tend to be unforgettable."